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  1. We booked A3 stateroom 9100 on Riviera for our first cruise with Oceania (June 2022). We liked that it wasn't too far forward, and not all the way in the back. Not too concerned about movement at that deck. Also like that there are staterooms above and below us.
  2. Yes, yes, yes!!! Love them, but really don't eat them anywhere but on cruise ships. As others have said, it is amazing to dip the bread in the wonderful garlic butter!! 🙂
  3. I was able to book for our 6/2022 cruise....very surprised it was open, but it accepted our reservation!
  4. Interested to see what people say on this thread. For our June 2022 Mediterranean cruise on Riviera, we just made reservations for La Cuisine Bourgeoise today. Honestly, both menus sounded fantastic, but this one felt a bit more to our taste. Then, we saw that it was available on our one and only sea day, so jumped on it (so, not having to rush back from a port excursion to get back in time). Since we are in the Mediterranean, we look forward to the all French wine selection.
  5. In 2019 we booked it upon embarkation and got it for $35 I believe. However, we enjoyed it so much that we booked it as a "treat" for our last night as well (full price). It is a wonderful atmosphere, and several dished, including the lobster, are prepared tableside. As an aside, the last night we ate there we asked for the same waitstaff that we had on embarkation day, which was accommodated. My wife ordered the lobster again, because she enjoyed it the first night. When the waiter brought the preparation cart tableside, he said he put in an order for "2", because he felt the typical portion size of 1 was not adequate that night. Wow! Food was quite good everywhere, but exceptional in Murano!! 🙂 Dale
  6. We always do this - any bar will allow you to take your drink with you, typically. We especially like to stop at a bar on the way back to our room for a nice glass of wine to enjoy on our balcony. You also will see people walking all over the ship with a drink in hand.
  7. I can vouch for the "favorite bartender" theory. We always go to a bar that we intend to frequent (usually the Martini Bar), and purchase the upgrade from him/her. Yes, they will definitely give you great service! Dale
  8. My wife loves Pelligrino, and has several per day. That helps justify the upgrade! 🙂 However, to the OP's point, there is a decent selection in the Classic Beverage Package, we just get more satisfaction of the Premium package options.
  9. Murano for sure! We dined 2x on our Silhouette cruise, and absolutely loved it. On a different cruise on the Constellation, we went to Tuscan on an evening when they were featuring their seafood night. Lots of food for sure, but kind of "meh". However I do know others love Tuscan. You cannot go wrong with Murano.
  10. DENIE


    Thank you, I realize this was 2 years ago. We are on Oceania Riviera with a stop here in June 2022, and was wondering what there was to do. Looking at ship tours as well (and may see if a private variation can be had).
  11. Agree! Sometimes I read a review, and I am like....whaaaaaaatttt????
  12. Yup....that sounds familiar! 🙂
  13. New to Oceania here (first sailing is 6/2022), but have been on Celebrity most recently (3 cruises), and MSC (out of Florida). I love to read the reviews, but have decided to "balance" what I read there versus actual board forums. Many reviews seem to be written by people who can't wait to get off the ship and write about a bad experience. I think I heard that regardless of the product, many more people will write bad reviews whereas the people who were happy will not write a review. My DW and I always board with the anticipation of a great cruise, and that expectation has always been met. Our opinion is that any day on a cruise ship is better than just about any place else. 🙂
  14. Good information! Will be on Riviera in June 2022, and our group of 3 (me, DW, and SIL) are early coffee/tea drinkers. 🙂
  15. We were on Connie in November 2019 for a Venice-Rome (Italy/Dalmatian Coast) cruise. The prior ship we were on before that cruise was the Silhouette, which is gorgeous, of course! Yes, this is an "older" ship, however we did not see any deferred maintenance, and she was very clean, per usual Celebrity standards. The only thing she didn't have was all of the "latest and greatest" options, including he additional specialty restaurants. We felt the food quality was the same as our prior Silhouette cruise. I would not hesitate to sail her again.
  16. We ate here on the Silhouette in 2018. Thought it was very good, and the meats were well prepared. The portions were huge. Definitely would share the appetizers. We were offered this at a discounted price, and would probably do it again.
  17. Have to agree with others about the escargot. You can have it every night in the main dining room. The food, in general, is a step up from many other lines. It's too bad the Millennium does not have Murano, as the S-class ships have.
  18. Loved our 2017 Infinity Pacific Coastal cruise with the SF overnight!
  19. Yes, that should be fine. But, I always like to bring at lest a couple of long-sleeve button down dress shirts for Evening Chic. Yes, shirts with patterns are ok.
  20. Our experience on 3 cruises - Pacific Coastal, ABC Islands, and Mediterranean...have all been the same menus. This is speaking from 2017 through 2019, though. However, it was all good. We did not mind the repetition.
  21. Agree! We've purchased on board, but usually from a bartender (Martini Bar). They give us fantastic service all cruise long!
  22. Hi Mary, Yes, that sounds like a good tour! There is another village just uphill from Taormina, I believe called Castelmora (sp?). I think we are going to just work with our TA and her destination specialists to figure out something. Given our long stay, I think we should be able to see both cities. Others have suggested renting a car, but after careful thought, we just aren't comfortable driving in a foreign country where we don't have a knowledge of the roads and highways. Enjoy your cruise! 🙂
  23. When we disembarked in 2019, we also had no problems getting off, locating our luggage, and walked right out to the area where we had a driver waiting. Although we did a full day tour before being dropped off at a hotel, I believe many of the drivers there were picking up people who were going right to the airport.
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