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  1. But now aren't all their school loans going to be forgiven and upper education will be free?
  2. Let me see if I understand you correctly. Celebrity's new higher pricing is what makes them a premium cruise line?
  3. Why not include Azamara in your consideration? Your captains club number is the same there so you co-earn for both as you sail either. And you're the same equivalent status as Celebrity. They are on par with Oceania or some consider better. Both have R class ships. The Azamazing evenings and white night parties are excellent. On our Baltics cruise, the ship was treated to a free St Petersburg Philharmonic orchestra private show with welcoming bubbly. Everyone was bused there. Usually once per cruise they have their Azamazing event. There's a whole different vibe o
  4. Ha. It's not any one thing that will cause someone to include other lines in their choices. Usually the first item of importance is itinerary. The caliber of the line someone prefers and that they receive what they enjoy on a vacation. I also include value or bang for my buck. So I try to look at the total picture when deciding. Food quality is also very important to me. I don't consider myself a foodie but I'm sure others I know do. I can't stand mediocre food It's never been the free bag of laundry although the few internet minutes were nice. What I see is the
  5. I remember a book title from Tim Russert. I discovered that but I wonder if it's no longer valid to a younger generation?
  6. Thankx for letting us know. We are booked on a 12/2021 sailing that qualifies and had emailed my TA to see if she can get it added without re-booking at the higher price.
  7. The best thing to do is call Celebrity or your TA for the accurate answer However sometimes when you get a "no" from Celebrity, if you call back and speak with someone different, you get the opposite answer. If you get a "yes", don't call back for the opposite answer. 😁
  8. One thing I learned in business was give my customers something with a high perceived value and low out of pocket cost for FREE. They renewed for years. Guess Queen Lisa never thought of that. She does the opposite. Take away something with perceived value and hide the charge for it.
  9. WELL DONE. My YTD is up only 11% but I have 26% sitting in cash waiting for a major correction so I can pounce again.
  10. With all due respect, I don't know anyone who has their entire portfolio sitting in a bank. Someone who has $1 Million invested in their IRA at age 72, if they haven't already begun taking it, has an IRS mandate to withdraw a RMD of at least $44K/year. That doesn't include their portfolio increases, both spouses getting their Social Security payments or their non retirement monies. Consider their house and cars are paid for. The kids are grown and their living overhead is really minimal. I know you've not been there yet so just understand that your analysis is really off base.
  11. With all the cruises being cancelled or major itinerary changes, why would you want to upgrade before boarding? As I understand it, there is no difference in price whether done before or onboard. Plus when you find a bartender you like as you board, you can upgrade with them. They get credit for the upgrade. I've found it improves my service every time I visited them on the cruise. I never upgrade with one of the jackals harping the upgrade as you embark.
  12. Tell the airlines that!!! Terrydtx explained it pretty accurately. When I've flown Delta and their code shares it was First Class in the U.S. and Business Class internationally. Air Canada just calls it Business Class. I don't fly much anymore but when I go internationally I need the comfort. Back a while ago, I flew Delta/code share between Paris and Munich. The Business class was identical to the seats behind it to the back of the plane. The only difference was a curtain (not even a wall) they pulled across the isle. lol
  13. I didn't realize I was a 1%er according to your numbers. It's all about priorities. We have business class flights to Athens next year. Can do another if we wish but can't find a cruise I want just yet Our portfolio has a six figure gain each year for the past 12 years at least. What am I going to do? Leave it to nieces and nephews? I don't think so!
  14. Queen Lisa has been building to this point for six years. She was brought in from RCL to hatchet the spending. That was her job over there. Maybe we should call her Hatchet Lisa? She's been very successful at Celebrity doing the same. However this should be nothing unexpected based upon her track record especially in these trying times of non sailing. I do hope there are enough millennial and Gen-X'rs that don't realize the differences so they stay loyal to Celebrity. This way they won't clog the premium cruise line's ships which would make it more difficult to get better rat
  15. Isn't Celebrity doing the cancelled cruises at prevailing rates? I would consider doing a lift and shift asap before it expires the end of the month, if possible, assuming you still want to sail. We were after final payment for our Jan 2021 so we're supposedly price protected for the new February 2022 but the cruise is paid in full for over a year from now. Good thing we did the L&S because the current price is more than double what we booked it for five months ago. I wouldn't do it at prevailing rates So do you want to tie your money up and sail or get your money refunded?
  16. Hint: That is a submarine docked opposite the Azamara Journey.
  17. Are you saying Celebrity is a "luxury" cruise line? Azamara is the more upscale line in the Royal Caribbean family and they're not even luxury IMO. They're a premium line.
  18. Looking forward to it. Weren't you on the last Mercury cruise with us? I wish Jim and Marylou could've been on this one. I hadn't realized you move a little over an hour from us. Hope y'all have a happy gobble.
  19. There are 39 available S1 Apex suites on a Feb 2022 sailing I'm booked on. It's 7 nights in the Caribbean priced at $10,744.54 USD as of this morning. That's $767 pp/nite. I did a lift and shift so I was protected at less than have the price booked this past June. An Azamara N1 Club Continent suite is $486.32 pp/nite which includes grats and basic liquors. Captains club Elite and higher members get some free WiFi. Azamara and Celebrity share the same club number so they co-earn on both sailing either line. On Oceania, a PH3 penthouse suite is $453.42 pp/nite. All
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