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  1. Other than the deposit date, medically do they look back for a pre-existing condition? Or is it that If you purchase within X days of deposit they don't look at your health? That guy in your antidote can buy the insurance from anyone who doesn't ask the correct questions or doesn't know the key points of coverage. The problem isn't paying the premium, it's not having the claim denied when it's submitted because it didn't qualify. I know when I had a claim, they wanted to see both the credit card statement showing the deposit paid date and the booking confirmation to c
  2. Hi Steve, I thought that if you purchased the insurance policy within the required number of days from deposit date, the pre-existing condition was waived. However in the comparison chart on your site it shows the look back period as 60 days. Is this just for people who don't buy the policy within the allotted time of booking or is it still looked back even if you did? Thankx Steve
  3. Are they the same canapes the cabin steward cleared from the suites and AQ which weren't eaten? 🤢
  4. If you don't like the perks currently being offered, wait a few minutes and it will change. (figuratively) Perks are a high perceived value and a low out of pocket cost to the cruise line. If they need to book cabins, they increase the perks, but hidden in that usually is a price increase as well. Obviously they try to maximize revenue. Like hotel rooms, an empty cabin upon sailing is lost revenue forever. That's why perks can't be combined with their Exciting Deals, They just want to fill the cabin and hope you'll spend once onboard. I just noticed that the June Dea
  5. We booked an aft suite on Edge yesterday for 1/3/21 7 days out of Port Everglades. There are plenty of cabins available in lots of cats. Using the CAPTAINSCLUB promo gets additional OBC. Amount depends on cat.
  6. We booked the Edge today for 1/3/21. We have a SV booked for 1/4/22 on her but today I decided I didn't want to wait so long. My DW didn't need too much convincing. We have never sailed in a suite before and I really didn't want to try the IV so I bit the bullet and splurged. We snagged an S1 corner aft. I discovered that with Celebrity for the right amount of money, they'll let you have one. 😁 Over the decades we've gone from inside to window to veranda to concierge/aqua. Then aft cabins. This was the normal next step. The problem I fear is it will be hard to go bac
  7. Hi Bo, Not to steal Steve's thunder but we've been buying our trip insurance through him for several years. They turned me onto the trick of only insuring the initial deposit. Then as we incur additional payments, we up the coverage until our trip is fully covered for cruise, air and hotel. The best thing about it is we're locked in at the pre-existing inital rate with the end premium being the same regardless if we paid the total amount initially or incrementally. I've been very pleased with Steve's service as I"m sure you have been too.
  8. Here is a link to a post where the attached a pdf from while someone was on Edge regarding VAT. At the bottom is a list of countries which charge the VAT. So if you visit a port not in those countries then the VAT is not charged on the entire cruise. However it will be charged while in Spanish waters; just not the whole cruise. I would upgrade before the cruise if you don't want to wait for a better drink without paying the VAT if sailing into a non EU port or the entire cruise staying within EU ports. Did that make sense?
  9. I agree with PelicanLvr's comments. I've done the same upgrade. I had a bartender confirm he received commission if I upgraded with him. And if he's the regular bartender, you are taken better care of. One thing I would add, ask the bartender if they have to charge tax while still in port. In the U.S. once you hit the 3 mile limit there's no local tax charged. Otherwise it will be a surprise on your bill for the full charged amount. That doesn't matter if you're sailing from a Spanish port. They charge the tax until you hit a non EU tax port such as Monte Carlo.
  10. Surprise. They always encourage upgrading.... wait for it....for more money from you. 😏
  11. Here's a tip. If have OBC, you can use that to upgrade once on board without out of pocket cash. The cost is $10/day plus the $2/day gratuity/service charge.
  12. I usually like to upgrade to Premium on board because I can use my TA's OBC. My spousal unit keeps the Classic because her preferred drink is part of that level.
  13. Hiya Grace. I was on Capt Kate's first cruise as Master on the Summit to NE/Canada. Capt Leo took the first 7 nights to Quebec and Capt Kate took over the ship in Quebec back to Port Liberty. I sent you an email to the AOL address. do you still use that?
  14. Do you suppose they meant you'll be on hold 24/7? I have no hold time. I use a TA. She sits on hold. Besides she also gives me lots of OBC that's refundable. 😎
  15. Yup. I retired to sunny FL a couple of years ago so I could be closer to Port Everglades. Have two X cruises just booked because of it. 😄
  16. IMO Celebrity knew they were cancelling cruises. They knew they were going to be cancelling more in upcoming months, they just didn't want to do it all at once. Ergo they knew there would be a deluge of phone calls yet they laid off workers who could handle a lot of the call volume. They knew long ago of the extensive wait time on hold yet did nothing about it. I suspect it was a revenue thing. So how is this the "new Normal?" (BTW I hate that phrase. It means people are giving in to accepting mediocrity.) Oh wait, that has been the new normal for several years at Celebrity. L
  17. You either have an inside cabin with the lights off or you forgot to remove the lens cap. I'm more a realist. 😁
  18. I'm curious. What difference does it make if the port is open or closed if the cruise ships aren't sailing anyway?
  19. One time the TA's OBC wasn't on my account right away. I took my booking confirmation to Guest Services. They confirmed with the TA and everything got straightened out. But I wouldn't worry until the second day before following up. Just check your on TV account.
  20. I've had OBC from my TA that was totally refundable. Once when I used an online TA, X gave an OBC incentive to the TA who passed it along. That was non refundable. I usually go to Guest Services once onboard to find out what's refundable. I've never had it show up on my online planner. If any of it is refundable, I ask for the cash instead of having it charging back to my credit card. That way I get to keep the card's cash back bonus instead of it being debited back upon the OBC refund hitting my card. Then if I use my credit card to buy anything on the ship, I will get the cash
  21. Gee I thought it meant double cross on the refund. lol
  22. If I were you, I'd feel lucky I was able to snatch the last fantastic view on the ship. 🙂 Far superior to the higher categories (more expensive) like Concierge & Aqua on the side of the ship. Congrats. IMO the mid aft is the best. I've had it on the other ships and love the wake in the middle of my view. We have a mid aft booked on a 2022 Edge cruise but on deck 8.
  23. My deal breaker would be if Lisa Lutoff-Perlo wanted to cruise on my sailing. IMO That would be too disruptive for a peaceful cruise.
  24. If it's not too late I'd like to add my vote for Park n Go right outside the port gate. You pull into a carport. They unload your luggage and you get on the van to your ship. They stop right at the porters & unload the luggage. When you return, they pick up up right outside your terminal and drop you off directly in front of your vehicle. Not only do you save money, but it's hassle free. One cruise I disembarked the ship early. I went to their area across in front of the terminal, called them and they were there within a minute. They didn't wait for anyone. Drove me straig
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