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  1. Covid: EU recommends new travel restrictions for US as cases rise https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58386967
  2. I’m not sure that I’d pay extra to swop a balcony for a room with a window. I’d prefer the extra outdoor space even if the view was restricted.
  3. We’ll, I’m pleased to say that after numerous phone calls the cabins have been moved to a place that isn’t underneath any public areas. Hopefully everything else will go smoothly!
  4. I’m confused why anyone should accept a move to the same grade cabin from a quiet area to a potentially noisier area under the kids club. Am I missing something? And why, after paying extra to choose a cabin location, should someone be moved to a place they don’t want to be in with no offer of a refund for the additional room selection payment?
  5. Anyone else have experience of this? A family member paid extra to preselect inter-connecting cabins in a quiet area of the ship. Today they’ve been contacted and told cabins have been moved to under the kids area. No refund will be offered as she can still choose between five pairs of interconnecting cabins. Really! So far Royal has been totally unsympathetic.
  6. Our Sept 29th 2021 cruise is cancelled but similar cruises for 2022 on Infinity are available for ‘lift and shift’. Now deciding whether to go for this or just give us and get the deposit back.
  7. Unfortunately these countries are stating that they’re open but still have high rates of infection. I think I’ll be checking their current levels rather than their declarations. That might sound harsh but, as consumers. We all need to check things out thoroughly and consider why such decisions are being made. Many countries are declaring themselves open but, as travellers, we might still have to quarantine when we arrive home.
  8. Only covers up to 75 years. I was delighted and then disappointed in a moment.
  9. Thanks for your help. That’s what I was thinking.
  10. Not farcical at all....just apply basic common sense! If it’s too crowded just walk away.
  11. It depends really what you want to see. Ancient history? More recent history? Scenery? Pretty Islands? Beaches? Arts and Architecture? Europe has pretty much most of everything. Focus on your own interests and try to base your cruise on that. If it were up to me and it were my first time in Europe I’d go for Mediterranean Europe something that included Rome or even Athens. Venice is unique and worth a visit if you can fit it in. Florence has amazing architecture and art, Naples is gritty and authentic + amazing pizzas! There’s loads of ‘pretty’ places to visit all around the Med. It all depends on you. My worst nightmare would be a beach everyday or a private island but everyone is different. Good luck with whatever you choose. Hopefully Europe will be open for you.
  12. That’s good news. Thanks for your advice. I have a further question. On the upcoming cruise in June I have paid for my parents to travel with us as a diamond anniversary gift. If I organise a different gift for them can I use their FCC voucher to pay off my future cruise too?
  13. We’re due to cruise out of Venice on June 4th and I’ve just received a ‘polite’ reminder about final payment. As all but one of the ports are in Italy I’m at a loss to see how this cruise is going to happen unless the current restrictions are removed. I’m not sure how a FCC works. Can it be used to pay off existing bookings (I have a cruise booked for 2021) or does it have to be for new bookings?
  14. It would seem that way...but we’re booked on 4th June and it’s still on sale on the UK website! Currently trying to work out how we can get to the ship without setting foot in Veneto! Any ideas?
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