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  1. I'm not surprised the rates haven't initially changed with the new program. It would be too disruptive if they implemented the plan at the same time they hiked prices. It would be too easy to see the correlation and would probably upset some people. My thought is that at some point they'll begin easing up the pricing just as the boiling a frog example I've used before. Once things settle and begin returning to a more normal environment, watch what happens to the overall rates. That's when we'll be able to see if the AI affected prices.
  2. Bingo. The double/double program was when Celebrity started the downturn away from the old standard. There were a lot of threads about it at the time. I had forgotten about it until you reminded me. It was no coincidence.
  3. I've never believed wikipedia. It can be written by anyone and never verified. Sometimes it's written by people with an agenda. Here's another sources that say the "me generation" are not just the Boomers, who I believe are the achievers following the Greatest Generation. https://time.com/247/millennials-the-me-me-me-generation/ The culture in America is "ME". It cuts across generations.
  4. It's not as much the marketing to another demographic group or what we had experienced. For me, it's the changes on the ship that accompany the shift in direction. Celebrity has never included the "free" perks without hiding them in increased fares. However I do understand that Celebrity still has a lot of positives for many to keep booking. It all depends upon one's cruising priorities. It's not "how dare you change it on me now." It's that some no longer see Celebrity as the cumulative value it once was. As others have also said, the AI diminishes some of the loya
  5. You have a lot of good points. I don't hate Celebrity. I do like some of the changes. However I tend to look at the total package. After a lot of people complained about the obtrusive loud music preventing cruisers from being able to speak to each other in any atrium venues, they did go to silent disco which was a lot of fun. You could participate or not but it didn't intrude on those that didn't. Smart move. I don't know if they still do that. I've been sailing other lines the last few years so I look forward to see how they changed whether for the good or bad in
  6. I'm glad you understand what I was talking about. Some others here don't. Oh I forgot to mention a couple of Hal cruises too. I had a January 2021 Edge S1 booked but just submitted a L&S to February 2022 in a one deck higher aft suite. I wanted to experience the E class before casting an opinion. I've eaten in Blu several times but never in Laminae so decided to try it. After all, it's only money to this old fart. lol I really am looking forward to experiencing the Apex. I truly hope I won't be disappointed. But at least I'll be able to say I tried it.
  7. The caliber of service was greater as was the food quality and music/entertainment diversity. You used to get in the MDR what they now serve in the paid specialty restaurants. I went to an onboard steak seminar. They admitted the lower cuts of beef now go to the MDR while the far superior cuts go to the specialty restaurants where the guest pays for the regular included meal plus the specialty surcharge. The better grades used to be served in the MDR. A few years ago the buffets changed from carving stations to a lot lower grade of meats served in dutch ovens and swimming in "g
  8. Host Jazzbeau, Did you notice when the divergence began occurring? I believe it was five years from RCL's purchase when the Chandris contract expired to keep things the same. X was the original version. Celebrity with the hollow X, IMO, is where the standards began changing from the customer first to profits first. That's the reason Queen Lisa was transferred from RCL to Celebrity; to chop expenses which is what she excelled at over on the RCL line.
  9. I spent over 40 years in advertising/marketing to the consumer. I understand what Celebrity is targeting and that is smart to try to create a new brand loyalty aimed at younger potential passengers. That's not what I object to. It's the things Celebrity does on board to attract them or cut corners that I may not necessarily like. At some point it will reach my personal tipping point. That's when I will totally abandon them for the more upscale lines that I will get what I enjoy. Until then, I'll continue to add Celebrity into the mix however I don't sail with them exclusively a
  10. because you obliviously have no clue what the club is about. There you go assuming again. Why do you feel the need to defend a post to wonderman3? he's old enough to speak for himself.
  11. He made the incorrect assumption. You and he have no proof of what you speak. You feel your assumptions are fact.
  12. I live in a 55+ community. We have a travel club with almost 1,000 members that spend a ton of money on the sold out trips and cruises. How many of those fixed income people you know cruise at all? How many GenXers are on a fixed budget or have kids so they have to save for their education? Generalizations don't hold water.
  13. You have a misconception about older people. Since I retired, I am spending much more on cruises than I ever did while working. I'm also booking more cruises per year. I'm booking higher categories and willing to upgrade to business class air without using points. I booked Air Canada Business class to Athens next year for an Azamara P1 aft cabin cruise. I did book my first suite on Celebrity this year. Now I'm wondering if I made a mistake. So if I'm not good enough for Celebrity because I'm older, no prob. I don't have difficulty spending my money on their competitors.
  14. As Forrest Gump said stupid is as stupid does. The money isn't stupid. How some spend it is. Spending it well is only one person's individual opinion. Why is it you feel so inclined to comment on every post that doesn't match your opinion? Whether you believe it or not, people who move on could care less whether Celebrity replaces them or not. They just know, that in their opinion, they're spending their money more smartly.
  15. I don't understand what the big deal was about the Senior or Resident rate. As I understood it, those rates were only good if you weren't getting another package or discount like booking after final payment without any perks. So if you book now after final payment, you don't get the always included package and also don't get the senior/resident discount. Is that correct?
  16. Many people die before they can implement their retirement plan. But you already knew that I'm sure.
  17. Oceania does it with their specialty restaurants. They don't seem to have problems. Each cabin category is given their own number of reservations with more for the concierge and higher cats. Lower categories can request additional reservations based upon availability. Of course Oceania ships are smaller then the edge class. They are the O and R class.
  18. Well maybe RCL corp likes it kept in the "family" but Queen Lisa, aka Celebrity, doesn't see a dime for my booking AZ. She cares about HER bottom line. Plus that won't prevent me from trying other premium lines not under the RCL umbrella.
  19. It's got to be true. It came through the internet. Did he ask for the fee in Game Stop gift cards?
  20. Of course they are. HA! What do you think marketing is about? One of its purposes is to convince people who don't need something that they really want it. That is exactly what Celebrity is doing with the new always included. 🤣
  21. How many of them have included other lines instead of exclusively sailing Celebrity that you'll never really know about? Three years ago I said I would move on. I've done a couple of Holland and an incredible Azamara cruise, which btw was the best cruise I've ever been on. We stopped sailing for a couple years when we moved and bought a house but have started booking again. We have an Edge Suite booked which may or may not go. I wanted to try Celebrity again to see if it's improved. However I also have two Azamara cruises on the books as well before the end of 2021. I'm loo
  22. The Elevate package for $30/day includes $100/$150/$200 for Shore Ex excursions while the indulge package for $60/day includes that and an additional $100/$150/$200 general OBC. The always included package does not include any OBC for either.
  23. You might consider looking at Azamara as well. They have been including basic alcoholic drinks and all soft drinks as well as gratuities in their fare. Plus Celebrity's Captains Club and Azamara's Le Club Voyage share the same number so they co-earn on both lines simultaneously. Thus you can maintain your Celebrity status/points on Azamara. Oceania includes specialty restaurant reservations. The number is determined by the length of cruise and cabin category. The higher the cat, the more reservations you can make included in the fare.
  24. Aboard Celebrity Summit in NY harbor on the way to New England and Canada 2015. NCL BREAKAWAY was in a big hurry to leave NY while Capt. Leo was more patient. Capt Leo did a full rotation so both sides of the ship could view Ms. Liberty. Freedom Tower opened the year before. A great view of Ellis Island where many of our families immigrated into the U.S. Capt Leo and Capt Kate were both onboard. This was her first Summit sailing as Captain. Capt Leo disembarked in Quebec where she took over half way through the
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