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  1. Not one of the terrible things you’ve listed above is contagious, never mind HIGHLY contagious. Not one of the things you list above would Keep me from a cruise . But, as long as Covid-19 is rampaging the world without vaccines or treatments, I, Sadly, cannot go on another cruise, to South America or anywhere else.
  2. Well, for almost 2 months now, anyone arriving to our province by air or via our bridge (only other entry point), who cannot prove they are travelling for approved, essential reasons, have been turned away or sent back on the next flight. Would hope our country’s border is doing the same.
  3. I wouldn’t bet on that kwokpot. Now with high risk of cross-contamination of a much feared virus, I would be willing to Wager that individual toiletries may well be making a return.
  4. A different article that I had read suggested the carry-ons would be banned to prevent potential cross-contamination from one bag to another as they are crammed into those overhead bins.
  5. Please, forgive me, ( I did go sideways there ), but what exactly was your question (s)?
  6. I do hope that you understand that we, here in Canada, are also Free. And as well, that we may not access any personal health information about anyone else, including our spouse, without their express permission. I believe it is also true that our Country’s governments and public health systems have been extremely diligent and proactive around identifying and containing the Covid-19 virus here and have done a good job, so far, of protecting it’s citizens during this Pandemic.
  7. Correction: There were 4 P.E.Islanders IN TOTAL on that Summit sailing. So far, only one has been confirmed positive. The information in the posts above is very disturbing....
  8. Our Chief Medical Officer announced today, that the female from PEI with confirmed Covid-19, did indeed sail on the Summit Feb.29th sailing. They were able to get the manifest and know that there are 4 more islanders on that sailing as well and they’ve all been notified.
  9. I agree with Sheffield’s reply to your post when he said it is people like you that are spreading this deadly disease. P.E.I.’s first confirmed case of Covid-19 came yesterday for a person returning home on March 7th from a cruise. The ship wasn’t named but with that date I’d bet it was the Silhouette. P.E.I.’s gov’t has issued a Public Health Advisory asking all residents to self-isolate for 14 days after all international travel, including the U.S. (ALL travellers, not just those exhibiting symptoms). My DH and I are returning home asap, cutting our usual Florida holiday short by many weeks. Once home, we had planned to self-isolate for 14 days before anyone told us to, simply because we will be in 2 airports and on 2 flights to get there. It’s the right thing to do at this time. Cavalier attitudes, like yours, Mr. “prfctmrtini”, will cause the deaths of many before this is all over I’m afraid.
  10. Prince Edward Island’s first confirmed Covid-19 case was announced by our Chief Medical Officer this afternoon. The person returned from a cruise on March 7th and developed symptoms on the 10th. The cruise line/ship were not named in the announcement .
  11. THIS! Just unbelievable, the apparent attitudes, of some folks on here during such an unprecedented, world-wide crisis.
  12. I use CAA to purchase both my travel medical insurance as well as trip cancellation and interruption. They sell policies for individual trips of varying numbers of days or for annual multi-trip coverage. if you are a CAA member you will receive a discount. I have had nothing but great service and comprehensive coverage for many years with them.
  13. Wouldn’t the La Spezia port call be more convenient to explore the Cinque Terre?
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