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  1. Just a heads up--my friends who are now on Emerald Princess (and are having hassles with Panamanian side of Pan. Canal and were not allowed as a ship to transit the canal today as originally planned and are sitting at sea outside Panama City awaiting info on when they will be able as a ship to transit the Canal!) had appointments to have the rapid antigen test at a CVS in San Antonio, TX a week ago Wed. They got a text message 10 mins. before they were to leave home for the appt. that said the test appt. was cancelled!!! No explanation. They were able to quickly reschedule at another CVS the same day but IMHO they were very lucky to get an appt. I know in our area (central Tx), CVS doesn't have appts. available the same day anywhere around. So have a backup plan for sure in place. We just disembarked the Nieuw Amsterdam in Fort Lauderdale; we were tested onboard once each of the three weeks; they used the Abbott Binax self-test medically monitored rapid Antigen test. We were not charged onboard for the tests.
  2. We always ask our room steward for 35 wire hangers; I bend 4-6 of them to hang undies on as they dry, or tank tops as they dry. I bring 20 or so really good wooden clothes pins and pin each hanger to the clothes line; easy peasy. No need to bring any coat hangers or anything else like that, just clothes pins and the stewards will help with the rest, and I get then within the first hour or so before we unpack. we too hang everything up. Plus I bend several for use with tank tops or to keep slippery things on the hanger.
  3. I knew I'd read something about this a few months ago. It's not the best news, but it's what a current HAL cruiser experienced. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2792373-denied-boarding/
  4. I'd read the Emirates policy to see what it says in writing. To me, that's what's important and will count if you have to make a claim. . .
  5. I haven't read this thread, but yesterday, we got notice from HAL for Feb. cruises that HAL will continue to require masks, 2-day pre-embarkation testing and completion of vaccinations 14 days prior to embarkation through departures through 2/28/2022. Hopefully this will post as I have been having nothing but trouble posting.
  6. I'm not sure why you posted a itinerary change in the headline date 10/23???? We are on the NA right now and 10/23 is the last day of our current cruise. We are on the cruises in Nov. and we, too, did receive an HAL emailed itinerary change eliminating Key West. I can't open my HAL email I received now--poor internet service at 4:48 a.m. on the NA, darn it!
  7. I'm not lecturing the OP; there are many, many others who read these posts and it's perhaps valuable to the others to provide info as to why passports are needed. We don't need your input as to valuing our answers.
  8. The reason HAL states passports required is because due to any unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, ships may have to go into a foreign port. Hence, passports may be required for the ship to dock in that port.
  9. Thank you so much for doing the posting. It's so much fun and gives so much pleasure to see these beautiful pictures and hear what you have to say. Happy 40th!
  10. Just lost my reply! Thank you for the Daily Report. We are currently on the NA and enjoying it thoroughly. Cabo San Lucas was glorious yesterday, honestly. Clear, beautiful, warm weather. Turtles near the ship all day; plenty of tenders, no waiting around at all. Started at 8:00 a. on time. We were the only ship at anchor, so things were quiet and lovely. The capt. had permission to sail close to the arches to see the sea lions as we departed. We are so grateful to be sailing and happy to be on the NA. Glad to wear our masks and behave. Our best to everyone.
  11. YES YES YES YES YES. And I saw another, white one night before last on a lady. They really are quite lovely, which is why they caught my eye--but alas, I'm onto them now!
  12. We just sailed through the area day before yesterday Avalon-San Diego--we didn't hear of any problems and we were not delayed far as I know.
  13. Daniel A--thanks so much for the golf cart info! Darn re cruise center closed; I hadn't checked that out--another reason cruise ships not going there!!!
  14. We're on board the Nieuw. Amsterdam right now. I spent about 15 mins. talking with both Future Cruise Consultants onboard yesterday re this subject. They said no one knows what the decisions for the future will be--it depends on what the CDC says they said, and it's a moving target constantly they said. I said what re requiring 100% vax--they said it's what the passengers and crew seem to want, so hopefully . . . . Your real insurance is travel insurance with coverage in case you have to cancel--get cancel for any reason insur. if you want to be able to cancel for your own reasons and get a high percentage of your money back, tho this usually has to be purchased very quickly or at the same time as res. is booked. If you don't want to be able to CFAR, then get good insur. that covers if HAL cancels. Also, we don't know what HAL will continue to do re Worry Free Promise that HAL has made ef. through 12/31/21. . . . .I guess we just shouldn't book far out--book closer to cruise time. That's what we're doing.
  15. Remember, even if you're vaccinated, you can still get covid, even be asymptomatic AND pass it on to others. Please be cautious and thoughtful of OTHERS even if you are vaccinated. Vac. simply means you may not get as sick, die, etc. Maybe. Please think of everyone before thinking you can relax.
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