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  1. Well maybe RCL corp likes it kept in the "family" but Queen Lisa, aka Celebrity, doesn't see a dime for my booking AZ. She cares about HER bottom line. Plus that won't prevent me from trying other premium lines not under the RCL umbrella.
  2. It's got to be true. It came through the internet. Did he ask for the fee in Game Stop gift cards?
  3. Of course they are. HA! What do you think marketing is about? One of its purposes is to convince people who don't need something that they really want it. That is exactly what Celebrity is doing with the new always included. 🤣
  4. How many of them have included other lines instead of exclusively sailing Celebrity that you'll never really know about? Three years ago I said I would move on. I've done a couple of Holland and an incredible Azamara cruise, which btw was the best cruise I've ever been on. We stopped sailing for a couple years when we moved and bought a house but have started booking again. We have an Edge Suite booked which may or may not go. I wanted to try Celebrity again to see if it's improved. However I also have two Azamara cruises on the books as well before the end of 2021. I'm loo
  5. The Elevate package for $30/day includes $100/$150/$200 for Shore Ex excursions while the indulge package for $60/day includes that and an additional $100/$150/$200 general OBC. The always included package does not include any OBC for either.
  6. You might consider looking at Azamara as well. They have been including basic alcoholic drinks and all soft drinks as well as gratuities in their fare. Plus Celebrity's Captains Club and Azamara's Le Club Voyage share the same number so they co-earn on both lines simultaneously. Thus you can maintain your Celebrity status/points on Azamara. Oceania includes specialty restaurant reservations. The number is determined by the length of cruise and cabin category. The higher the cat, the more reservations you can make included in the fare.
  7. Aboard Celebrity Summit in NY harbor on the way to New England and Canada 2015. NCL BREAKAWAY was in a big hurry to leave NY while Capt. Leo was more patient. Capt Leo did a full rotation so both sides of the ship could view Ms. Liberty. Freedom Tower opened the year before. A great view of Ellis Island where many of our families immigrated into the U.S. Capt Leo and Capt Kate were both onboard. This was her first Summit sailing as Captain. Capt Leo disembarked in Quebec where she took over half way through the
  8. Yes double points because double Paid. I agree with OP but I don't make the rulez.
  9. The though process is very simple. It's based upon cabin category not price paid per cabin. An SV is a veranda cat. You know the rest of the hierarchy. Pricing is always unpredictable The difference between Elite and the plus perks is minimal. So what's the big deal about points? They don't transfer to RCL.
  10. Gurig, you're really tilting at windmills. It's their sandbox therefore their rules. When you booked, was the SV more or less expensive than CC or AQ? Just because they lowered the price of the other cabins to try to fill them due to having more capacity that doesn't mean they'll change the points rule. You knew the points for the cabin before you booked. I too prefer the aft view and wouldn't switch either regardless of club points. Sounds like you're trying to get to Elite.
  11. There's a lot to be said for paying my dues, being retired and having successful portfolios Now that's what I call enjoying a cruise. However even when I was running two small businesses simultaneously, I used cruising to GET AWAY from work. I appreciated them not being able to reach me. Plus I had good people who stayed behind.
  12. Gotcha. Since February, have you checked the price for reductions or promotions? I saved $700 on a booked S1 aft Edge suite for this January because they were having trouble selling in the days of Covid because people probably weren't doing lift and shift to January 2021. I originally booked in June this year and now the price is almost double. But OTOH a Panama Canal cruise is very popular so it may not have gone on sale. They really play with the rates based upon availability in the different cabin classes. Obviously there are fewer SVs than AQ and CC which is why AQ
  13. It really depends upon when you book. Sometimes better cabins are priced lower and sometimes higher. Lift and shift has really raised the price of cabins as less became available.
  14. Morale is not relevant? I believe it lifts the spirits of the future passengers and the crew. At least it did for this future passenger.
  15. That is your opinion but it is not necessarily based in fact. Right now Europe is undergoing a larger surge in Covid cases and has surpassed the United States in Covid Deaths. https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/geographical-distribution-2019-ncov-cases United States: 225 735, Europe: 255 149 deaths. It's not your fault. You're probably not getting this information from the scare tactic media you watch. (*United Kingdom: from 3 October 2020, due to a technical issue, COVID-19 cases from 24 September to 1 October will be reported by British authorities in the coming days.) Reported cases United
  16. WOW!!! Talk about spectacular. Thank you for sharing.
  17. I have not had the butler experience yet but hopefully will in January. I was wondering if the better butlers are assigned to the higher suite categories or even within the sky suite levels? Or is it the luck of the drawer?
  18. Good. Y'all stay home till they cure Covid-19. You'll feel more comfortable and there will be more room/less crowding for us who don't mind some inconveniences to be able to enjoy being at sea.
  19. OMG I hope not! I don't want Azamara dumbed down to Celebrity's level. Azamara already includes the basic liquors, soft drinks and gratuities. Their service is far superior. Celebrity would certainly have to elevate their level of service to be considered an all inclusive quality line.
  20. I most look forward to the views we get looking aft with a morning Americano coffee just enjoying life. We have aft cabins booked on Edge 1/2021 and on Quest 12/2021
  21. According to crew, Pina Colada kept making the round trip several times during the season. Here's another pic of her with my DW enjoying her Cafe al Bacio Americano.
  22. We did the Summit to Bermuda in 2016 in aft AQ cabin 1138. We lucked out and didn't face another ship because we were docked bow to bow. Great view! I hope yours has the same docking. The pigeon is Pina Colada who hiched a ride on our balcony the entire way over. She'd drop down to the aft bar for snacks then back to our balcony.
  23. Yeah I believe (not) that the house investigation will be truly apolitical and will result in the unfettered truth. After all what has any of their previous investigations actually proved or accomplished?
  24. Painful is a perfect description of the microphone static. The produced video pieces had exceptional sound though. You'd think a company as large as Celebrity would invest in quality microphones and not use the built in mics of their desktop or laptop from a distance which cause room echo in addition to the static. I wonder if the 5 CC points was worth the hour log torture. (fat finger hit the 2 key accidentally)
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