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  1. Onboard Epic last TA they had an extra, blank, keycard in the slot. I thought it was forgotten by housekeeping but they stated not.


    It did dissapear mid cruise though haha, got an extra blank directly from Guest Services when asked for.


    Still curious if it was a new standard, it even had a little triangle cut into it.


    Only been on RCI and never had this, going on NCL in October,,,,what is this "keycard" thing?

  2. My apologies if these have been mentioned prior...


    My fiance swears by Scopolamine patches. Poor guy gets motion sickness on the lake.


    I swear by "Poo-purri" :) It's an all natural oil you spritz before "you go" I'm not advertising, I just think it's helpful. Beats air freshener!


    Would someone please tell me (definitely) whether or not a hair straightening iron is allowed (travel size or not)? I always see "no irons" which I assume means clothing irons. But, I've seen some say no hair irons either.


    Thanks everyone!!!


    I have always brought a hair iron,,,,never had an issue with anyone telling me I can't have it (room steward or ship luggage scanners)....did get caught with a small travel iron once, but the steward just asked me politely to put away and not use it which I did. Also, I agree...found when traveling with friends that poopurri is great!

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