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  1. So what is the name of the garage across the street I might use it in a future cruise?
  2. based on the statement today our Alaska May 16 cruise Is canceled. I didn’t receive an email. should I contact my travel agent, Costco and have them cancel? or should I go on the princess website and use their form to cancel? I guess there’s also the option of calling princess directly? but I assume their line will be quite busy. Never had to cancel a cruise before just wondering those with experience might advise which way they think will be the best way to cancel. thanks
  3. Any current information on the Alaskan cruises if they’re being canceled for this year?
  4. Alaskan cruises May or June 2021? trying to rebook my canceled cruise from this year and I’m wondering why I do not see any for May or June 2021. the earliest cruise to Alaska is in July 2021? in the past princess has sailed in May and June any ideas why no Sailings next year at that time.?
  5. Yes, cancellation fees or deposit back and future cruise credit the amount paid to the cruise back on my credit card as long as I cancel 72 hours before we sell correct or how you think it is?
  6. I read this and maybe I’m just slow to understand. Princess plans to resume Cruise Operations on May 11, 2020. Cruise with Confidence is extended to cruises sailing through July 31, 2020 (previously May 31, 2020). On these cruises, you can now cancel your vacation up to 48 hours before sailing (previously 72 hours). You will continue to receive a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) for the amount of your cancellation fee. when I read this I can see I’m going to get the cancellation fees back in future cruise credit that’s fine but what about amount I paid for the cruise i
  7. i’m totally confused on the cancellation policy from princess cruise lines. This cruise has not been canceled by the cruise lines yet though I expect it will be. does anyone know if I cancel this cruise now will I get the money refunded back to my credit card and just the cancellation fees as future cruise credits?? or will I be getting the entire amount back as a future cruise credit?? thank you
  8. I know that usually when you book and pay for an excursion you get an email immediately saying you’ve booked it. well I just went in and canceled my Alaskan excursions but I don’t see an email saying I canceled ? does it take longer to get that type of email? I just want to make sure they know it’s canceled and they refund the money I paid. I doubt our cruise will go forward even though it was for late May because Canada is not allowing ships to dock and that was one of our ports for Alaska trip.
  9. We have a 14 day cruise leaving from Los Angeles at the end of May with a stopover in Vancouver. does this mean our cruise will be canceled? Anyone know ? Status of those Alaskan Cruises ? That would just about wiped out the season?
  10. picture

    Vancouver port

    I read were some of the ports are not allowing ships to dock with the Alaskan cruise season coming what’s the latest news on Victoria and Vancouver allowing cruise ships to dock?
  11. Thanks for all the responses I just looked and the onboard credit has been added to my late May cruise.
  12. Does anyone know how soon the onboard credit for not canceling your cruise will show up on your account?? we have a late May cruise, I was hoping they would automatically add the $200 credit so I could use it immediately on shore excursions.
  13. picture

    Sakway, Alaska

    Done the train does anyone have any other shore excursion suggestions?
  14. Summary I have benefits on your princess booking I booked the best sale ever where I would get Wi-Fi, paid gratuities and the premium beverage package. is there anywhere when you go to your princess account to see those items added?? I can quickly see the onboard credit from princess but that’s it. thank you
  15. Onboard credit Can I use it to book excursions online? It’s been a while since I’ve sailed princess in the past you couldn’t use onboard credit for shore excursions until you actually embark on the ship. in looking at a couple of posts it seems that you can now do that??
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