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  1. UGH!!!! That is crazy!!!! What do they expect you to bid for them to accept it, your first born?
  2. Sheesh a rejection email right before sailing?!? Way for RCL to put a damper on it! Lol I will await the news this evening 😂
  3. Hey all. I got the Royal Up email last Wednesday and bid on an upgrade from OV to Balcony. We sail tomorrow out of FLL and my bid STILL says “pending.” Someone in my roll call got a rejection like the day after her bid as too low, but I haven’t heard a peep yet. Should I call? Have they overlooked my bid and are just going to leave me hanging? I’d rather an answer other than being in limbo! Thanks!
  4. I saw that haha!!! Love my crossfit community but I'm all set with being judged by many of the people who do it hahaha!!!!
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