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  1. cr8tiv1 - no issues with Cruise Critic. Just with the Princess site.
  2. We tried using the Princess transfer the first time we cruised from San Pedro. Thought it would be the easiest and due to the distance from LAX, wanted to ensure we were not tied up in LA traffic and have to worry about missing the ship. Although it was easy, we would never use them again. Arrived at around 10:00 am, and immediately found our rep at the baggage area. Very nice and we were ushered out to the bus fairly quickly. Then as others have commented, we sat there until the bus filled up. The kicker was that once the bus filled up, it then drove a short distance to a hot
  3. No problem in the past. Have stayed at the Crown which is basically across the street and walked over.
  4. Funny thing, I found this forum while checking the Australia board! Manitoba is slowly getting the vaccine rollout established. You can now book appointments if you are 56 and over. My appointment is tomorrow and my wife had hers last week. First steps to getting back. USD exchange for cruise lines - we usually cruise with Princess and their rate has been competitive over the years. When the dollar was in the 60's (early 2000) we booked in USD, but usually book CAD. It will be interesting to see how cruising changes - as mentioned we are looking at small
  5. Congratulations Ellie. Always nice to have some good news in this day and age.
  6. Just remember to compare apples to apples. We usually break longer cruises into separate legs to get the individual cruise credits, but on the Sapphire from Sydney, the price for individual legs was more for a mini than booking it as one cruise - even after including the extra OBC, Shareholder, and Military. The other problem was that we couldn't get anything other than a guarantee on one of the legs (can't remember which one). On short 7 day BTB we don't really care about location, but on a long cruise we don't want to move. Therefore we just booked Sydney to Vancouver as one.
  7. Just a couple of comments. Last year on the Coral just prior to shutdown, Princess tried a new term - "Dress to Impress" instead of formal night. It allowed those of us who like to dress up formally to do so, yet didn't offend those who didn't wish to. Head Waiters were just asking those who entered the dining room to make an effort, and definitely no jeans, etc. Seemed to work fine. We dress up for ourselves, not others. If someone just wants to wear a pair of chinos and a nice shirt, good for them - it is their cruise as well. As for the same drinks available everywhere - t
  8. The Majestic is an anomaly when it comes to a cigar lounge. On the other Royal class Princess ships the cigar lounge is usually on deck 6 (where on the Majestic it say Private Gaming), right behind the Princess Theatre. Guessing that once the Majestic gets home ported in the U.S., this Private Gaming area may be re-purposed back to the cigar lounge. It is quite small compared to Princess's Grand Class cigar lounges and is usually packed with cigarette smokers. When we were on the Majestic in Australia, most people smoked on the Starboard side of deck 7 or up top on
  9. Yes who knew last February what was about to happen to not only the cruise industry but everything else as well? This time last year we were just about to board the Coral. Once aboard, crew members started talking about their friends on the Diamond and what was happening half a world away. South American ports seemed oblivious other than we had to go through a temperature check when our flight arrived in Chile. After a great cruise, we disembarked on March 5th. We then spent a fabulous week in Peru, but by the time we caught our flight out of Lima things were going
  10. We have done this twice and it is a combination of things, depending on the management. On one b2b2b the menu just kept repeating every 7 days, while on the other the menus were different for two legs, but then started to repeat on the third. Entertainment did change. I'm not certain, but believe that the champagne waterfall and Captain Circle parties occurred every 7 days.
  11. Guessing that part of the reason for the change is that in some ports Princess is required to use local water shuttles - an example that comes to mind is Santorini. Still free for the passengers, but part of the port contract.
  12. Like AZBIRDMOM we did a cruise out of Sydney on the Majestic. Princess reconfigured some of the ship for the Aussie market when it sailed out of Sydney, so am guessing they will do the same once it is based in North America. The Hollywood Conservatory was excellent as was the Noodle Bar. Best part though was the Mongolian Grill at the back of the World Fresh Marketplace - hope they keep this.
  13. Not sure about after the refurbishment. We were on her 4 years ago and the ship either needed a serious upgrade or to be gone. Leaks from the ceiling in several public areas, the air conditioning didn't work in our room or the rooms around us - overall it was a very disappointing ship. The staff were wonderful, but the ship for some reason is past it's prime. Strange, as the Sapphire is still okay and they are sister ships.
  14. The old Crowne Princess was spectacular in many ways. The movie theatre was awesome, as were many of her other features. But the one we enjoyed more than any was the swim up bar where the pool water flowed over the rear edge as a waterfall into the pool below. We spent many hours sitting on the submerged bar stools watching the world go by.
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