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  1. Thanks for your help. That’s what I was thinking.
  2. Not farcical at all....just apply basic common sense! If it’s too crowded just walk away.
  3. It depends really what you want to see. Ancient history? More recent history? Scenery? Pretty Islands? Beaches? Arts and Architecture? Europe has pretty much most of everything. Focus on your own interests and try to base your cruise on that. If it were up to me and it were my first time in Europe I’d go for Mediterranean Europe something that included Rome or even Athens. Venice is unique and worth a visit if you can fit it in. Florence has amazing architecture and art, Naples is gritty and authentic + amazing pizzas! There’s loads of ‘pretty’ places to visit all around the Med. It all depends on you. My worst nightmare would be a beach everyday or a private island but everyone is different. Good luck with whatever you choose. Hopefully Europe will be open for you.
  4. That’s good news. Thanks for your advice. I have a further question. On the upcoming cruise in June I have paid for my parents to travel with us as a diamond anniversary gift. If I organise a different gift for them can I use their FCC voucher to pay off my future cruise too?
  5. We’re due to cruise out of Venice on June 4th and I’ve just received a ‘polite’ reminder about final payment. As all but one of the ports are in Italy I’m at a loss to see how this cruise is going to happen unless the current restrictions are removed. I’m not sure how a FCC works. Can it be used to pay off existing bookings (I have a cruise booked for 2021) or does it have to be for new bookings?
  6. It would seem that way...but we’re booked on 4th June and it’s still on sale on the UK website! Currently trying to work out how we can get to the ship without setting foot in Veneto! Any ideas?
  7. I found this link in a different discussion. I’m so grateful to ‘profcruise’ for taking the time to collate all of this. The menus are similar to our recent cruise. On Reflection we weren’t always offered the separate vegetarian menu but I know now to ask for it, or to request that something else is prepared for us. Hopefully it will give you a good overview of what’s available. https://profcruise.com/celebrity-menus/
  8. My experience relates to the Reflection MDR. The vegetarian choices were uninspired and heavily carbohydrate based. Pasta was very much in evidence and we had to request the additional vegetarian menu every night as our waiter didn’t bring it. Even with the additional choice the variety of food was disappointing. I would have loved there to be more options using beans , legumes, plant based proteins and more creative use of vegetables. If you eat fish you will have a better range of choices but our first cruise on Celebrity left us feeling that they didn’t have a very creative understanding of a balanced vegetarian diet. The buffet had more options but I didn’t really want to eat on my own every night while the rest of the group were in the MDR! Hope it works out better for you.
  9. Thank you. Do you know if there are taxis available from there?
  10. Can anyone advise if La Spezia port provides a shuttle and, if so, where it drops off. Also, are there any taxis close to the drop off point? I’m travelling with companions who aren’t very mobile and I’m hoping to be able to take them to Porto Venere. Thank you in anticipation.
  11. Thank you Jules. I was wondering how late we can arrive for check in. My plan was to leave our bags at the hotel, spend the day in Venice and then go on board at about 5.00. However the rep at Celebrity told me it would be normal boarding times with a compulsory muster drill at about 5.00, after which passengers could disembark and spend the evening in Venice. If that’s the way it happens it seems like many people would waste the best part of a day waiting around on ship. I just wondered if anyone had experienced this and could tell me anything different.
  12. Thanks so much for your insight! That will help my pre cruise planning!
  13. Hoping someone can advise with this. We’ve cruised many times but have never before had a cruise that started with an overnight stop. Our ship starts in Venice but doesn’t leave until 2p.m. the following day. What I’m wondering is how long is check in open? Could we spend the first day in Venice then check in in the evening? Is muster drill likely to be on the first day or the second day? Anyone with experience of this out there?
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