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  1. In 2017, the Infinity was in very good shape. We were on sister ship Constellation in November 2019 and found it to be in nearly identical condition as the Infinity. Just missing an "update" and a couple bells and whistles that the new ships have, however absolutely NOTHING that detracted from a very enjoyable cruise. Update or not, you can expect a very clean, well cared for ship! We were on HAL (Oosterdam) around 2010 on a Mexican Riviera cruise when we were in our "40's". Though we were youngsters on board, we really loved the quiet atmosphere. Age isn't a factor...we just want to enjoy the ship, the food, the service, the ports, and hopefully meet a few new friends.
  2. I've sailed on the Infinity in 2017, and her sister the Constellation just this past November 2019. Of course, they do not have the most up-to-date bells and whistles that the S- or E-class ships do. However, whether in "need" of a refurb or not, both were very clean and maintained. There was absolutely nothing wrong that detracted from either cruise. The staff on both were also amazing. It is a very nice size ship, and plenty of space between passengers.
  3. We went on an Italy/Dalmatian coast cruise this past November 2019 on the Constellation. We fell in love with Croatia and the people. We were in Rijeka, Split, and Dubrovnik (even though awful weather caught up with us). We were very pleasantly surprised by our shore excursion with private guide to Island Krk, off of Rijeka. So beautiful, wonderful towns, local wineries, etc. This cruise was to include Kotor, Montenegro, however an Adriatic weather system (same one that affected Dubrovnik) forced us to divert to Corfu, Greece. I am positive we would have love to spend some time in Kotor!
  4. We did a very similar 10 night cruise on the Constellation in November 2019, just before all of the craziness started. It was amazing. We missed Kotor due to poor weather (they routed us to Corfu instead). This was the system that flooded Venice in November 2019. This was an AMAZING trip, even though we did encounter some less than desirable weather. We were on the Infinity in 2017, and found her to be much the same as the Constellation. True, may be "dated" compared to the newer ships, but it was definitely clean, well kept, and did not detract from our experience. In Naples, we did do the Celebrity excursion that went to Pompeii and Sorrento. We were delayed entry to Naples due to poor weather, but the weather did break and allowed the ship to enter. As a result, our excursion was a bit "rushed", but was still enjoyable. Corfu, Greece was an unplanned stop, so had no chance to research or book a tour. We did enjoy walking around the old town (though was very windy and rainy due to the storm system that cancelled Kotor). Had a great lunch a "The Gondola" restaurant! You will enjoy this cruise!
  5. Realizing that no ship lasts forever, it will be interesting to see what happens to the M-Class ships. The Constellation was perfect for our Italy/Dalmatian Coast cruise this past November. With updating, there is still a lot of appeal, even if they do not have all of the "latest and greatest". Even though "older", we found nothing wrong with the Connie and Infinity. They definitely have their niche. About 10 years ago, we did go on a short cruise on the Carnival Paradise....now THAT was old and looking its age!!!
  6. We cancelled our America's cruise on the Reflection in November. Just didn't seem like everything would be in order by then. We are hoping this is all straightened out by our Reflection Baltic cruise in August 2021.
  7. Congratulations on your first Celebrity cruise. They have become our line of choice, and our next one is booked on the Reflection for August 2021 (Baltic cruise). Haven't tried the Edge-class yet, but would love to. You will enjoy! The Celebrity staff on each of the ships we have been on have been great!
  8. Have sailed on the HAL Oosterdam, and 3 Celebrity ships (Infinity, Constellation, and Silhouette). You really cannot go wrong with either. That said, we feel we have found a home with Celebrity. It just feels comfortable, and we love the mix of dining options, especially on the S-Class ships. Our next cruise is on the Reflection. If a HAL offered the right itinerary, we would sail them again. As others have said, HAL does skew a bit older, and bars/lounges shut down earlier.
  9. Fun post! Thanks.... While I cannot imagine getting on a cruise ship just now, I do miss many things about cruising, especially since we just cancelled a 11/8 Reflection sailing to the America's - too much "unknown" at this time. I miss: -the open seas, which allow me to truly "escape" -the amazing crew we consistently experience -the wonderful food (which we do not have to prepare) -exciting destinations (last fall, Italy!) and private tours -meeting new friends -planning for the next cruise Well, I guess that means I miss just about everything! 🙂 We are hoping this is all figured out before our 8/2021 Baltic cruise on the Reflection. Dale
  10. Escargot Chateaubriand (from Murano) Filet Mignon (Lawn Club) Omelette from the buffet - because they are hand crafted, and taste better on a cruise ship! What a fun post...thank you! 🙂
  11. We sailed on her for our Italy/Dalmatian Coast cruise in November 2019, so not that long ago. Honestly....we thought she was in very good condition. Our room was perhaps a bit dated, but in very good shape. Of course she is not "up to date" like the S-Class ships, but we thought she was not run down. The crew kept everything very clean, and maintenance was constant. I suppose if you looked close, some of the furniture may have scratches, but nothing that was unsightly or "ruined" the cruise. We had an excellent time!
  12. We had a Reflection cruise to the America's booked for November 2020. After giving a lot of thought and reading a lot of opinions, we decided to cancel that one since all we had invested was a minimal refundable deposit. Just too much unknown. We had fears that the lines will still be trying to figure this all out. That said, we bumped our now additional budget into the Reflection August 2021 Baltic cruise (booked on another cruise) and upgraded our accommodations, and invited my wife's sister to join us (she was going to be on the America's cruise as well). A lot remains to be seen how this all shakes out, but we felt more comfortable that things may be figured out by this time! 🙂
  13. Also, basic bottled water is covered under the CBP. If you are in a warm weather destination, it is very valuable. Often, whenever we got an adult beverage, we also picked up a bottled water and stockpiled in our stateroom so we wouldn't always have to go looking for one. It is also nice to grab on your way to a shore excursion. They charge about $3.50 per 16 oz bottle, so it adds up quickly!
  14. Cannot go wrong with Murano or Lawn Club Grill. Murano often has first night discounts of $35 (versus $50). That is our plan for our August 2021 Baltic cruise on Reflection. We did eat once at Sushi on 5, and found it to be very good as well. Priced a la carte.
  15. We've had 2 different couples who highly recommended Alla tours, and our TA uses TJ tours....sounds like we will be in good hands whichever way we decide for our August 2021 Baltic cruise! 🙂
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