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  1. Hi. I have never been in that cabin, but just wanted to say that the nearer the front of the ship you are the more motion you will feel, so if motion is an issue to you bear this in mind.


    And all this time I've been thinking that it was the amorous people near the front of the ship that were rocking the boat. :eek:

  2. So, Carnival fit the bill. Still kinda nervous about it though. :o


    Carnival is probably the best fit for your purposes as you say so no need to worry. Y'all will have a great time. Besides if not, it's a short cruise relative to a 14 nighter. :D


    If you come in early don't forget to visit the South Carolina Aquarium overlooking the harbor. Your kids will enjoy it.

  3. We did this cruise last February and it was a really good experience. All in all, it was a great choice for a short break from a harsh winter.


    We did this cruise as well for the same winter break reason February 2013. It was convenient to be dropped off and picked up by friends. So it served it's purpose.


    We found the food to be mediocre but it was edible.


    The one thing I don't usually see mentioned about this ship is the cigarette smoke. If that is a factor, you will not like the ship. Even though the bar is divided into smoking and non smoking, the ventilation is not sufficient to contain the smoke. So a lot of places even walking past a bar or casino you're going to go through that smoke wall. No big deal if it doesn't bother you. Big deal if it does.

  4. Looks like nuttin has changed thru the course of the day. Except a few more need a list of what is in a margarita.


    Oh, Steve, I missed a spot, and well, never mind:D


    Sure did take you a LONG time to finish the lawn. What'd ya do, stop for a classic drink or two? lol


    I've been thinking, the people that are having such difficulty with the Celebrity drink package should just go ahead and book the cruise lines that include all types of liquor drinks with their expensive cruise fare. That will solve their problem of what brands to drink.

  5. It would be helpful IMO to list the more popular / typical frozen drinks and cocktails that are included (i.e. is a mojito, rum runner, bahama mama, margarita, etc included).


    It's not so much the drink name as the BRAND of liquor it's made with. For example you can order a margarita with classic package brand Tequila liquors, premium brand Tequila liquors or above premium brand Tequila liquors. So what's the difficulty? Easy Peasy.


    Same holds true for any of the other drinks you named and most you didn't. ;)

  6. Well Sir you call it as you see it. Views are personal but reasonable people understand what is promised and what is short delivered. We were misled and short delivered.

    If a cruise line can print a wine list containing hundreds of wines and have it on every third table in the main restaurant then it can print a drinks list and distribute it to many fewer tables in nine (as advised) bars on the same ship. Not rocket science.

    Please me inform me where this theory is wrong?


    Attached is the official Celebrity release of the Classic Package as of May 2014. Notice the wording, "Please note that drink prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice and the brands listed below are not guaranteed to be included in the Classic Package." ?


    So while you called us all sheeple, why can't we call you a whiner?

    Classic Package Inclusions - Inclusions after Pricing Rollback_052814_FINAL.pdf

  7. Hmm, well I guess we were just picky. I nguess it is too much ask for a customer to ask what exactly is available on a package rather than asking a barkeep for his suggestions. We were happy with the quality of what WAS available on the package but really would have liked to make our own mind up as to label etc from what we were "allowed". I guess we just come from the rare breed who likes to make up our own mind rather than being led.


    That is exactly why they offer the Premium Package so you can make up your own mind instead of being led. Next time pony up the $1.50 US$ extra per day and try to enjoy your cruise. ;) The classic package is for people who don't care what brand they drink or the brand they drink is included.


    I prefer specific call brands for scotch and bourbon. Thus if I want to order them, I'll happily upgrade to get what I want. IMHO the quality of brands on the Premium Package are well worth the difference in upgrade cost.

  8. Thanks again Chucktown. My email is my user name here at gmail. I know the mods get testy when you try and post a whole e-mail address.


    Now can you tell me which hotels are closest to the cruiseport? FL seems to have a whole lot more info readily avaialble to poor schlubs like me with no clue about the area. :D


    There is Harborview Inn, Vendue Inn, Anchorage Inn, Market Pavillion, French Quarter Inn, Andrew Pinckney Inn, Ansonborough Inn (actually pretty close to where you enter the gate for luggage drop off)... Do you want more close by? These are all within walking distance to the cruise terminal. How much money you willing to pony up to stay in the heart of downtown?


    If price is a factor, I'd recommend looking at the hotels on the other side of the peninsula close to the Ashley River. Just over the bridge in West Ashley or close to the Ravenel Bridge Mt. Pleasant. Check the hotel web sites to make sure they have free transportation to the port.

  9. not sure which ones are decent vs flea bags trying to present a better image just to take advantage of cruise tourist.


    I forgot to mention, if you use the CVB package page, you won't find a flea bag on the list. It costs hotels a lot of money to be a member of the Travel Council. Flea bags don't pony up.

  10. I have never been to Charleston so I don't know the lay of the land there. I am familiar with the stay and cruise packages that the hotels do around Port Canaveral. I've looked into the cost of parking at the port in Charleston and for a 5 night cruise it will run $84. From what I've seen most of the stay and cruise packages at the hotels run between $120-150. Even on the high side I think it's a little cheaper than staying somewhere and paying for parking at the port. Like I said I just don't know the area so not sure which ones are decent vs flea bags trying to present a better image just to take advantage of cruise tourist.


    Thanks for the help and any information you can provide.


    Two areas closest to downtown with pretty decent hotels and pricing are in Mt. Pleasant (just over the Cooper River bridge and five minutes from downtown) or West of the Ashley which is about 7 minutes the other direction (just over the Ashley River bridge and seven minutes from downtown.)


    The next cheaper are in North Charleston which is much further from the cruise terminal and that has both good and bad areas where you need to be more hotel specific. Close to the Convention Center and Airport area are better. That's about 15 to 25 minutes to the port.


    Then the next cheaper are above North Charleston towards Summerville where you're looking at 45 minutes to the port.


    What's most important to you in your selection? I'd suggest you focus in Mt. Pleasant and West Ashley. There are just so many good properties I need some specific direction before I can assist in helping narrow down YOUR selections.


    Focus on Hwy 17/Johnny Dodds Blvd in Mt Pleasant or Hwy 17/Savannah Hwy in West Ashley.

  11. Anyone know which hotels are close to the port? I've never been out of charleston so I don't know what to expect. Need to get something booked up in the next day or 2. Looking for one that does the stay and park program. I found a bunch on the innerwebs' date=' but I like to get real world reviews vs reading what is posted on the websites.[/quote']




    By close to the port do you mean downtown? None of them have a park and cruise program. Those hotels are outside the downtown area.


    Here is a link to the Convention & Visitors Bureau Park & Cruise web page. http://www.charlestoncvb.com/visitors/special_offers/packages/stay/ If you find a property that interests you, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. I've lived here since the early 80's and used to own a tourist related business that dealt with hotel properties, attractions and tours. I'd be happy to share what I know about them.


    One thing you might consider is that the hotels usually charge more for the package than you can book a room directly for without the parking. Since the cruise is a short time, consider calculating the difference between a room without cruise parking and the parking fee at the port vs. the hotel package cost and time to wait for the hotel van plus travel time to retrieve the car and hit the road home.

  12. I am looking to book an Alaska cruise next May (I am in the UK), when I log into 'my celebrity' and go onto my Captains club page it shows an offer for up to $1000 off Alaskan cruises next year, but every time I click the 'learn more' button takes me to the page but shows no results (I have been trying this for a week now on different computers)

    I rang the UK Captains club a couple of times but they are unaware of the offer and have suggested ringing either a US based travel agent or the US Captains club number to ask them.

    I realise I might not qualify for the offer but would like to check before I book the cruise.

    Has anyone else seen the offer and if so does it state any restrictions in the t&cs?

    Any assistance would be gratefully received.


    I'm in the U.S. When I click on learn more, I redirect to http://www.celebritycruises.com/specials/limited-time-offers-53?tab=lto_53&promoType=53 I don't know if this page will work for you in the UK.


    There are numerous pages totaling 70 available cruises. I'm already booked on the Millie for Alaska 5/12/15 in an outside cabin. The price today is $700 more than I booked in early July for the same cat. Sounds like a mark it up to mark it down promotion?


    Even logging out of X and clicking the link, the price for the cruise is the same as logged in as CC member.

  13. Thanks for setting me straight on the "value" issue. It's just the accountant brain looking for the best deal! I will do as you suggest and speak to my mother to decide what to do in Charleston. I'm looking forward to seeing your city!


    At between $20 and $40pp, they're both GOOD value compared to some other markets. :D However, you can always look for coupons online at CharlestonCVB or google "Charleston coupons." There are several sites where you can print them online.

  14. Steve:

    As Mura mentioned, our experience is that the ship holds all passports, except in rare occasions. I think in some places the passports have to be checked by authorities before the ship is cleared. You may end up seeing unexpected stamps on your passport pages.


    We also have photocopies of the passport page with our (lovely) picture and passport number. Stan & I each carry a copy of both our passports in case one gets lost or stolen.


    See you in just over a week. We board on Tuesday. I really must start packing.




    OMG it is almost that soon for you cause of the B2B!!! I've begun gathering my clothes and various items but haven't done the packing yet.


    I also hold a photo copy of my credit cards in the room safe in case something happens to them. You do know the passport copy is useless except for you to know what your name and passport number is in case old timers disease strikes. :p

  15. This list isn't as important as it is convenient:


    • compact LED flashlight. (we like inside cabins)
    • 3-way plug in splitter for the electrical outlet if you have chargers/computer etc.
    • "bulldog" magnet clips to hang all the hand outs, tickets or notes from a metal wall surface to clear the desk area.
    • individually wrapped "virus" protecting hand wipes.
    • Insulated coffee mugs w/lid for the first trip to the urn that my DW likes before she actually gets out of bed. ;)
    • Yellow highlighter for marking the things you want to do on the handouts.

  16. We are going on the Fantasy in April. I am more of RCCL girl...however I need some info. We are driving into Charleston the day before and staying in a hotel. I usually go out of Baltimore on RCCL, we get to the port by 10am and are on the ship by 11. Does that work for Carnival, as well. We are also traveling with a 4 and a 5 year old...any insight to the Fantasy from their perspective would be most welcome




    Charlestonian, Bobsfamily, answered your question in another Charleston thread for someone else. Here's the link.



  17. Thanks, Steve! I looked at Palmetto carriage tours previously and just reviewed the Talk of the Town site. Which do you recommend - carriage tours or motorized tours and why? From a cost perspective, it looks like the Talk of the Town tour is a better value.


    Touring Charleston isn't about which is a better value. It's about the experience. Both methods are good. If you can only select one (I'd do both for the different perspectives) then select the one that suits your group's likes and situation best. It's like comparing apples and oranges.


    I've taken several carriage tours over the years. There are four different routes selected on a bingo type lottery to spread the carriages out throughout the city. Each guide gives a different perspective.


    Since you'll have eight hours, there's time to do both motorized and carriage if you have the funds. I'd suggest asking your mother what she would enjoy and make it a group decision.

  18. Thanks everyone for the information already provided.


    I am planning to be in Charleston on May 3/15. We'll have less than 8 hours there. I like the idea of the City Market and a carriage tour. Would you locals or semi locals recommend the Boone Plantation over the market/carriage idea?


    We have been to plantations in the New Orleans area so plantations are not new to us, and we're planning to go to the Newport mansions later in the cruise. I am travelling with my 79 year old mother so need to keep her limitations in mind, too. Half day tours, with flat/level walking are best for her. She really wants to see Charleston (one of the reasons she agreed to the cruise!).


    So, which do you think would be the best use of our limited time? Or do you have other suggestions?


    Thank you!


    Boone Hall Plantation is on the other side of Mt. Pleasant over the Cooper River Bridge. It's about 20 minutes or 12 miles from the cruise terminal.


    I'd recommend doing a carriage tour close to the port. I personally like Palmetto Carriage which has a very strong reputation.


    I'd also recommend a downtown historic house tour. Since you mentioned a plantation, I suggest the Edmondston-Alston Museum House owned my Middleton Place foundation, which also owns the plantation in west Ashley. The house is located on the battery overlooking the harbor and Ft. Sumter. it gives you a good feel for the town house of a plantation owner with about 85% of the furnishings and items having belonged to the original families that lived in the house.


    You can also make your way to the official Visitors center on Meeting Street between John and Ann Streets. They have a shed that the van tours leave from. Check out charlestoncvb.com and search for the motorized tours.


    Alan’s Talk of the Towne is a local one person company who's tour also includes the E-A House. Or look for one of the tours that includes Boone Hall. I believe Charleston Venture Tours does.


    That should fill up your day. Please let me know if you would like additional info.


    I hope you enjoy Charleston.

  19. I swear I didn't touch your cheese, but I'd love to have the contact info for this person. Thanks.


    rubinnelson yahoo.com I'd prefer you ask for his phone in the email rather than me posting it here. I receive no compensation from him. Just feel comfortable recommending him. He is licensed by the airport authority here.

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