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  1. Question on Food Republic... If you get 8 dishes, given that it is a place you typically share the plates, I assume bringing my son in, we likely wouldn't need to pay extra unless we went over 8 plates?
  2. Nobody said the impact was minimal, the risks are minimal of contracting on a cruise now. Just 1 life lost is a high impact for those that know the person. Fortunately, the viruses and bacteria don't follow the latest news cycles. Walking out of the house is high risk behavior. 20,000 cases of flesh eating bacteria infections in the US, do we avoid water? I'll be honest, I did avoid going in the ocean after I cut my leg on a recent trip. The best we can all hope for is a fulfilling life of experiences, and worrying about things you cannot control is not at the root of that. If you believe you are risking infection, don't go. I hope that many sailing in the Haven in 9 days on my cruise feel that way so my upgrades can go through!
  3. I sympathize, as the ignorance that surrounds things like this leads to things like unwarranted profiling. Fear mongering by the press, if they turned the same attention to the Flu and highlighted the cases and death, the pure amount of hysteria would be beyond comprehension.
  4. Don't forget about Ebola, SARs, Flesh eating bacteria in oceans....
  5. Sadly, people worry about what the press directs us to. It's amazing how many people worry about this when there are literally thousands of other things more likely to harm you. It's amazing our ancestors had to hunt and gather and risk death from doing so every single day. If you are going to be concerned about small things, stay in the comfort of your house and watch others experience life on TV. I see such a reoccurring pattern with cruise vacations, and if it isn't hurricanes, it's something else.
  6. I'm glad to see there are those out there that don't like an Aft balcony, because it's our absolute favorite!
  7. Unofficially, split up through security and carry two bottles each.
  8. Must people debate everything? OP did a good thing posting this, and should definitely call RCL to complain to see why the terms didn't appear to match the experience. It's also a good warning for others. If somehow it was misinterpreted, RCL might clear up the confusing language. 'Nuff said. No idea how it turned into four pages of debate, but par for the course in human nature.
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