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  1. I dress up, love the glitter and sparkle. DH usually wears slacks and sport jacket, with dress shirt and tie.
  2. I prefer Grand Cayman and Jamaica over Belize and Roatan, but mainly it is Belize that I would prefer to miss. If we could go Grand Cayman and Roatan, that would be ideal. I love Cozumel!
  3. Honestly, I am sure they have dealt with worse. It's not like you are intentionally making a mess of everything. Does the smell linger a long time? Maybe you could put up the do not disturb for a while. I found that poo-pourri also works to some extent afterward.
  4. I have sailed out of Galveston many times, but it doesn't take too many trips out of Florida to make sailing in/out of Galveston a bitter pill to swallow. In Port Canaveral, we were both on and off the ship in less that 10 minutes. In Galveston - 2 or 3 hours on our last few trips. I understand there are weather delays, training issues, etc, but there is something fundmentally wrong with the process in Galveston. Last time, I said I would not saild out of Galveston again. Been a few months, so I am softening my position somewhat, but don't have anything booked yet. They really need to work on this!
  5. We also had a great experience on the Monach, I forgot all about the chocolates!
  6. There were 9 of us on the Voyager last month and we used MTD. It was fine, but, since we were a large party, there were only a few tables available (the area is not real large). We had to wait for the prior group to finish, and some nights they were late. That was the main problem with it. We did have the same table, same waiters, etc every night, just ate a little earlier that late seating. It was also a minor problem when our times were close to the late seating time, because people were irate that we got to go in the dining room while they were still waiting, had several make some rude comments! Go figure! Also, you have to completly switch, you can't do MTD some of the nights and regular dining the other nights, once you switch you are on MTD for the trip. I would do it again, but probably only in a smaller group where you have more flexibility on the time.
  7. I would say that most of the time I have good tablemates - but then again, most of the time I travel with my family and they can get a bit loud at times! The worst is being seated with that couple that knows everything, has been everywhere more times, stayed in nicer places and had more fun that you could ever dream of having, and is afraid to tell you in detail all about it! Been there and done that!
  8. We have been late before getting back into Galveston - can't remember if was Rhapsody or Voyager. It was bad becuase we were just offshore, had to leave the room and couldn't eat or drink!
  9. Their web-site stated that they haven't had any parking problems with the two Carnival cruises so far.
  10. I agree - although I am kind of bummed that we won't get a port day when we could stay on the ship when everyone else gets off!
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