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  1. Thanks everyone for their valuable insights. Yes, we made the determination this week. Had a Zoom conference with our TA and cancelled our 2021 Celebrity Baltic and booked Oceania - June 2022 - Rome to Barcelona (10-night) on the Riviera. Since we've cancelled a couple cruises for which we were saving, we decided to book an A3 Concierge stateroom. It is so nice to have something to look forward to!! Dale
  2. Thanks YoPhilly! Yes, it is things like these that are nudging us toward Oceania.
  3. Ooops! Yes..... Sorry about that! 🙂
  4. I am the original OP. I think this has gotten off task. No, it is not a big deal about mimosa's. Just wanting honest comparisons between Celebrity and Oceania. Most posts have been very helpful. I made a comment about mimosa's on Celebrity that have taken on a new life, apparently.
  5. Of course not!!!! Just was a response to a comment.
  6. Not at all.....was just a response to a previous comment. We look at everything.
  7. Good to read all the comments! We are booked on an August 2021 Baltic initerary on Celebrity that we believe may not sail (or at least with the advertised itinerary). Considering cancelling and booking with a different Mediterranean Oceana itinerary in 2022.
  8. Thanks all for the info about the mimosa's.....well, that would not be a deal-breaker for us. Was just a nice touch that we liked on our prior cruises......
  9. I don't think I am a fan of it. We have a Baltic cruise in August 2021 that is "still a go", but having my doubts that this will happen (or at least not with big changes to the itinerary). We looked at pushing out a year, but between the change of ship (S-class to E-class), and new amenities all included, it certainly is a LOT more expensive and will not qualify for a lift and shift (if that is even still offered). Besides, we don't need all 4. Used to always get the beverage package and on-board credit. This may have priced us out of that particular cruise. Maybe even considering other
  10. Thanks Sabbycat. Yes, we do know that this is a different market than Celebrity, but one we might be willing to jump to. Also, our reason for consideration is two-fold (based on your comments above) - both the shipboard experience (for sure), but also the fact we are seeing itineraries that get us to smaller ports that we would really like to see which aren't available on Celebrity cruises. Thanks again everyone for your advice!
  11. Thanks cruisingxpert! We are wine drinkers primarily. Since we have been getting the Classic package included as a perk, we usually upgrade to premium on board, and it has been worth it. Have been very happy with the selection. Although we happily indulge in martini's and other fun drinks. Good points to keep in mind! Thanks again! Dale
  12. Orv....thanks! We do tend to get our money's worth from the beverage package on Celebrity (of course, we use Cafe al Bacio and get lots of bottled water - I do see these things are already included on Oceana. We love to start our days with mimosa's (maybe 2?), and do have a bit more to drink while on vacation, so it ends up being worth it for us! Thanks everyone for their tips! Much appreciated! 🙂
  13. Croooser - very helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to put that together. It does sound like we should consider it. So, when you say the beverage package that is part of O Life, that is only for lunch and dinner, then?
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