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  1. From Regency's FAQ on their web site. For the comfort and safety of all of our Guests, smoking is not permitted in any enclosed dining area, certain public venues, elevators, the Theater, and all suites and balconies, and is only permitted in specific designated smoking areas. The use of electronic cigarettes is allowed within designated smoking areas only. Cigarette smoking is only permitted in designated areas of the outdoor pool area and the following public rooms: Seven Seas Explorer: Connoisseur Club, Pool area (designated area opposite side of the Pool Bar) Seven Seas Voya
  2. Well we went ahead and pulled the trigger on a 12 night AK, starboard concierge cabin cruise. Thankx for all the input. Although it's by far the most we've spent for a cruise, I'm hoping the price will be justified by the degree of excellence. The only problem I foresee is that should Regent deliver, I'll find it difficult to return to mass market or premium cruise lines.
  3. One of the problems with the media nowadays is that one person writes a story and the rest just copy cat the info so they're not scooped.
  4. We all know how accurate the media are! Having been a former journalist several decades ago, I've come to see the changes of credibility over the years. I place them below politicians and we all know how low they are.
  5. EVERYONE still gets the free gelato if they're Captain's Club level above preview. What they took away was the value of the free WiFi and the promotions that included the choice to add or not add the perks but is forcing everyone to BUY the WiFi, Drinks and prepay the gratuities. Some people buy the liquor package; some don't. If they buy the liquor package anyway then it's no difference. But the people that got the classics drink package or gratuities as an included promotional perk will no longer get to chose the perk because of the forced buy. What about the people who don't d
  6. May I suggest a (3)? Loyalists who still like the Celebrity product regardless of the increased costs or the diminished perks of E & E+ because they hadn't gotten there yet.
  7. From someone who's not reached Elite or higher, I understand. Besides you now book Suites, which you've bragged about, so the AI is irrelevant since they charge you through the nose to include the perks anyway. 🤣 I don't understand why you keep pointing out gelato in your examples. That "PERK" is included for every person in any Captains Club level including the lowest one above preview.
  8. I ran businesses as well. I understand it is threatening in substance however I was referring more to communication technique that wouldn't be such a combative in your face aggressiveness.
  9. Have you thought about asking your TA if they have E&O (Errors & Omissions) insurance? That will alert them you're not going to take this sitting down so they may sweeten the pot to keep from getting a claim against them or that you're willing to pursue this. I wouldn't do it in a threatening manor yet but as a curiosity sort of way. Just a thought.
  10. Maybe because it's a scooch better based upon the swill they pour under the classic package. 😄
  11. When I had a trip insurance claim a few years back, they wanted not only the original cruise invoice but a copy of the credit card statements that confirmed the paid amounts. They even wanted a copy of the statement where I paid for the insurance policy to prove I paid for the coverage. When I recently changed cruise dates, itinerary and ships, all I had to do was call my insurance agent to change the policy information dates etc to match the new cruise.
  12. This is from the Celebrity web site under premium drinks package: Champagnes and favorite wines such as Cherry Tart Pinot Noir, Conundrums, Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon, Ferrari-Carano Fumé Blanc, J&H Selbach Riesling Kabinett, Mer Soleil Chardonnay, Michael David Petite Petit red, and Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/beverage-package-flyer-optimized.pdf Basically it's any wine or champagne priced up to $15/glass.
  13. How about trying this. Right click on the gift box then select copy link. Paste link in a post so others might be able to use it. I'm sure plenty of your fellow cruisers would appreciate it. 😄
  14. TY for the extensive dining descriptions. We'll be on the Mariner for an AK cruise which includes two Sundays. One is at sea and the other is cruising the Glacier. Does anyone know if the latter is considered a sea day because of no port or would there be no extensive Sunday brunch that day? I really enjoy caviar. 😁
  15. Whether you like it or not, people will judge you by how you appear. If you don't care, then wear anything you like. The worst that would happen at the dining facility is they'll ask you to change if you dropped below their standards. But those standards are pretty low compared to what they used to be.
  16. But it looks as if there are several on this board that now refer to Celebrity as EX not X. lol
  17. We've done a couple of the extended South Caribbean XX cruises and really enjoyed them. Also liked the former 14 nites to NE/Canada. They don't do those any longer only shorter. I didn't book Regent for the price. I booked it for the experience. Why leave it to my nieces and nephews? 😁 We booked a concierge to start because it included air, all the excursions and a 5 star hotel night pre-cruise in Vancouver plus the other inclusive items. My TA is also rebating us $1,450 no need for OBC with real all inclusive. Besides, I'm looking forward to lots of lobster and Alaskan Crab
  18. We feel the same way which is why we just booked a Regent Alaska cruise to try them out. We already know what AZ and Oceania deliver. We liked them both. So as Celebrity raises prices as a wanna be, we found that AZ aft facing cabin. BTW I no longer use "X" to refer to Celebrity. The X was from when Chandris owned them. Celebrity certainly doesn't maintain that standard. Maybe I'll start calling them "XX"....the double cross company. 🤣
  19. I had to move to FL to be closer to Port Everglades. The only cruises that embarked from Charleston were Carnival. Ugh.
  20. Nope. I used to live in Charleston. That is the nickname some used for there.
  21. Our aft P1 cabin on the AZ Dec 10 2021 cruise is only $6,495 for two with $200 obc from AZ and another $625 obc from my TA which is refundable in cash. So you can see why I've been saying what I have in previous posts about value. Having sailed both AZ and Oceania, I have to see the value in Celebrity before I book them. That being said, I'm trying an Apex S1 to see what the Resort life is like and whether I believe it's an experience worth the price.
  22. Since you only do one cruise a year and don't mind doing a Celebrity suite, I'd like to suggest you try an Azamara cruise. You keep your same club status and earn points back on Celebrity at the same time. Price two Caribbean cruises: Azamara Fri, Dec 10, 2021 13 night Club Continent Suite N2 $6,814.68 for two passengers including port charges, grats & basic liquor. Celebrity Mon, Dec 13, 2021 10 night Sky Suite S2 $7,951.38 for two passengers including port charges, grats, premium liquor and wifi. Azamara is three nights more and $1136.7 less in
  23. It's good that you're pleased with Celebrity. Many people are just as pleased with Carnival. Have you ever cruised Azamara, Oceania, Silversea, Regent or Seabourn to compare?
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