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  1. Our first X cruise was on the Mercury in 2010. Obviously we fondly remember her. We also sailed on her last Celebrity voyage out of Baltimore. That one was sad. They started dismantling her several days before we returned to disembark at Baltimore. This was taken in 2010 when we were returning to where she was anchored for tendering .
  2. You're tilting at windmills. You cancelled before Celebrity cancelled the cruise. You were only entitled to 100% FCC based upon YOUR decision which you accepted at the time. You did have the option of not accepting the FCC and take the loss for not sailing. Now you want to change the rules? hat's your right. However remember the Golden Rule. He who has the gold, rules. You may chose not to sail Celebrity again. It won't matter to Celebrity. I hope you find a cruise line that you like better. As Bo says, Bon Voyage.
  3. Headline NYT: Man eaten by shark died from Covid-19! (for those who don't realize it, this is a joke based in some truth) In U.S. hospitals if you died and happen to have covid-19, you're listed as dying from the virus. The hospitals receive federal monies for Covid deaths. Thus the incentive to list that as the cause of death. There is a huge difference between dying with Covid and dying from covid. Believe whatever numbers you wish. They're all true. You read it on the internet and those releasing figures don't have any agendas.
  4. Bo, Azamara uses R class ships with under 700 passengers if fully booked. However they prefer European and other non U.S. ports. To the others that think U.S. residents being barred from the Bahamas is a wonderful anti American sentiment, too bad. It's irreverent. No cruise ships are sailing until AT LAST October. So what difference does closing it's borders now make anyway? A one day POC is more than enough for me.
  5. What a waste of mental energy hypothesizing about things nobody knows about yet which may or may not happen. Even the top officials at the cruise lines can't predict the future.
  6. As stated previously there is no additional gratuity charged on drink packages as a perk. You both must select the same package when booking. However once on board, only one person can upgrade to premium while the other remains at classic. The upgrade includes the difference plus 20% gratuity on the difference. That's $10/day plus $2/day gratuity.
  7. 26 nights where Concierge earns 5 points/night are 130. Well above the 94 needed even without the power up. You want sympathy?
  8. Celebrity can no longer be called X since that disappeared when the five year commitment upon RCL purchase ended. It is just a shell of what the original Chandris Family envisioned for the cruise line. Forever forward it will only be Celebrity in my mind. Therefore X is no longer appropriate. It should be XX. The double cross company. 😁
  9. When the link didn't work, did you change the CC number to your own and not the one from the link?
  10. Funny. She moved from Royal as a hatchet cost expert which is exactly what she did to Celebrity as soon as she settled in. I have never seen anything from her that wasn't fluff. She tells you what she wants you to hear not the real basis in fact IMO.
  11. The first two people in our community to die from the corvid-19 virus was a couple who returned earlier this year from visiting NY relatives. So if you don't wish to sail out of FL, enjoy where you are. I personally don't mind if our two 2021 cruises do sail. One out of Fort Lauderdale in January and one out of Seattle in June. If I were to cancel one it would be the Seattle cruise. Don't want to be cooped up in a plane for so long with who knows what.
  12. If you haven't found out what you're looking for and if you have a celebrity website log in & captains Club number, log into your account. Then click on your name that says "welcome XXXX" at the top of the browser. You'll see the link on the pull down menu that says past cruises. It will show you your CC points and list all the cruises you booked. Then there's an email link to CelebrityEngagementCenter@celebrity.com from which you can request your portfolio information.
  13. With all the lift and shift plus the cruise lines sidelining some of their ships (or downright eliminating them) there's bound to be an anticipated lack of inventory by the time the ships sail. That's probably what Celebrity is counting on IMO.
  14. Thankx for the heads up!! We just saved $1,700 on an Edge S1 aft 1/17/21. I did have to give up the captains club $400 obc promo and another $175 from my TA but cash in the hand is better than having to find something to spend it on.
  15. SRY. Guess I was late to the party because I watch the financial channel who was late broadcasting the story more than living on her thread. I prefer independent sources than people who share information with an angle or agenda.
  16. You may be interested in this story on CNBC this afternoon. I was surprised when I saw Fain and Del Rio join together to form a panel of top health advisors to help through the rough patches. CNBC did a five minute segment (unusually long) which is included in the attached story. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/07/cruise-companies-hire-dr-scott-gottlieb-other-coronavirus-experts-to-help-overcome-rough-patch.html?&qsearchterm=cruise%20ship%20health%20panel
  17. Actually with the OBC posted to your account, when the Gratuity debit is posted to your account daily, the balance is automatically reduced by that amount until the credit is $0. Then it starts increasing for you to pay by whichever method you set your account up to pay with.
  18. Are they the same canapes the cabin steward cleared from the suites and AQ which weren't eaten? 🤢
  19. If you don't like the perks currently being offered, wait a few minutes and it will change. (figuratively) Perks are a high perceived value and a low out of pocket cost to the cruise line. If they need to book cabins, they increase the perks, but hidden in that usually is a price increase as well. Obviously they try to maximize revenue. Like hotel rooms, an empty cabin upon sailing is lost revenue forever. That's why perks can't be combined with their Exciting Deals, They just want to fill the cabin and hope you'll spend once onboard. I just noticed that the June Dea
  20. We booked an aft suite on Edge yesterday for 1/3/21 7 days out of Port Everglades. There are plenty of cabins available in lots of cats. Using the CAPTAINSCLUB promo gets additional OBC. Amount depends on cat.
  21. We booked the Edge today for 1/3/21. We have a SV booked for 1/4/22 on her but today I decided I didn't want to wait so long. My DW didn't need too much convincing. We have never sailed in a suite before and I really didn't want to try the IV so I bit the bullet and splurged. We snagged an S1 corner aft. I discovered that with Celebrity for the right amount of money, they'll let you have one. 😁 Over the decades we've gone from inside to window to veranda to concierge/aqua. Then aft cabins. This was the normal next step. The problem I fear is it will be hard to go bac
  22. Here is a link to a post where the attached a pdf from while someone was on Edge regarding VAT. At the bottom is a list of countries which charge the VAT. So if you visit a port not in those countries then the VAT is not charged on the entire cruise. However it will be charged while in Spanish waters; just not the whole cruise. I would upgrade before the cruise if you don't want to wait for a better drink without paying the VAT if sailing into a non EU port or the entire cruise staying within EU ports. Did that make sense?
  23. I agree with PelicanLvr's comments. I've done the same upgrade. I had a bartender confirm he received commission if I upgraded with him. And if he's the regular bartender, you are taken better care of. One thing I would add, ask the bartender if they have to charge tax while still in port. In the U.S. once you hit the 3 mile limit there's no local tax charged. Otherwise it will be a surprise on your bill for the full charged amount. That doesn't matter if you're sailing from a Spanish port. They charge the tax until you hit a non EU tax port such as Monte Carlo.
  24. Surprise. They always encourage upgrading.... wait for it....for more money from you. 😏
  25. Here's a tip. If have OBC, you can use that to upgrade once on board without out of pocket cash. The cost is $10/day plus the $2/day gratuity/service charge.
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