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  1. A large part of cruising is doing things differently than your usual routine. Get crazy. Order something that you normally would not eat at home. igraf
  2. The difference will be HAL offering a full day while another line only stops for a half day. igraf
  3. Very true. I have seen very short port stops on other cruise lines. Consider also the extra time to exit the ship when there are 3000+ passengers and tender boats are required. igraf
  4. There are ear plugs that are designed for listening to music. The idea is that they diminish the overall volume with minimal degradation of the music. https://www.musicianonamission.com/best-earplugs-for-musicians/ igraf
  5. It makes perfect sense. People were ordering extra entrees just for a taste, not because they were hungry. (Who is hungry on a cruise ship????) It is OK to order an extra appetizer for a taste as that is the purpose of an appetizer. As you have said, there is still plenty of "no extra charge" food for those who are truly hungry including an endless supply of bread. I am siding with HAL on this one as the "tasters" are driving up my cruise fare. igraf
  6. Keep in mind that half the passengers will be trying to get off the ship early. It can be an ugly way to end a cruise as tempers flare. I personally would avoid early disembarkation at all costs. You can carry your luggage off whenever you wish. igraf
  7. Well put! I am a 200+lb man with an appetite, and the few times I ordered a second entree resulted in too much food being served, considering that I am eating three complete meals a day while cruising. I have already given up eating between meals. I believe that HAL has found that the second entree results in food (including labor) being wasted just so someone can have a taste. igraf
  8. Nothing about the $10 charge leads to your statements about the MDR being being taken away, nor is there any trend in the industry that suggests that the MDRs will disappear. The only question here is the ordering of a second entrée. Holland America has to control waste so that they can offer cruises that you can afford. You should be applauding their efforts to keep fares affordable. igraf
  9. I take it that you are not familiar with the HAL passenger demographic. Think "grandparents". igraf
  10. The fact is that a private lounge means less space for others as there is finite space available on a ship. The flaw with your logic is that the suite passengers can use the common areas while their space in the reserved lounge goes unused. What you say would only be if the suite people remained in their private lounges. Airlines are in fact an example of why we should avoid a ship in a ship. The sell is that first class costs more but provides more. The reality is that the economy seats just get worse and worse. igraf
  11. Are you saying that passengers not in suites have lower standards for dining venues and privacy? igraf
  12. This method works for my shirts, better than anything else I have tried. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58z7HYn5c2A igraf
  13. There was a variety of ages represented on our recent Eurodam cruise to Mexico. Definitely not just the usual older HAL crowd. This particular cruise definitely appeals to a broad range of passengers. On the other hand, the party crowd will probably prefer to fly down to Cabo. igraf
  14. You have not said anything that would support your contention that a 3rd party travel agent can do more than a HAL personal cruise consultant. The situation you describe is so extraordinary that just about anybody would have been able to secure a substantial redress. If HAL offers such compensation to a 3rd party TA then they would certainly do so with a PCC booking. Or perhaps the PCC would have not caused the problem in the first place...... Hyperboles aside, I still assert that the HAL PCC offers a good price and solid service. Any you don't have to be booking the Penthouse Suite to get it. igraf
  15. Quad occupancy on a Carnival 4-day cruise?? That is really insulting and I don't believe that you were given a 21-day cruise plus $9000 + OBC out of the blue. If you received such a promotion it would only be because you had previously purchased much more. Just like any frequent flyer program. HAL's PCC will be beneficial to passengers on their first cruise, and even more so on a second cruise. The point of cruises shorter than 10-days is a full time job as not all of us are retired senior citizens. In my case I live at a HAL port and it is very easy and relaxing to hop on the 7-day cruise to Mexico. BTW, this was the cruise where the PCC assisted us with the adjacent cabins! igraf
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