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  1. I've sailed both XX and HAL. XX's service quality has erroded since the five year`provision in the Chandris sale document expired. For us, the entertainment, shows and activities while enjoyable, are far from the most important aspect of any of our cruises. Haven't you noticed how XX has cut back on the live entertainment to reduce costs? Itineraries, food quality, service and overall value top our list before entertainment. More ports with overnights and less sea days are preferable. More than seven day turnarounds are also more preferable.
  2. What about the food quality in the included various restaurants compared to the other lines' included restaurants?
  3. Sounds like you should stick with Royal Caribbean or Celebrity.
  4. With the portions as large as others have noted, wouldn't you want a glass of Chablis larger than petite? 🤣
  5. We had booked a Celebrity Edge S1 last June for Jan '21 that we lifted and shifted in December to Apex Feb '22 at the protected rate. That cruise went from $361.71pp/pd to $774.61pp/pd if I had to book at the prevailing rate. Would not have kept the booking if I had to pay that. I understand how you feel because I would have felt the same getting less for more $$$. There are several cruisers that the XX company has chased up to better quality and value.
  6. Thankx for the positive vibes. Your comment about giving 50% better but charging such high prices at 500% more got me thinking. So I added up the total booking costs for the three Regent concierge/penthouse suites, subtracted my TA's cash rebates and divided by the total number of nights also counting the included hotel stays. It came to only $489 pp/pd. That's less than Celebrity is charging for their bottom suites on cruises now without the additional benefits that Regent includes.
  7. You're welcome Kristal. We went to Las Vegas with some other couples for my 50th birthday. At 4am on my actual birth date I hit a full bet, royal flush on the video poker machine. Ding, ding, ding, ding. That night I ordered the surf and turf with a 5 pound lobster. The wife got the steak and I enjoyed the lobster. Fortunately, I can't do that any more. lol
  8. Because I can? We have worked hard all our life. We've always lived below our means. I funded my retirement accounts to the fullest once I could. I learned how to properly invest our assets . The investments have done extremely well; averaging over 10% gain per year since before 2008. Now it's time to enjoy those rewards before I become "wheel chair regretful" that I wish I would've when I could've. Besides we have no debt and no children. Why leave it all to nieces and nephews? There's enough to spend the up to $800 pp/pd if I want to and still leave plenty. Thus I
  9. So why not ask for a half portion or as an appetizer instead?
  10. That's rack rate. People don't pay rack rate. It's always marked up to mark down. I asked the original question. Thankx to the good responses, since then I've booked three Regent cruises (Concierge or Penthouse) and haven't come close to the $1,000pp/pd catalogue rate. Apparently I didn't see justification not to book Regent. 😁
  11. The two previous LLP zooms made me realize that I wouldn't go through that again for just a handful of Club points. Too painful. But I did book an Alaskan cruise this month...on another cruise line. I'm paying $671pp/pd for a 449SF Penthouse cabin with butler, air fare, all specialty restaurants, a 5 star hotel night pre cruise, all transfers, premium liquor set up in cabin, all excursions and everything else all inclusive; not "always included." I can order lobster tail, Alaskan king crab clusters, scallops or USDA prime steak every night if I like in the main dining restaurant
  12. We recently booked three Regent cruises within the last month or so. The Alaska cruise is on the Mariner in Concierge E for $775pp/pd. The Concierge E Panama Canal cruise is on the Splendor for $603pp/pd. The Miami to Montreal Concierge D is on the Navigator for $493pp/pd. They obviously all include the hotel stay etc. I thought I upgraded at lease one to penthouse. But I'm not easily fining that confirmation. So I'm not seeing the $1K USD pp/pd you say they are. There is the two category upgrade promotion going right now. Plus our TA is giving us about a $1,500 cash rebate o
  13. I don't know the Captain personally so my following comment is a generic interpretation of someone in authority. As I read it, he wants to make it clear to "outsiders" when the info is picked up, that he is not speaking for the cruise line even though he is in an authority position. When addressing his troupes, he wants to instill calm since it is the unknown that creates havoc amongst employees where rumors and fears abound. However when he says he has no additional information, that may or may not be factual. If he is privy to confidential information, he certainly can't discl
  14. One aspect of the "free" nights under Le Club required at least half of the cruises be sailed on Azamara. I wonder if that will change or remain once they reach the fork in the road.
  15. Yup and I moved up the line temporarily. I want to see what shakes out once cruising begins again. But Azamara will remain on my radar for future consideration.
  16. Don't feel bad about that. XX has been doing the same to their "loyal" customers. The chickens have finally come home to roost. People are also abandoning XX with their All Inclusive pricing scam. They now are targeting the novice, younger cruiser who won't know how they cut corners to boost the bottom line while doubling the fares. That's the RCG double/double program.
  17. Yeah I was trying to make a point in a second hand way that nobody knows the real facts. 😇
  18. Did anyone see anywhere that it said whether it is an all cash deal or if RCG is carrying some paper on the deal? Or even where is the funding source? To the best of my knowledge, there have been no financial aspects of the deal revealed except the total price. Anyone know specific info other than speculation? Azamara, I suspect, goes through a much smaller burn rate with only three small vessels compared to RCG, NCL and Carnival.
  19. No because I didn't ask that. I didn't book the cruises for the discount since I felt the fare was a value to me considering what I've booked. I know my TA is giving me about $1,500 cash back per cruise, my credit card is giving me 3% cash back and Regent is giving me top notch cruises. Anything else I get will be gravy. All I know is I'm looking forward to the 43 booked days on board Regent through Jan '23.
  20. I'm not booking online. I call my Regent rep. I get good info and recommendations from him. Then I transfer the bookings to my regular TA who gives us nice cash rebates. They both get credit for the booking. He for taking the deposit and she for the commission on the sailing. He really appreciates my support during these lean times. -)
  21. Not yet but once we've sailed, we'll ask for it to be applied to the subsequent sailings.
  22. We now have three Regent cruises booked but have not sailed Regent yet. However the second and third booking statements have Seven Seas Society numbers for us both. The first cruise booked, but will actually be the third sailing, has "First Time Guest."
  23. Guess you missed the wink? Or the tongue in cheek?
  24. There are business people that buy at the top and ride it down and those that buy at the bottom and ride it up. In the stock market that's referred to as buying low and selling high. Investment companies look for good opportunities to acquire businesses at distressed value. I'd suggest that this was the best time for them to buy Azamara and it was time for RCL Group to cut their "dead wood." Dead not because it's isn't a viable enterprise but because they weren't willing to do the things necessary to grow the business even before the pandemic. RCL Group tried to com
  25. But at least the ships are clean and drug needle free even if they're sold to someone else. 😜 Now when people start setting up tents in the passageways will I jump ship.
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