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  1. UGH!!!! That is crazy!!!! What do they expect you to bid for them to accept it, your first born?
  2. Sheesh a rejection email right before sailing?!? Way for RCL to put a damper on it! Lol I will await the news this evening 😂
  3. Hey all. I got the Royal Up email last Wednesday and bid on an upgrade from OV to Balcony. We sail tomorrow out of FLL and my bid STILL says “pending.” Someone in my roll call got a rejection like the day after her bid as too low, but I haven’t heard a peep yet. Should I call? Have they overlooked my bid and are just going to leave me hanging? I’d rather an answer other than being in limbo! Thanks!
  4. I saw that haha!!! Love my crossfit community but I'm all set with being judged by many of the people who do it hahaha!!!!
  5. That’s wonderful. Thanks for linking me and for all that info!! At least we can row and use dumbbells or whatnot for sea days. Worse comes to worse, I don’t mind using the leg press if I can’t use a barbell. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Does anyone have a breakdown of what they have for equipment? I tried google searching images and saw a bunch of weight machines (which are not our style). My husband and I both do Crossfit and are planning on dropping into some gyms we have found in St. Croix, St. Thomas & St. Kitts. I couldn't really find much in St John Antigua or St. Maarten (let me know if you know otherwise). We want to be able to do a decent workout on the days at sea before relaxing all day. Thanks!!!!
  7. Have you found that a lot of ships have Concept 2 rowers? My husband and I are worried about the gym on RCL Serenade haha. We want to be able to get some workouts in on sea days without having to resort to using machines (barf). We will settle for dumbbells or kettlebells because we know they def won't have a squat rack. We've also looked up on Crossfit gyms in the USVI to drop in to. Hopefully they won't be too out of the way.
  8. Here is the link to the one day pass info!! I think we are definitely going to do this for our April 5th sailing on RCL. https://sandcastleonthebeach.com/offers/#beachclub
  9. I think I'm going to follow your lead. I don't want to get to the point where I have to drink my money's worth if I get the package. My plan isn't to get loaded this whole cruise, as I haven't seen my husband for an entire year due to his deployment. We have more important things to do hahaha :)
  10. Excuse me? My husband has been straight edge his whole life and is a Captain in the military. RUDE
  11. That would be much more worth it for me than the deluxe package. We plan to bring a bottle of wine in each suitcase (both are for me haha). I wonder how to find out if they will be offering this on our sailing. I suppose I can just wait and see.
  12. Good point. That's also something to think about. We have 5 fairly long port days! It's not like I will drink in the am either. Hmmm....
  13. Thank you!!!! I appreciate your breakdown of everything!! We saw the specialty coffee card. We are definitely getting it for him. I may still do the deluxe package for myself if it includes all the coffee too. I figure 1-2 lattes a day plus wines with dinner and a couple poolside drinks. It would most likely be worth it for me.
  14. That's what I'm wondering. I haven't been on a cruise since 2013, so I am not familiar with what prices are currently for a good glass of wine or mixed drinks. If the package is $50 a day, it may be worth it for me if the prices are over $10 a drink. Are you able to just buy it for part of the trip or are you required to purchase it for the duration of the cruise? We plan on just doing the carry on waters and seltzer at embarkation as we don't drink soda either (we'd have our Uber driver stop at CVS on the way to port). Then we can drink the lemonade or whatever is free on board.
  15. Hi there. Sailing on April 5th on the Serenade. It will be my first time on RC. I noticed for the alcohol packages it says that every person in the room who is over 21 MUST purchase the package. I would like to do it, but my husband has never had a sip of alcohol in his life. It is asinine to expect him to pay $500 when he wouldn't even use it. Is there a way around this? Could I site religious reasons and they would HAVE to abide by it?? How much are drinks a la carte approximately? Thanks!!!
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