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  1. Thanks for the review...we will be on Connie in 77 days for our 10-night Venice to Rome cruise. Eager to compare to our 2 previous experiences with Celebrity - both were terrific.
  2. Hmmm.....things to watch for. We are on Connie for the November 8 Venice to Rome sailing. Probably not a lot of shorts on that trip, however...
  3. We showed up about 1.5 hours before our "suggested" time. No questions, nothing....we were on board in about a half-hour.
  4. We just rely on the Celebrity Today delivered nightly.
  5. Loved our November 2019 Silhouette sailing in November 2018 (Caribbean) when kids were hard to count. Don't imagine I would enjoy the experience when 600 kids were aboard. I totally get that it is hard to keep that many kids entertained on a ship like the Silhouette. We do keep an eye on the dates we sail, and try to avoid opportunities where lots of kids may be on board.
  6. Congrats on your first Celebrity Cruise! You should feel at home. On our 2 cruises, we've seen a few tuxes and others in coats/ties, but most guys wear nice slacks and button down shirts. Women wear as others have described. Haven't seen any shorts or ripped jeans at any time in the evening in the MDR. On many nights, I have a nice dressy pair of dark jeans (no holes!) that I often wear as well.
  7. Interesting post! In 2014, we sailed the MSC Divina on a 10 night Caribbean (America's) cruise. Our TA had not had any clients sail them, and had no real knowledge. So we defied a bit of his logic and had him book us with a standard balcony (no Yacht Club), with beverage package. I eagerly read every review on Cruise Critic, and decided it was worth the risk. We were NOT disappointed. The ship was stunning, especially the crystal staircases. It was amazing clean! Some observations we had were: the staff was excellent and friendly, and yes, spoke English. some of the wait staff were delightful Ukranian folks, very pleasant to us complaints sometimes seem centered on bartenders not paying attention. However, we quickly realized that the bartenders (at that time) only poured the drinks. If you want a drink, look for one of the servers. Not a problem! the production shows had 4 primary singers - 2 male/2 female. Reminded us of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. Big, but versatile voices from opera to pop. NO lip syncing...when they wandered out into the audience, I heard their actual voice while it was projected over the sound system when they walked past me. If from the USA, you will be the minority. We enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, and trying to converse (you can do it, and have a good time!). Multiple language announcements were not a bother at all. Enjoy it! Take it in! You will see speedos! Food is subjective, but we did enjoy it. I would rate it lower than Celebrity, but we would not consider it a bad experience. Bottom line...we do continue to monitor MSC, and may try the Seaside or even the Divina again. However, we are building loyalty points with Celebrity, and it suits us fine right now. Will continue to sail Celebrity, but would not be averse to doing MSC again!
  8. That is my understanding as well. Also watched a couple of YouTube videos of Constellation ship tours, which confirmed this.
  9. Don't remember the exact time we ate, but the MDR was open for breakfast on disembarkation day, so we took advantage of one final meal. I believe we were eating around 8:00 a.m. or so?
  10. Another vote for Hotel Olimpia, based on strong reviews by a very well known travel website. If you Google directions from the Piazzale Roma to Hotel Olimpia, you will find a 5 minute video of the whole trip.
  11. We too are a bit hesitant to take the last tender, and we have numerous cruises under our belt. We were on a Celebrity Silhouette sponsored excursion to Stingray City and Calico Jacks in Grand Cayman last fall. We actually were dropped off in time to catch the last tender. Normally a bit too close for comfort for us, even though we were on a ships tour.
  12. We were on it in October 2017 (I realize that is now 2 years ago), however we thought it held up well, and we didn't see any problem areas. Not all the new amenities of the S-Class ships (we've been on the Silhouette), but still beautiful nonetheless. Yes, it had the T-Pool, and we used it a few times...was awesome! The staff was terrific!
  13. My last review took at least a couple of weeks. I think I even received a message that it had been posted...
  14. Will be following...will be on the Constellation in November 2019. Embarkation is in Venice, with the first night being an overnight. It is only about 92,000 tons, if that will mean anything. Haven't seen any effective dates of changes...
  15. Just be careful in/around Colon. It is not a safe city. If you can get directly to the port, it would be best.
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