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  1. I sent a letter to Princess asking for a chair in my balcony room. My wife has orthopedic problems and ir is easier for her with a chair that has arms. this is the letter they sent back. We look forward to hosting you again! In response to your inquiry, if your stateroom is not equipped with a barrel chair upon arrival, please speak to your stateroom steward, as some chairs may be kept in storage. If the barrel chair you are referring to is not available, please feel free to look about the ship. If you see a chair that would suit your needs, please speak to a crew member to make the request for it to be moved into your stateroom. If the chair can fit through the entry of your stateroom and can be stored safely inside, the crew will move the piece into your cabin. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Shaw. If you have further accessibility or mobility questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Marianne NicholasAccess Compliance Specialist Fax: 661-284-4408Email: accessofficeprincess@princesscruises.com
  2. I don't understand why people say they worked hard to become elite. Lets face it to become elite you spend money to go on a lot of cruises, not very hard to me.
  3. I have read in some reviews room 8596 on rhapsody of the seas has a vibration problem. can anyone tell me how bad it is. It is a corner aft junior suite.
  4. on our greek cruise next may I would like to rent a car on 1 island and rent a boat on another. I will be going tp mykonos,argestelli, corfu ,athens and kotor. in athens we have rented a driver I dont know where i should rent a boat and where i should rent a car. Last year we rented a car in katakalon and it was the best stop on the cruise. Help me out with suggestions.
  5. our flights in may to venice in may $750 on choiceair compared to 1500 on united. we were able to pick seats going to venice but the return on air canada we were not able to. next year we are going back and the price went up to 783 compared to 1473 on united. we got to pick seats both ways this time .
  6. it's the second restaurant past the hotel. the first one is good also but I liked the second one better
  7. the rio novo near hotel arlechino is very good.
  8. airfares for my cruise next may just opend up on royals site. If I stay an extra day my fare goes from 1680 per person to 1500 total for both. Looks like I will have to stay an extra day. Poor me. sat cruise fly in wed and leave on a sunday on united
  9. I called my TA and he changed it. It only the second cruise i have used a TA i am getting some Inc with the price
  10. Hotel selection was very nice in may. We are going back next year
  11. on my may 16 2020 rhapsody cruise I booked a balcony last month and last wed it went down $100 then thur another $100. I checked on mon and it was now $500 cheaper. I switched to a corner aft junior sweet and the price is $ 250 cheaper than the balcony was. today it is back up a couple hundred. It pays to check everyday.
  12. switched to a corner aft junior suite for $350 less than I paid for my balcony when I reserved it last month.
  13. I have been checking my cruise next may out of venice the price went down $100 wed then thurs $100. I was checking this afternoon and it went down $500. the mini suite is now $300 cheaper then my balcony was. this is for a cruise next may so I don't understand why it would go down so much. Question is a minisuite under the pool on rhapsody very noisy?
  14. our venice cruise next year dropped $100 yesterday and anther $100 today
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