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  1. Well.....I Have absolutely NO legal education but it certainly is not “gobbledygook” to me. Just plain common sense given the times we are living in....if you want to cruise with all the bases covered....
  2. We have sailed from Le Havre, having stayed in Paris prior. And we have done a private Tour of WW2 Battlefields, Cemetery’s and D-Day Landing Beaches from Le Havre as a port stop. The best tour we have ever done, and best tour guide we have ever had, bar none!
  3. Another vote for Albergo del Senato. For service, location, rooms, breakfast etc. We used this wonderful , authentic Italian hotel prior to our Edge cruise last September and cannot recommend it more highly. If we ever get back to Rome after this nightmare of Covid-19, we will not hesitate to make a booking at Albergo del Senato!
  4. Thank you for the correction. I apologize. Had just posted it with the title as sent by the TA and I should have double-checked.
  5. This Link was sent to me by my TA today https://youtu.be/b8mjepRnkjY
  6. Well aware, it’s not all “sweetness and light” here. With over 90,000 cases and approx 7300 deaths nationally, Montreal having about 25,500 of those cases and almost 3000 deaths, we could say that Montreal is “our New York”. Toronto has also been hard hit. And there are other hotspots too. My point was, that this worldwide pandemic has not been politicized here in Canada and co-ordinated efforts across the country are being based on what’s best for Public Health. And Governments are entrusting their decisions to the people in charge of that public health, And even though eac
  7. As I’ve followed the news from both your country and our southern neighbour, daily/hourly now for three months, and daily I’ve also I’ve said a prayer of gratefulness for the privilege of living in a country where politics have been set aside for the most part in dealing with this Pandemic and the decisions made for the health and safety of Canada’s citizens has been based on science and the input of our Public Health Professionals. Here on PEI our government has been following step by step the guidance of our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Heather Morrison....(google her, she’s a Rhodes Scholar
  8. Canada/US border remains closed, to all but essential travel, until June 21. Many Canadians hoping that closure is extended.
  9. I hope you will get back here again. Lots more to our particular slice of heaven. But I really recommend that if you are cruising, you DO come Before the middle of October (IMHO). I’ve only ever sailed in Alaska, Caribbean and Europe. Would dearly love to sail into our own small and pretty harbour someday.
  10. I agree. But the pain is real for our little Island as well.
  11. For 2020, Charlottetown had 11 cruises booked to call between Oct. 16 - 31.
  12. Actually, in 2019, Charlottetown, PEI, had 10 cruises scheduled to call between Oct. 15 - Nov. 04
  13. Not one of the terrible things you’ve listed above is contagious, never mind HIGHLY contagious. Not one of the things you list above would Keep me from a cruise . But, as long as Covid-19 is rampaging the world without vaccines or treatments, I, Sadly, cannot go on another cruise, to South America or anywhere else.
  14. Well, for almost 2 months now, anyone arriving to our province by air or via our bridge (only other entry point), who cannot prove they are travelling for approved, essential reasons, have been turned away or sent back on the next flight. Would hope our country’s border is doing the same.
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