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  1. billf0401


    The mask policy is quite unfortunate....Vaccinated and still required to wear a mask.....this will cause us to cancel our October cruise if still in effect....what a world..
  2. We love cruising and have been on dozens of them....however, we will not cruise again until the mask mandate is lifted. We are making alternate holiday plans that do not require a mask. It is sad but we are beginning to think we may never cruise again. We have 2 booked for Oct, 21 and Jan, 22. Quite unlikely we will be going on either of them.
  3. A mask requirement is a NO Go for us....we have 2 upcoming cruises in Oct, 21 and Jan 22...if a mask is required we will cancel
  4. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/florida-gov-desantis-threatens-to-sue-fed-if-they-dont-lift-no-sail-ban-by-the-summer
  5. It's about time https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/florida-gov-desantis-threatens-to-sue-fed-if-they-dont-lift-no-sail-ban-by-the-summer
  6. It would seem that our Government is doing their best to punish the cruise industry. All other businesses are open at some level except for cruising. I go to crowded restaurants, bars and the Big Box stores with no mask, no problem....the cruise industry must not be paying Lobbyists and Politicians as well as other industries.....
  7. Ready to go as long as no mask is required.....Will not cruise if a mask is required....
  8. We have been on many cruises and would very much like to go on the 2 we have booked for Oct, 21 and Jan, 22. We are very disappointed that this appears unlikely for us. We will not board a cruise that requires a mask be worn. That requirement would not make for an enjoyable experience. We have been vaccinated. Perhaps our cruising days are all in the past.
  9. We are booked on this cruise...I fully expect it will be cancelled. In addition the protocols likely will make cruising a "no go" for us. We will not cruise as long as/if masks are required. Wearing a mask would take away the joy of cruising...I will wait a bit longer before cancelling. We have been fully vaccinated.
  10. We are booked on the Harmony of the Seas January, 2022...we will cancel if masks are required....Have completed the Moderna vaccine.....Life needs to return to normal....enough.
  11. We are getting our 2nd dose of Moderna tomorrow....we are done with masks. If required on a cruise we will not be going....
  12. I continue to be surprised that the Canadian Maritime cruises are still being sold on the Oceania website. Seems that there should at least be some note to potential buyers that these are at high risk of being cancelled.....We are booked on the 10/31/21 Montreal/Miami but fully expect that it will not take place.
  13. Yes, as of this morning cruises from NYC/Montreal are listed as for sale....this is a bad look for Oceania...we are booked on the 10/31/21 Montreal/Miami cruise...It certainly will be cancelled but is for sale today.
  14. As bad as it is, it is just as well to know now instead of having it drag on....there goes our Montreal/Miami cruise for October....little hope has now become no chance
  15. and now the Mask Police are being deployed...what a world
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