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  1. You’re on board with me, in theory anyway! Our cabin is still showing GTY too. I’ve tried to make a ‘fake booking’ through the U.K. site but nothing is available. Celebrity has got me really p’d off at the minute!
  2. We booked 10 days ago and the upcharge for the drinks package had been removed. I had taken screenshots of the fare only two days earlier and, at that time, it still included a £200 upcharge for UK bookings that included the classic package as a perk. So pleased that we waited!
  3. Thank you so much everyone - that completely answers my question. I’ll call Celebrity direct. 😀
  4. That’s great - thank you so much!
  5. Hi. We’ve cruised the Med in October for the last 10 years. We can count the number of bad weather days on one hand! This year we cruised 28th October to 5th November and the only cool and damp day was our departure day. The sun shone and the seas were calm for the rest of the cruise. The only disadvantage that we found was some of places we visited had ‘closed up’ as their season had finished.
  6. Hi. I’m wondering if someone would be kind enough to explain how the one category upgrade works and how to access this benefit. When I go through the reservation process online I’m asked to put in my Captain’s Club number to see what offers are available but there is no mention at all of an upgrade. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in anticipation. 🤔
  7. Oops sorry, posted before I added my comment. I was interested that you’ve switched from Celebrity to Royal C because of better prices. We’ve just gone in the opposite direction because we found Celebrity cruises better value. We have our first cruise on Reflection next week and we are booked on Connie in October next year. Couldn’t get close to matching prices or itineraries on Royal. However I suppose a lot depends on where you’re cruising.
  8. Thanks again to all those who have taken the time to respond to my post with comments and photos. Much appreciated. 😀
  9. Hi We take our first Celebrity Cruise in two weeks after jumping ship from RCCL. I’ve read numerous comments stating that the food is considered superior and I’ve already seen the daily menus on the app. However, I’ve searched for threads with photos of MDR food without success. Can anyone point me in the right direction? 🙏
  10. Ship: Reflection Length of Cruise: 8 days Cruise Sail Date: 28th October 2019 Date email offer received: no email, noticed it manage my booking early September Captain’s Club Tier: Elite (RCCL diamond) 1st cruise with Celebrity Booked through Celebrity Direct Current Cabin: ocean view deck 3 (category 6?) Bid? Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: deluxe veranda stateroom deck 6 Bid Offer: £80 per person Notification Date: 25th September 2019 Accepted
  11. Thanks everyone! Still locked out but not in so big a panic. Will give IT a call.
  12. Hi I’ve been trying to ‘manage’ my upcoming reservation (40 days out) but my account has been locked for well over an hour. I can see my other reservation (over a year away) and can manage that one with no problems. The message says it’s locked for my security and to try again in 20 minutes but that hasn’t worked. I’m getting a bit worried. Any ideas why this might have happened? Thanks
  13. Sorry if I appear stupid - but what exactly is an infinite balcony?
  14. If you want a confirmed booking try Suntransfers. Always found them to be very good. But as others say, finding a taxi in Barcelona is always fairly easy.
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