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  1. I’m leaving on my first RCI cruise in 5 days. I’ve sailed a lot in the past with other cruise lines. This post reminds me of why I would never do princess again. There were too many snootie people on that cruise always making comments about their status on looking down on people trying a new cruise line. I’m sure there are a ton of wonderful diamond and pentacle members, but it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil someone’s experience. Maybe I’ll count how many wonderful people I’ll meet on the Harmony vs other. Glass half full (or in my case with deluxe package) always full versus half empty/ can’t get a free drink because there’s a small wait.
  2. Hots and grease. Maybe Columbus as well.
  3. Just a quick question. How long do the ships shows last. We have 830 reservations and the kids will be at adventure ocean. We need to get them by 10 pm but do the shows ever run over. I’m guessing they have everything down pretty good but just want to make sure. On Hots and specifically asking about greese but could be any 830 show on the ship. We might do the $7 per kid/hr sitter but we have some older kids (12) that could watch them in the room after 10 as well.
  4. We are leaving on HOTS in 1 week. We’re in a 1c hump balcony on deck 8. 4 of us in the room. 2 kids. I have received this email twice. Missing are grand suite for 700 pp and junior for $300 pp. not worth it to me. Plus we have 2 other families 2 cabins down from us. We paid 3100 for the 4 of us.
  5. So I’ve spent more time searching then I want to admit, so I’m just going to ask. If if we get the wow bands, can we have the bands for the kids programed to not charge to our account? Or better yet have a $20 a day limit. We have 6 adults and 7 kids 12 and under. Kids club is a must, but please post some cruise advice on what to bring to make the trip smoother. We have already booked all our entertainment and all adults have drink packages. We didn’t buy the kids any drink packages. We we are ordering some lanyards and some magnets for fun. What else to pack.
  6. A 10 passenger van is either 120 or 180 for the ride. Awefully crazy for a 2 mile ride. Cab is $14 Uber is probably $8. Lol
  7. I wasn’t sure where to ask this but we are flying into Ft. Lauderdale and staying at the Hilton Marina . How do most people get to their hotel and then to the boat the next day. There is 6 adults and 7 kids but the hotel doesn’t look to have a shuttle.
  8. Don’t forget to include Johnny Rockets milk shakes! I paid $55 for it plus voom. And $45 for wife’s. I’m sure it will be used. Still checking prices as we are 56 days out.
  9. You beat out Brandon, SD which is about 10 miles from me and basically part our our community. They ended in 2nd place and got 10k I think. Hockey is pretty big here and getting bigger. My boy starts in 2 weeks as a 5 year old. He’s been skating for 2 years. Enjoy the cruise. We are on December 16. 59 more days
  10. Thank you. You mentioned the back of the wind jammer twice. What did you discover back there?
  11. Yep, I’m guessing you’ll do another live review. I have the drink package and internet so will look for it. I bought myself and buddy’s some small breathalyzers from Costco as a little fun gag gift. Thought it would be fun.. lol you’ll probably catch us at a bar, casino, pizza joint, splash pool , or Johnny Rockets for milk shake. Oh promised kids ice cream everyday so I’m sure we be at the ice cream machine too. Every morning I’ll be at the coffee place getting my coffee with Baileys as well. Lol I would love to book a nice suite in next year or so as well.
  12. Andy We are on this cruise with you. We have no status with RC. 1st cruise with them. If gold is the lowest level, we are aluminum foil. Lol 6 adults and 7 kids all staying in hump balcony rooms on 8th deck. We paid 3075 for the 4 of us. I feel that was a good price. This is my 7th cruise. Looking forward to relaxing and having a good time. I’ve enjoyed your review. Wife wants to do a Disney cruise next go around.
  13. Thank you. Everyone says the pizza there is crap and tastes like cards but looks good.
  14. I’ve been quietly enjoying the review in the background as we are on her December 16 with kids ages 5-12. 7 kids total and 6 parents. I’m wondering how crowded the splash pool area will be for chairs on sea days for the adults. I think the top deck will be open but a few parents will need to be on pool level. Any pics or suggestions would be appreciated.
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