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  1. Whether you like it or not, people will judge you by how you appear. If you don't care, then wear anything you like. The worst that would happen at the dining facility is they'll ask you to change if you dropped below their standards. But those standards are pretty low compared to what they used to be.
  2. But it looks as if there are several on this board that now refer to Celebrity as EX not X. lol
  3. We've done a couple of the extended South Caribbean XX cruises and really enjoyed them. Also liked the former 14 nites to NE/Canada. They don't do those any longer only shorter. I didn't book Regent for the price. I booked it for the experience. Why leave it to my nieces and nephews? 😁 We booked a concierge to start because it included air, all the excursions and a 5 star hotel night pre-cruise in Vancouver plus the other inclusive items. My TA is also rebating us $1,450 no need for OBC with real all inclusive. Besides, I'm looking forward to lots of lobster and Alaskan Crab
  4. We feel the same way which is why we just booked a Regent Alaska cruise to try them out. We already know what AZ and Oceania deliver. We liked them both. So as Celebrity raises prices as a wanna be, we found that AZ aft facing cabin. BTW I no longer use "X" to refer to Celebrity. The X was from when Chandris owned them. Celebrity certainly doesn't maintain that standard. Maybe I'll start calling them "XX"....the double cross company. 🤣
  5. I had to move to FL to be closer to Port Everglades. The only cruises that embarked from Charleston were Carnival. Ugh.
  6. Nope. I used to live in Charleston. That is the nickname some used for there.
  7. Our aft P1 cabin on the AZ Dec 10 2021 cruise is only $6,495 for two with $200 obc from AZ and another $625 obc from my TA which is refundable in cash. So you can see why I've been saying what I have in previous posts about value. Having sailed both AZ and Oceania, I have to see the value in Celebrity before I book them. That being said, I'm trying an Apex S1 to see what the Resort life is like and whether I believe it's an experience worth the price.
  8. Since you only do one cruise a year and don't mind doing a Celebrity suite, I'd like to suggest you try an Azamara cruise. You keep your same club status and earn points back on Celebrity at the same time. Price two Caribbean cruises: Azamara Fri, Dec 10, 2021 13 night Club Continent Suite N2 $6,814.68 for two passengers including port charges, grats & basic liquor. Celebrity Mon, Dec 13, 2021 10 night Sky Suite S2 $7,951.38 for two passengers including port charges, grats, premium liquor and wifi. Azamara is three nights more and $1136.7 less in
  9. It's good that you're pleased with Celebrity. Many people are just as pleased with Carnival. Have you ever cruised Azamara, Oceania, Silversea, Regent or Seabourn to compare?
  10. You have some good points however IMO, Celebrity can't just raise prices and expect to compete with the premium or luxury lines without adding the quality and service to match. I'd even place Celebrity a notch below Viking Ocean. They've been cutting costs on everything including the cheaper cuts of meat plus reducing both cabin and restaurant staff. Look at each ship's crew to passenger ratio. That says a lot. The cruiser that books Regent, Silversea or Seabourn will not accept Celebrity's lower quality at a high fare cost. I don't believe the Azamara and Oceania cruiser will a
  11. Regency Seven Seas is less formal. I believe you can do a sport coat if you like. No tux.
  12. I don't think Celebrity has to worry at all as long as there are Millennials willing to pay their prices. Isn't that Celebrity's core target now?
  13. What difference does it make if they raised the price that much before releasing the promotion? lol
  14. I recently added two 2021 AZ cruises because of the way Celebrity 's quality has been cut while increasing fares over the past few years (IMO). I'd have to reconsider booking AZ in the future if they Celebritize the premium line into the mass market attitude. I don't mind paying more but not for less of a quality cruise. Another reason I choose AZ over Oceania (which I've also sailed) is the shared Club number so that I can continue earning cruise points simultaneously.
  15. I don't believe it has to be 100% of what they expect. It just needs to be better, IMO. That wouldn't be hard for some to find with the new pricing and AI if they don't desire all that's force included.
  16. TeaBag, I'd like to suggest you don't overbuild your expectations. I say that because I found my Azamara cruise to be a different culture than you've probably experienced among both staff and passengers. My experience wound up being the best cruise I've ever sailed across many lines over the decades. I found the Azamara "specialness" build as the cruise progressed. It was wonderful experiencing the new wow each time it happened. My first Azamara wow was in Edinburgh where the Hotel Director, Ryszard, actually came down the ships boarding ladder carrying cups of coffee to pass
  17. That was her job at RCL and why she was transferred to head Celebrity. The cuts accelerated shortly after that. Then the Double/Double program came from the top at RCG; although I don't believe they were named that at the time. So it's not just her. But as CEO she developed the procedures and cuts at Celebrity.
  18. LLP's mandate has been to cut costs and increase profits. Period. That's how she's kept her job. Refer back a couple of years ago to the Double/Double program. I believe she has other agendas as well however those are just icing on her cake. If you continue to enjoy Celebrity after the changes to your loyalty benefits, you will continue to cruise with them. If not, you will seek comfort on other cruise lines that give you what you desire at a price you're willing to pay. It's really that simple. I believe they have calculated how many customers they plan on losing by
  19. Thankx for the tip. The hotel is currently closed. No word on their web site about reopening.
  20. TYVM. Very nice of you. Try steveL47 hotmail. I was thinking of Central Athens. Somewhere on CC a poster mentioned the Athens Gate Hotel. Know anything about them?
  21. Interesting article. It takes guts to make the leap without doing a final visit. We'll be on an Azamara June cruise if it goes according to plan. It's a six night Athens to Athens. It would be convenient for you. We're flying into Athens three days early. Perhaps we could get some tips from you before we get there? Trying to decide on a hotel that's convenient to walking/restaurants/transportation. Any suggestions for a moderately price hotel? Thankx.
  22. Rollie, I hope you enjoy Azamara. We did much more than the degraded Celebrity as you pointed out. We currently have two Azamara cruises booked for 2021. Looking forward to them.
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