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  1. 2 hours ago, mrstanley said:

    The Port of Miami is the busiest cruise port in the world. Millions have been spent to develop it. Millions of dollars will be lost by people flying elsewhere to embark. The hotels and restaurants in Miami benefit from these cruise passengers. It will be a real shame for any cruise line to suspend departures from any of the USA ports.

    Enough from the CDC already!!!


    You must have mistaken the CDC people as bureaucrats who shiv a Git?

  2. 8 minutes ago, morechances said:

    So, let's open the ports here, and get on ships that are not allowed to go anywhere, because foreign countries view the US as a high Covid risk.


    Irrelevant because U.S. citizens can fly to the islands to embark cruises not sailing to the U.S. and territories. What about the cruises in Greece?


    Besides, just about every country is considered a high Covid risk except maybe China because that would be considered xenophobic.

  3. 1 minute ago, morechances said:

    The only news that some people are seeing in other countries are the clips of 10,000 college students on a beach. Or 35,000 fans in a baseball stadium.

    And they are judging based on that.


    So you should shut down everything based upon what the media uses for click bait and the uninformed foreigners who take the sound bite as universal gospel?  Please stop the hyperbole. It doesn't work towards solving the problem.

  4. 3 minutes ago, morechances said:

    So, are economies more important than deaths?

    Or overwhelmed heath care systems?


    How many people before the Covid pandemic died of the flu? What about vehicle accidents?  Since they cause deaths, shouldn't we ban driving? Besides the economies of the pandemic have had a deadly side effect.  Look at the increased suicide rate. Were their deaths any less tragic than those claimed to be of covid?  Or are they also counted in those who died of covid?


    Things need to be put into perspective. 



  5. 3 minutes ago, morechances said:

    Let's face it, as much as we want to believe otherwise, the news is not good for ships originating from the US.


    And this is definitely based on raw data. With Florida having a spike right now, it is not promising.


    Would you please supply the data on which you are basing that last statement.  I'd like to see how many people who have received the vaccination are included in the spike.  I'd also like to know the age group associated with the spike and where contracted?  Could it possibly be due to irresponsible acting young people on Spring Break?  And of the vaccinated people included in the spike, how many have been hospitalized or died?


    I'm not looking for statistics that show how many there have been since the pandemic began.

  6. 5 minutes ago, morechances said:

    So, let's look at history. 

    Cruise ships had terrible outbreaks at the end.

    No one's fault. Situational reason. Close quarters, sharing dining spaces, etc. 

    So, this is easy to stop the threat. 


    Stop the ships.


    Threat gone.


    Then the same solution should be imposed with everything that poses a threat.  Howz that working for some states' economies?  The unintended consequences are far more reaching.  That's like having a finger infection so you amputate the arm.  No more infection;  threat gone.


    Have you ever encountered a stupid person?  By your logic, decapitate them. 😁

  7. 1 hour ago, Sea22 said:

    Currently booked on celebrity reflection for holy land and transatlantic of total 27 days in aqua class then Sky suite. 
    considering switching to regent. Same cost according to regent website. 

    so we’re looking into a 12 holy land cruise followed by a 29 Med & TA on Seven Seas Mariner in veranda. Total 41 days.


    So it's 27 days on Celebrity or 41 days on Regent for the same price?  Does that include airfare, transfers, all specialty restaurants and excursions in every port with Celebrity's price?


    If food is important to you, I can't see how Celebrity can hold candle to Regent.  Did you check out the sample menus for the Mariner?

    https://www.rssc.com/experience/cuisine/chartreuse Then switch to the other on board restaurant tabs.

  8. If the people who live outside of FL hate our Governor that much then why are so many moving here especially from NY, NJ & CA? We've experienced a flood of new refugees just over the past year!


    I'd like to suggest the naysayers also never book cruises embarking a FL port. That will show him!

  9. 5 hours ago, AstoriaPreppy said:

    I’m am slightly surprised at the very 80s characterization of Carnival passengers as randy drunks, especially from people who have never been on a Carnival ship.

    From my experience onboard Carnival, their passenger base is social and ready for a fun vacation. I understand this can be off-putting to passengers who don’t want to meet strangers, but it’s not the free for all it’s often characterized as. I’ve seen much more drunken insanity onboard NCL since they’ve included the beverage package on all sailings. 


    After Carnival began offering their drinks package, a few years later didn't they have to institute a 15 alcoholic drinks limit per 24 hour period?  I am not aware of any other cruise lines having to limit consumption.


    I remember partying once like that while at college.  However I learned my lesson. Ha.  I stick with my Carnival decision based upon my two cruises.  Both were short cruises which perhaps attracts a different caliber clientele. Present company excluded. 😉


  10. 26 minutes ago, AstoriaPreppy said:



    Remind me to never mention that I’ve been on multiple Carnival cruises if I run into most people from this thread while sailing Celebrity!


    From the amount of dismissive pearl clutching, I wouldn’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable and calling security on me (before I inadvertently vomited everywhere in the martini bar). 😉


    I'm curious.  Do you relate more with the "typical" Carnival cruiser or Celebrity?  Your actions would probably be the basis for how you are perceived not which cruise line you previously sailed.

  11. Never again: Carnival, too obvious. Tried them twice 30 years apart.

    Never: Cunard- too stuffy

    Always: none because there are too many variants to be that loyal even though Elite on XX.

    Sometimes: HAL, XX, Oceania and Azamara depending upon ship, itinerary and value. Sailed them all.

    Leaning towards mostly: Regent. Have three booked and expecting to be so pleased it may be my go to; although not yet cruised. (We're spending our nieces' and nephews' inheritance.) lol

    Like to try: Seabourn, Viking Ocean.

  12. 3 hours ago, jules27556 said:

    My first cruise was NCL Skyward in 1976.....did 3 more at that time.    Agree. Zero interest in NCL now.

     Our first and only NCL cruise was a 10 day with my now DW before we were married.  She had never cruised and when she saw the luggage dumped  in the doorway she thought, I'm gonna kill him before this cruise is over. lol  But I stowed everything having sailed before.  It was actually a very good cruise back in the late 80's.

  13. 6 minutes ago, Bo1953 said:

    The "premium or real luxury lines" only work if one enjoys the ship size and possible passenger demographics, too.


    There are times when price is the only issue even when it appears to be high, as many may want it to be.


    I wholeheartedly endorse looking at other lines, comparable to X or not, if pricing is an issue.


    bon voyage


    Yup. That's why they make all different size cruise ships.  Have you sailed on a ship with less than 1,200 passengers?


    BTW I don't only buy on price.  I choose value, as I perceive it, and whats included in the price. I'll pay more for a cruise if it has a high perceived value IMO.

  14. 7 minutes ago, CulverCityCruisers said:

    Usually TA "OBC" is refundable.  The easiest way to find out , is to log into your cruise at the X website and look at your cruise planner.  In the planner it will show how much OBC you have to spend in the cruise planner.  If nothing shows the "OBC" from your TA is refundable, if a dollar amount shows available to use, then you know that it is non refundable.  The TA "OBC" will not appear on your cruise planner and will show up a few days after your board on your on board account as OBCR (on board credit refundable. 


    Excellent suggestion about the cruise planner.  I've done that before too to verify amounts. Although when their TA gave me XX promotional OBC it didn't show up on the web site but showed up onboard as OBCN. But that was several years ago.

  15. OP, I used to use that same TA.  The answer to your question is it depends upon where the OBC comes from.  One of my cruises with them, the extra OBC came through a TA promotion from Celebrity.  If any of the OBC comes from a Celebrity backdoor promotion it is non refundable.  I learned that the hard way.


    I suggest you call the TA and speak with a different rep. They may be able to determine the OBC source and whether it is refundable.


    The TA I've used for the past several years is sending me an 11% cash rebate on my Regent cruises since it's all inclusive and Regent does not refund any OBC. On my Celebrity cruises I go to the ship's customer relations desk to get my refundable OBC . I have them peel out the cash. 


    Your cabin TV billing page will show you which amounts are Refundable OBC and Non-Refundable OBC.  The reason I don't let them put it back on my credit card is the card will take back my cash back credit.  This way I keep that and get the cash to spend in ports.

  16. 17 minutes ago, tfred said:

    I agree. I was pretty happy on NCL 20 years ago. Wouldn’t be found on it now. Still like X, but as I get older and retired what I want has changed. Once you start looking at suites  and their cost on X, other premium and luxury lines are worthy of a hard look. 


    My Apex S1 is currently priced at $740pp/pd. I have a Regent Penthouse suite booked to AK for $783pp/pd including air, transfers, premium liquor, wifi, grats, a pre cruise 5 star hotel night, all specialty restaurants and excursions in every port of call. I have two Regent Concierge suites for $603 and $493; both pp/pd including the previous.


    So I agree with your last sentence which is why I took that look and booked. I'll reconsider Celebrity again when their pricing becomes more reasonable and at a true value proposition.

  17. 6 minutes ago, PhD-iva said:

    This is from a routine/boilerplate authorization new patients/returning patients sign before seeing their health care professional. 
    Each patient must fill out the forms and submit them to the medical providers, in order for medical information to be shared w a 3rd party. HIPPA regs are quite strict.


    True but authorizing the health care professional (doctor) to share is not the same thing as them receiving the info from outside sources.  Insurance companies all share medical information without your authorization.  That's why some people get coverage rejection based upon history.


    But the bottom line is it's in the U.S. government data base and whether you authorize it or not, they ARE sharing your information amongst themselves. So why not allow sharing Covid Vaccination authorization with the cruise line?

  18. I understand. I used to enjoy the Celebrity experience more too.  But I remember the first five years after the transfer from Chandris to Royal Caribbean Group.  Makes it not as enjoyable now for me.  However every cruise line evolves with the times and so do I.

  19. 8 minutes ago, PhD-iva said:

    HIPPA regulations make it illegal to release medical info without Authorization.


    So you wouldn't authorize release of the vaccination information?  I don't remember authorizing sharing the covid vaccination with others but I may have just to be able to sign up for it.  Regardless, I don't mind sharing the authorization specifically on that.


    My patient portals regularly go out to seek insurance/government paid health information then downloads it into my medical records they maintain on my treatment.  They also get my flu shots at the pharmacy.

  20. I believe there is a very clear distinction between a government issued vaccine passport and a proof of vaccination. 


    I agree with the cruise line's requirement that all passengers and crew be vaccinated.  Besides my double vaccination shots are in a database and miraculously showed up on my two doctor's patient portals without me telling them I received the vaccination. 


    So how hard would it be for the government to allow cruise lines access to the database to verify someone is vaccinated?  If the government paid for the vaccine, you're in the database.  Others not in the database should be able to show their vaccination card.

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