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  1. I've had OBC from my TA that was totally refundable. Once when I used an online TA, X gave an OBC incentive to the TA who passed it along. That was non refundable. I usually go to Guest Services once onboard to find out what's refundable. I've never had it show up on my online planner. If any of it is refundable, I ask for the cash instead of having it charging back to my credit card. That way I get to keep the card's cash back bonus instead of it being debited back upon the OBC refund hitting my card. Then if I use my credit card to buy anything on the ship, I will get the cash
  2. Gee I thought it meant double cross on the refund. lol
  3. If I were you, I'd feel lucky I was able to snatch the last fantastic view on the ship. 🙂 Far superior to the higher categories (more expensive) like Concierge & Aqua on the side of the ship. Congrats. IMO the mid aft is the best. I've had it on the other ships and love the wake in the middle of my view. We have a mid aft booked on a 2022 Edge cruise but on deck 8.
  4. My deal breaker would be if Lisa Lutoff-Perlo wanted to cruise on my sailing. IMO That would be too disruptive for a peaceful cruise.
  5. If it's not too late I'd like to add my vote for Park n Go right outside the port gate. You pull into a carport. They unload your luggage and you get on the van to your ship. They stop right at the porters & unload the luggage. When you return, they pick up up right outside your terminal and drop you off directly in front of your vehicle. Not only do you save money, but it's hassle free. One cruise I disembarked the ship early. I went to their area across in front of the terminal, called them and they were there within a minute. They didn't wait for anyone. Drove me straig
  6. hcat, Thankx for the review! It helped me confirm that while I enjoy AQ with BLU on M & S class ships, the SV aft will be the better choice for us on Edge. We've booked several aft cabins and find that our preferred view now. I'm looking forward to trying the four smaller dining rooms. We like the quiet dining of BLU on the M & S ships but believe after reading your review, we'll find that by not dining in BLU on our E cruise. So I appreciate you posting the link to your review! Our next cruise is AQ aft on the Solstice before trying Edge.
  7. Another point you may want to consider is using a credit card that doesn't charge an international fee but gives you cash back.
  8. May change this up...or...just dine in BLU for b'fast/lunch and try the other dining rooms. Unless they changed BLU on E class, BLU wasn't open for lunch when I cruised AQ
  9. I've been grappling with the same thoughts before booking our first Edge cruise. I too didn't particularly like the location. I've always enjoyed the window seating on our previous Blu experiences. I'm not thrilled with the AQ cabin locations. So I'm not seeing the value. I'm torn between the Concierge class for the club points or the SV aft cabin for the view. The aft cabins are wonderful views during sailings AND docking as long as you're not facing another ship. Is the BLU food that much better than the regular dining room? Since the Edge does four smaller dinin
  10. We used SPB tours for our Three day port of call in St. Petersberg on Azamara. They were fantastic. They said they would give me a discount if I posted on our roll call. Everyone got that discount. They took care of all the Visas at no charge. Then SPB said If we hit 16 people, they would comp one. We hit two vans with 32 total so they comped two full tours. I had them split it amongst all the participants. We had the best tour guide too. She had an art lit degree. She walked us past the insignificant pieces and gave us great history and context on the meaningful
  11. Captain Leo proudly hands over Celebrity Summit to Celebrity's newest Captain, Kate McCue midway through our September 6, 2015 14 Night Canada/New England cruise. Capt Leo mastered to Quebec when Capt Kate then took the helm. She's in Civies because she was not the Captain yet. Then an early morning jog. Capt Leo outpacing Capt Kate.
  12. Everyone looks for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I found it cruising into Antigua on the Connie in February 2016. Too bad it ended in front of a container area but no pot of gold .
  13. A hitch hiker on the Celebrity Summit on our way to Bermuda in 2016. She really liked our aft cabin view because she stayed with us the whole way till we got there.
  14. Twice when we cruised on the Summit a few years ago, the glass elevators midship were malfunctioning. Some people like the smaller ships. I like the R class Azamara has, but between the celebrity M and S class ships, I've learned to appreciate the S. Haven't tried the Edge. For me it really depends upon itinerary and costs.
  15. I agree, after seeing the location and size of the FV, it's a no brainer. You said it was on the side, but it's really an aft. I've had the concierge lunch. You're better off in the buffet. lol
  16. I checked the cruise we booked last Friday. Besides going from three perks to two, the price is actually $100 more. So I did better than the new promo.
  17. My POV is the aft cabin view is far superior to a side view. Plus you'll get better club points in Concierge. If you're looking for perks, consider the AQ cat if the difference isn't too much and you can stay aft. AQ eats in BLU. We've had three aft view cabins before and our next cruise is aft. Once you do, it's hard to go back. Is the size difference between C1 and FV that substantial?
  18. I agree with miched. In the past I've upgraded for the difference with a bartender I wanted to reward with the commission they get. The service was definitely better when he became my "regular". Although I caution you to inquire about an additional local tax on your purchase if you upgrade it while still docked. Unless the bartender holds the purchase until 3 miles out, then there will be no local tax. I got caught with that once before sailing either in FLL or MIA.
  19. I got our A2 price on the A1 aft today for our Alaska cruise next June. Saved us $460. So I'm happy with Blu on an S class, wifi, grats and drinks along with our TA's $350 OBC Thnkx for the help.
  20. On the Mercury April 2010. Deck 14 was a great spot to watch sailing into port.
  21. Yeah I've used the A2 to A1 before. However my TA called a rep Friday who said it wasn't available any longer to Aqua Class. So thankx for the tip. I have her checking again but she was on hold for 3 hours today. She said she'll try again Monday. They had already cut that water perk when I was in AQ before. I usually give the sparkling wine as tip to one of the crew I like. Not to my taste. I do remember they had switched to cheaper cuts of meat in the Buffet and put a lot of dutch ovens out with heavy sauce to cover the tougher meat. I presume they're still doing th
  22. Hi, We hit elite in 2017 and stopped cruising Celebrity for awhile. There were a lot of changes happening back then. So I'm sure there have been several in the past three years. One thing we discovered when we just booked our Solstice A1 aft cabin for a June 2021 Alaska cruise is they no longer give Captains Club category upgrades in Aqua Class. Another thing I discovered is they now offer you three "free" perks but charge you an extra over $200pp fare for the perks. So my question is, what changes can we expect not having sailed X in awhile? Thankx for your help.
  23. Hiya Cyber Kat, Boy that’s some post. But here goes. My best cruise ever was on Azamara but ours was three days in St. Petersburg Russia. Their Azamazing evening is just that. You’ll have a great time aboard the Yorktown. However if you can squeeze it in, I’d take the Fort Sumter tour out of Patriots Point so you can also tour the Carrier Yorktown, Destroyer Laffey, the diesel cold war sub Clamagore and the authentic almost 3 acre Vietnam naval base with brown water navy boat. That’s all included in the price of admission along with their 28 historic aircraft from several w
  24. Cruise parking is free with valid handicap tags or hangers. The person who it's issued to must be in the vehicle. They also work in all city parking garages and parking meters for free.
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