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  1. Which ship was this on? We had a "Nawaz" as our cabin steward on the Silhouette in December 2018. He was awesome. What a nice gesture!
  2. We had the Classic package on our first Celebrity cruise, and we just paid the upcharge in the Martini Bar. Didn't bother with what we could get on the Classic package. As far as the MDR, the sommalier we had wanted to make sure we had a great experience, so I think we got more "premium" wine, and never saw a bill for extra. Our cruise this past December we upgraded to premium, so didn't see a bill the entire time.
  3. We have gotten over our fear of booking private excursions, but only after doing extensive research, and using tour companies that are known and/or have very good reviews. We also don't try to "stretch" the time, and prefer to be back with 3 hours or so to spare. If we are in port 10 hours or so, a 5 or 6 hour tour easily makes that. All of our guides have been diligent about getting us back to the ship - their livelihood and "good reviews" depend on that. If we are traveling a great distance, or see a longer ship-sponsored tour, we may opt for that for a little extra piece of mind (or at least transportation to the next port).
  4. Keesar....in Murano, that is exactly how my wife and I ordered. Chateaubriand for me, lobster for my wife. Could not have been a better meal. My SIL was traveling on this trip, and on the last night, we ended the cruise by having dinner a second time in Murano. They both ordered the lobster prepared tableside. Our waiter advised that he felt the portions were not sufficient, so actually put in lobster for 3 to divide among the two of them. They really strive to make you happy, and we appreciate that!
  5. We used the laundry service for the first time on our last cruise in December. They did a good job, but we just sent routine stuff and nothing complicated.
  6. DENIE

    Steak Night

    The filet I had on our December 2019 cruise in the Lawn Club Grill was medium-rare perfection. It is an open flame grill, and is a great place to have a meal!
  7. We ate in Murano twice on or December 2018 cruise. The Chateaubriand was indicated on the menu to be "for 2", however I asked for and received "for 1" as my wife wanted something else. It was a very good serving size. I ordered it medium rare, and it was done to perfection. We also at once in the Lawn Club Grill, and my medium rare filet was also done just right. Nice crust on the outside and pink in the middle. Delicious!
  8. You would not need to purchase bottled water to bring on board if you don't want to. It is included with the beverage package. You can get it almost anywhere on board. We had our cabin steward empty the refrigerator so we could stock up on bottled water. With the beverage package, we would often order a bottled water every time we ordered a drink. No questions asked.
  9. Great post topic! We got off to a slow start, largely because we didn't have the income, and had other obligations. However, we finally able to string 1 each in 2015, 2017 and 2018, and are booked for later 2019 and 2020. So, about 1 per year. We both still work full time and have other obligations as well, but enjoy cruising so much we have made it a priority. We just enjoy all the places we have been able to go, even if you only spend a day. One of the biggest reasons for cruising, for me, is that it sort of has the effect of taking a pencil eraser to the brain....being at sea is the one prescription that can take the every day job stress away. Dale
  10. The same - 7 and 9 - in December 2018
  11. matj1986...so sorry, you would have enjoyed them. Unfortunately, this was our only time there, so don't have anything else that I can recommend. Good luck, and enjoy your cruise!
  12. On a Southern Caribbean cruise, you must be going to Bonaire. That is an awesome place to snorkel, and you should check out Woodwind. They work with all levels of experience, and offer a wonderful catamaran. Can't vouch for Aruba snorkeling...
  13. Very nice docks in A,B and C. They appear to be fairly new.
  14. Our first Celebrity cruise (fall 2017) we received our luggage tags in the mail shortly after ordering. Our last cruise (December 2018) we did not receive them at all (were ordered 2x, within 45 days of cruising). Then, I called Celebrity and said they would send out right away. Never did receive them. Went with the old cut/fold/tape method, and worked fine, but the ones that are mailed are nicer and I think sturdier. We will see if we receive them for our November 2019 cruise.
  15. We tried several lines (Carnival, NCL, HAL and MSC), and have pretty much settled on Celebrity, even though we enjoyed all of our cruises. Celebrity feels very comfortable, the staff is friendly and hard-working, and passengers are very engaging. Not stuffy at all. Evening chic is not too restricting either. Hope you enjoy it!
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