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  1. I’ve found the app Geotag Photos very good at that. It will log your location with no need for a data connection. It is geared toward adding gps coordinations to photos taken with a camera that doesn’t have gps built in but I use it for what you describe above.
  2. It would be very hard to make a 9am flight. One idea, which we did, is to hire a car to take you to tour Ostia which is right by FCO. The driver waited with our luggage while we toured the site and then dropped us at an airport hotel. You can then easily make a 9am flight the next day.
  3. We were in a PJS and I asked for wine for the mini bar. I was told that they could leave a bottle of wine but had to take all the other spirits. Since I drink cocktails and my wife drinks wine, I told them to never mine. I made a bad decision. Ended up running out at port to buy a bottle of wine. Seriously stupid policy on Vikings part. $20,000 room and they quibble over a $10 bottle of wine.
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