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  1. But some people really like that bag of laundry.
  2. We have our Global Entry interview in a couple of weeks. GE also includes TSA Pre Check
  3. When I booked a concierge cabin once, I was underwhelmed with the embarkation lunch. The only benefit was the quiet vs. the buffet. With the other normal restaurants on the sea day, I don't see the advantage. I never saw the benefit of concierge and went back to Aqua for my one free bottle of water on embarkation. Do they still have that?
  4. Couldn't they see the size of your arm?
  5. As long as it's not a see through mesh dress please!
  6. I'm trying to figure out what type you are. Would you say you're full sour, half sour or dill? I would never guess sweet. 😆
  7. We have a friend who has a daughter in Montreal he visits frequently. He suggested Hotel Nelligan in downtown. Anyone familiar with that property?
  8. The cruise is out of Miami to Montreal. I fly back to Orlando. How could I find out which Montreal dock the Navigator will use?
  9. Thankx to the suggestions on this board, I decided to take the air credit for Orlando to Miami and Montreal to Orlando. I'm sure both sets of economy would have included at least two legs resulting about 7 or more hours travel times each direction. In it's place, I'm renting a car for $75 for the 3.5 hr drive to Miami, thus I don't have to park at any airport for 17 days. When I fly back, I found a direct 3.25 hr flight from Montreal to Orlando and upgraded to business class. Much better than the lengthy economy itinerary. I never would have thought of that had it n
  10. My DW told me pleated pants were out of fashion. Does this mean I can wear mine on the cruise? 😉
  11. I just wanted to compliment you, @bnurick, on an excellent accounting of your experience. It was concise and factual. I followed the whole thread and appreciate your detail. Even more so, happy you had a great cruise without incident. We'll be on the Apex in February so if the initial sailing is any indication, things are back to pretty much normal from a cruiser's perspective. Happy sailing.
  12. Yes I like the port by port option for my DW who doesn't want to get too overwhelmed by all the choices at once. 😁
  13. Yes you can print or download a PDF of each port's excursions. Go to Booked Cruises Then click on the cruise title You'll see a tab that says "Free Excursions and Onboard Activities" Then click the "Select a Port" button Select the port you want to see Scroll down to just above the first excursion You'll see a download option or a print option. I like to download so I can access it on my computer. I can always print the PDF later from my computer if I need a hard copy.
  14. The first thing I would do is ask the TA if their OBC is refundable. Like Jelayne I was caught by a TA's cross promotion that was not refundable. I learned to ask after that. What I started doing with the refundable OBC is to go to guest relations to ask for the ROBC in cash. Not only do I have walking around money but I don't get the cash back charge back on the credit card rewards. If they won't give it to you in cash, then last resort, let it go to your card.
  15. Did you sneak them into Mr. Green Jeans' pocket?
  16. When I was younger I always preferred Bob Keeshan (the REAL Captain) over Captain Crunch!
  17. I wonder if LLP will personally hand out 6oz bottles of water to Aqua Class cruisers when she greets them?
  18. When we booked insides it was initially for price and we liked how dark it was for sleeping. However the OP indicated the price difference between an inside and veranda was significant. So if not the inside then it would be a land vacation. IMO if I had to choose between an inside or not sailing, the cabin wins.
  19. We began cruising with inside cabins. Then moved up to OV, then to veranda which included AQ and Concierge, then to a few sunset aft views. We tried to go back to an inside and realized nope, nope nope. Never again. But that's a personal choice since we're no longer motivated by saving money. As we age and our portfolios have done so well over the years, we've gotten accustomed to the creature comforts and benefits in the higher categories. We've just elevated to suites for our future cruises. I fear, as I've heard from others, we won't be able to go back to non-suit
  20. She should be demoted to Blu. lol
  21. Yep US World & New must really know about cruise lines. Don't forget to check Time Magazine and News Week too. I thought Viking Ocean was a premium not luxury line. I must have been wrong.
  22. Since the cruise lines use dynamic pricing, you should book a smaller luxury ship sooner rather than later as the smaller inventory evaporates.
  23. The world is a different place from when nobody knew about covid or had vaccinations. There will be medical protocols and isolation/quarantines.
  24. In reading both the Celebrity and Regent boards, I'm getting the feeling I'm really going to enjoy sailing with y'all. Regent cruisers just seem to be much more civil even when there's a disagreement in opinions. A differing opinion there gets trounced upon by the most active. Look at the most Celebrity posted thread. It's about crying because they didn't get the latest Power Up Point awarded for their jumping through a hoop, Celebrity didn't post the latest PUP activity soon enough or how important it is to reach the next "loyalty" level even though they've weakened the perks a
  25. That's old news. The FL Gov has already come off that stance.
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