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  1. BSR, I would have your TA ask Regent if their OBC is refundable. I asked my TA who then called Regent. She was told that the agent OBC would not be refundable so I requested her to send a rebate check, in the amount, following the cruise. IMO better to be informed instead of surprised then have to scramble to spend it if it is indeed NR.
  2. Good for you figuring out their fuzzy math. XX is probably hoping most won't be able to calculate as you did so the passengers will overpay for what they get thinking they're getting a deal. I'll bet at least one regular cheerleader on this board will think it's a good deal.
  3. We received two $333 FCCs last week for no reason. After my TA did a deep dive into the fully paid L&S which transferred at a protected rate she was able to determine that the FCC was issued on that cruise but XX reduced our paid amount by $333pp. So we now owe $666 (the sign of the devil) on the fully (sic) paid cruise. Good thing we didn't spend it on another XX cruise since it was a phantom credit. We told her to apply it back to whence it came. Glad we didn't have to deal with this at final payment time thinking we were paid up. Did XX lay off the smart employees?
  4. XX uses the term luxury as well in their description. Guess it has no true meaning to RCG. But they don't walk the walk...just talk the talk.
  5. Actually XX now includes the classic liquor package in the fare. The caveat is they jacked up the cruise price to include/cover it plus they force the WiFi buy too. They claim it's "Always Included." Which really means, "it's always hidden charges." As a side note to Jelayne, I have to upgrade the package on AZ for JW Black but it also is not included in XX's Classic package either.
  6. If you don't mind a suggestion. Instead of letting the OBC credit go back to your credit card and having them take the cash back reward on the amount refunded, why not go to guest services and have them peel the cash out to you? That's what I do. On my Apex S1 suite next year, I'm getting $550 refundable OBC from my TA on a Base Cruise price of $4,812. It's about 11.5% additional savings. That's the reason why I use the TA instead of booking directly because I'm still getting the $300 NR OBC and the retreat perks. Taking the cash at guest services let's me keep the $16.50 rewa
  7. I would use other cards too if I had the same cash back as y'all. Here Costco is 4% gas, 3% restaurants and travel with 2% + 2% executive Costco purchases.
  8. Fouremco, If you're talking about the Costco credit card, in the U.S. we get 3% cash back for travel and I have the Business executive card so get another 2%. Many people believe that you have to use the checks at Costco for your purchase. You don''t. I ask for cash back on every check at the register; I receive 3 each year...two Costco credit cards and the extra Executive cash back. But I then pay for my purchase with my Costco credit card so I'm getting the full cash back on the whole purchase. Many people don't realize it can be done that way in the U.S. Try it in Canada and see if it
  9. I had a good example just today of why I use a TA. This past week XX sent us two FFCs totalling $666 for no reason. (yeah I know that's the sign of the devil) We had a devil of a time trying to figure it out. My TA, digging through XX records on my account, was able to determine that it was due to when I did a lift and shift. I paid $XXX for the Jan '21 cruise. The exact amount transferred to the new Feb '22 cruise. The L&S was done last Nov. When my TA called XX today, they couldn't tell her why the FCCs were issued. She figured it out though. It seems XX reduced the
  10. In January I booked three Regent cruises directly with a Regent rep. They were then all transferred to my TA. There were no extra charges or changes in the booking. The transfer was completed within a day. I can only speak to my experiences. Good luck with your situation.
  11. It depends upon whether you're buying the coverage from the cruise line or an insurance company and what coverage you want. If you want to be covered for pre-existing conditions, as 2 cruises a year indicated, you have that short window to purchase from the initial deposit. That doesn't mean you can't buy the policy after that, you just won't be covered for pre-existing medical conditions.
  12. I meant not about something to do but what's the benefit of the Elite+ goal with the new AI as commented on ad nauseam in other threads. lol
  13. Randy, I believe it is trying to get new participants into the PUP game not be restricted to them by that sentence. After I participated it told me I had answered them correctly and will be awarded the points. I have participated before.
  14. I saw several guys but not gals that way up there.
  15. Here's one from the Mercury you might remember.
  16. I checked The Magic Eight Ball and it said, "Better not tell you now." https://magic-8ball.com/
  17. It will definitely be after all final payments for the period. I had a June Azamara Greece cruise I knew last month wouldn't go so I took the cancellation penalty rather than do the first week in February final payment date. I've already had a fully paid 2022 XX cruise after final payment. Didn't want to give RCG more money before re-booking at an Azamara prevailing rate.
  18. Yup and we all know how all those reported count numbers are accurate.
  19. Yes but the smart consumer understands that most of the promotions are gimmicks whereby the cruise line raises the price to include them. So the value proposition is what is the bottom line cost for the cabin with the "perks" included? Then whether the cruiser wants the perks that are included for the higher price.
  20. Just because you're an XX loyalist doesn't mean people who love cruising will put up with XX. Since XX started their tactics I, and probably a lot more people than you suspect, have been booking with other cruise lines besides XX. AI has had a huge impact on people who don't want to be forced to pay for liquor when they don't drink or internet they won't use. While we may include XX in future consideration, I know it will be not before 2023 for me because I already have three Regent sailings that I booked within the last month that sail through early '23.
  21. Yes, the new activity is searching for a pup activity email. Congratulations. You earned .0001 pup points. 😁
  22. Personally I don't care if they market to the youngsters. When they change the ships and activities that no longer appeal to me, I go where my interests and senses are satisfied. But I had already started heading that way before Edge started sailing with the food quality lessening and the loud blaring DJ in the atrium curtailing or sans live music entertainment. Is it that the younger people can't understand this or they just don't care about other age groups as long as they're satisfied?
  23. More people are booking Royal Caribbean cruises this year, even as they remain banned [The Miami Herald] BY Tribune Content Agency — 4:03 PM ET 02/22/2021 Feb. 22—Royal Caribbean Group is seeing an increase in bookings as the company nears the one-year mark without any cruises in the U.S., its biggest market. Despite U.S. cruises being banned indefinitely, on Monday Royal Caribbean Group executives said the company has seen a 30% increase in future bookings since the start of the year compared to November and December. Royal Caribbean Group has canceled all U.S. cruise
  24. Regent ships have small casinos but then again, they have fewer passengers so it doesn't have to be large. '-) As far as night life, I find the premium and luxury lines have more port of calls so after spending a good bit of the days touring, a quieter night is fine for me. It's not dead though. But as you say, "Different strokes and all." Whichever you sail, enjoy!
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