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  1. 1 hour ago, NavyCruiser said:

    Columbus was the worst cruise director ever.

    He's the first to cancel the midnight buffets...


    I had one worse.  It was on Admiral Cruise line just before filing bankruptcy.  The Captain doubled as the CD and played his accordion one night as the entertainment.  No Joke.


    Admiral was acquired by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in 1988 and was discontinued in 1992. At least Azamara lasted longer under RCG.

  2. 23 minutes ago, Baron Barracuda said:

    So your new reservation has two adults under the original terms and two teens as AI.  If the original reservation didn't include bev pkg as a perk see if your TA can switch the names so teens are #'s 1& 2 and the adults are 3 & 4.  That way adults get the bev pkg.


    I thought OP said they cancelled the booking.

  3. 7 minutes ago, TMaine said:

    Does anyone happen to have the Captain's Club phone number handy?  I tried the email contact option without any response (not surprised).  Thank you! 


    I have it as 316-554-5961


    I found this on XXs web site. " call the Captain’s Club at 1-844-418-6824."

  4. I've been in Sunset Verandas and aft facing cabins on other cruise lines.  I've also been in Aqua Class and Concierge cabins.  I would highly recommend the Sunset Veranda over the non suite categories...especially since I understand the four APEX/Edge main dining rooms are a notch above other ship's MDRs.

  5. Not only did they raise fares to over compensate for the FCC but now I understand from another thread that they're playing games and auditing the FCC down with no explanation.


    It's clear XX is making a business decision that if you're not willing to pay their "luxury pricing" on forced included drinks, grats and basic WiFi, then they don't want your business. XX probably believes there are plenty of others willing to fill your previous cabin.  Let's see how many other cruisers remain after they've used up the accumulated FCCs at these inflated prices.


    There are other cruise lines where you should find what you seek at the price you're willing to pay.  I agree with your decision to cancel and would have done the same.  Good luck and happy sailing.

  6. 3 minutes ago, nocl said:

    Bingo - basically the lockdowns, except for theaters, churches and in door dining, are basically unenforced.  Most enforcement is done by stores, even in non-lock down areas.  In reality you have that lock down or no lock down


    A percentage of the population will avoid indoor activities with others, a percentage will not

    a percentage will wear masks when social distancing cannot be maintained, a percentage will not

    a percentage will avoid having parties and gatherings at home a percentage will not.


    If one looks at the "locked down" vs "non-locked down" states the percentage is not as different as one might think. It mostly comes down to individuals and their view, though have the mandates do tend to encourage those on the fringe to follow the recommendations a bit more.


    The funny thing is also that the economies in the non-locked down states have been impacted about the same as those that have locked down, so totally lifting the state restrictions is not a panacea for the economic impacts because a large percentage of the population will still distance.


    There's a lot of truth in your comments.  We're in the riskiest age bracket and I have several underlying medical factors.  We voluntarily chose to restrict our exposure to some others.  We didn't need a mandate. Some states treat their residents as having intelligence to do the right thing.  Other states believe they must force their residents to adhere to their dictate. 


    Young people aren't at such high risk so even if they contract Covid, they'll survive.


    I like to believe in Darwinism.   That is unless politicians force the infected people onto the UN-infected ones.



  7. 5 minutes ago, markeb said:

    Whether the measures were oppressive is your opinion, and not shared by everyone on this board, or in the country.


    You're correct it's an opinion.  I owned several small businesses in my working life but fortunately have not been affected personally by the locked down states.  I used to mentor start up businesses through SCORE.  So yes I feel for the small businesses that were shut down or didn't survive due to arbitrary rules. The small businesses couldn't open but the large ones, which are able to donate to politicians, could.  I understand what the small business person went through.


    I also understand what you said about not everyone on this board sharing the opinion about oppressiveness. There are a lot of people on this board who don't understand the entrepreneurial mind set or spirit since they've never walked in their shoes. It requires a special breed of person.  Besides, wouldn't it be a boring world if everyone had the same opinion?

  8. 4 hours ago, markeb said:


    Trend chart from CDC: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#compare-trends_newdeathsper100k


    Death rates per 100K population since the beginning. New York and New Jersey are driven almost exclusively by extremely high rates in the first 60 days when there was very little information on treating actual patients, and the extremely high rate in NYC. There was a mid-summer spike in New York and New Jersey, and then Florida and Texas take over with higher rates per 100K. Right now I doubt there's a statistical difference between any of them. I would have expected NYC in particular to have spiked over the holidays from population density and celebrations by most of the world's major religious groups, most of whom have heavy populations in NYC; the fact that it doesn't appear to have spiked as much is at least evidence that those control measure worked.



    Your data from the first 60 days is irrelevant in today's environment  Once the characteristics of the virus were understood, maintaining the draconian measures throughout the more than one year were oppressive.


    Yes there were going to be spikes everywhere.  So comparing the total deaths due to covid, while  those numbers are suspect, there's not much evidence to show that long term, the lock down was any more effective in states that locked vs. those that didn't.


    Now can we please get back to cruising since I'm retired and don't need to work?  I more than paid my dues getting here.   I need to enjoy my final years before I become "wheelchair regretful." Regretful that I didn't do what I could have before it was too late.

  9. 16 minutes ago, cluso said:


    Saved lives and the spread of the sickness...😷


    What's your source?


    Then how do you explain the difference in deaths between NY & CA vs. TX and FL?

    These four states are the top four populations in the country.


    What are the most populated states in the United States? Here is a list of the top ten most populated states in the country:

    1. California (Population: 39,747,267)
    2. Texas (Population: 29,087,070)
    3. Florida (Population: 21,646,155)
    4. New York (Population: 19,491,339)
    5. Pennsylvania (Population: 12,813,969)
    6. Illinois (Population: 12,700,381)
    7. Ohio (Population: 11,718,568)
    8. Georgia (Population: 10,627,767)
    9. North Carolina (Population: 10,497,741)
    10. Michigan (Population: 10,020,472)
  10. Compare FL & TX's covid results with NY & CA's results.  The former are open, the latter are still in major lock-down.  Schools open vs. schools closed. Businesses open vs. businesses closed. etc...




    Variants Spread as CA Surpasses NY in COVID Deaths

    By Ralph Ellis

    Feb. 12, 2021 -- California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that two cases of the South African coronavirus variant have been detected in the San Francisco Bay area.

    Speaking on Wednesday at a news conference, Newsom didn’t provide any details about the cases in Alameda and Santa Clara counties....

    As of Thursday afternoon, Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center reported that California had recorded 45,506 deaths, compared to New York’s 45,450. Texas has 40,200 deaths and Florida 28,382. 


    Life in FL has been altered with safe distancing and the suggested precautions however we have been working, shopping, eating out and working out in gyms. Our economy is stronger with people's psyche in a better place compared to the locked down states.  This was even before the covid vaccinations were administered.  It's even better now that there's been a strong vaccination program in place.


    What good has the oppressive lock down procedures really accomplished?

  11. 20 minutes ago, LGW59 said:

     How about we get teachers and kids back to school, small business owners able to re-open, elderly folks back to being able to meet with friends and play cards, met for lunch, book clubs, cruises are and should be way way down on the list.


    And just how do you propose to convince the teacher's union to go back to work?  They wanted more money, they got it. They wanted vaccinations, they got it and still refused to go back.  How can you get small business back open when the politicians refuse to let them open?


    Pipe dream.

  12. 18 minutes ago, markeb said:

    Maybe you could name an actual epidemiologist pursuing their own point of view without considering the total picture? And I’ll save you some effort. None of the names you’re going to name are epidemiologists. The director of NIH isn’t an epidemiologist. Neither is the director of NIAID, nor the last two directors of the CDC. Or secretaries of HHS. 

    Associate Director level principals at CDC do have epidemiology backgrounds, but most people not in their field have never heard of them. 


    You're correct. I was thinking immunologist but typed epidemiologist. The person I had in mind was Faucci. 


     Epidemiologists are public health professionals who investigate patterns and causes of disease and injury in humans. Imagine none of the people making the decisions you mention are epidemiologists.

  13. 47 minutes ago, HMR74 said:

    I cannot figure out politicians (don't let a good crisis go to waste) or PHD's in Economics. Maybe I figured it out but do not want to say.


    It's simple. Power and lobbyists.  Oops. I said it.  Or to put it another way, The Golden Rule.  He who has the gold (power) rules.


    Politicians, economists and epidemiologists all have a single perspective...their own point of view without considering the total picture.


    All we want to do is cruise. That's not in any of their agendas. We lose.

  14. 38 minutes ago, HMR74 said:

    However, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and perhaps Galveston are losing a lot of business due to no cruises--I wonder how much influence those city mayors have.


    You're kidding right?  Why would Washington politicians give up a good crisis?  BTW don't they really control the CDC too? Look how hard they are fighting individual states trying to re-open or fully open.  With the death rate and hospitalization rates rapidly declining due to the vaccinations, why would that not have had any bearing on what Washington says?


    I'm seriously beginning to doubt cruising will resume before the end of the year.  I had hoped by mid year but they keep moving the goal posts. I hope they prove me wrong.


    I just wish the powers that be would follow the REAL science...not the agenda.



  15. I received their promotional email that was sent this afternoon at 12:44pm EST

    Join us today at 12pm EST as we reunite with the incredible women making waves.


    My mother was always at least a 1/2 an hour late too when I was growing up. 🤣

  16. 40 minutes ago, wrk2cruise said:

    Does the FCC you received in the email match the Cruise Fare (or 125%) of the suspended cruise?  If so then I think Celebrity owes you an explanation.  They should have a trail of where it was applied, or refunded.


    I'm glad I avoided FCC as my one prior experience (before covid) showed their process was very error prone.


    Do you suspect the errors are accidental or intentional?

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