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  1. BHB? Acronym Definition BHB Beta-Hydroxybutyrate BHB Ballas Hough Band (band) BHB Brooklyn Heights Blog (New York) BHB Bar Harbor Bankshares (Bar Harbor, ME) BHB British Horseracing Board (est. 1993; UK) BHB Betriebs-Handbuch (German: Operations Manual) BHB Bounty Hunter Bloods (gang) BHB Bundesverband Deutscher Heimwerker-, Bau- und Gartenfachmärkte eV (German: Federal Association of German Do-It-Yourself, Building and Garden Stores eV) BHB Bar Harbor, ME, USA (Airport Code) BHB Bertsch Holzbau (German; timber company; Poland) BHB Ba
  2. There should be a special ship location category for ships carrying passengers. igraf
  3. The cruise industry has been first hammered by COVID and now they are being shut out of popular ports like Venice. A reasonable person would expect a few cruise problems during the recovery. An even more reasonable person would be happy that they survived COVID and am able to book future cruises. Perhaps the lost perks were not so important. igraf
  4. The smartphone has evolved from a "geewhiz" gadget to a ubiquitous part of life. One can't park in many places without the "ParkMobile" app (like in Miami Beach). I could name numerous other compelling examples. A younger person on this thread was wondering why this discussion is even going on. Get used to this reaction from anyone under 50 when you complain about not having a smartphone. Finally, I am certain that HAL will provide a disposable paper menu upon request. They just don't want to lay them out for every seat in the MDR. Personally, I find h
  5. A smartphone or tablet can be used for free with no phone plan at all. All you need is data via wifi, which I believe will be provided on board au gratis for ship functions. You can often send and receive email (but not texting) on shore for the price of a cup of coffee even if you have no phone plan. Ask a family member for a discarded phone (but not too old...). Again, no cost. igraf
  6. You should not cruise angry as it will spoil the cruise. You should book another cruise, or as was suggested, pay for an upgrade. The important thing is that you enjoy the cruise. You might consider rebooking with no selected cabin and benefit from the low "guarantee" price. It doesn't matter what you end up as you don't like what you have now. igraf
  7. Uber and Lyft are your friends when in need of local transportation. The crew is sending out a plea for help when they discourage use of the MDR for the first lunch. Specifically, the are working very hard to get your room ready (in an amazingly short amount of time) so you don't have to wait in the cruise terminal until 2-3pm. They are not trying to shortchange your vacation. Give them a break. igraf
  8. Thank you for your consideration and common sense. Others should follow your example. For those of you scheming to get that first main dining room lunch, please keep in mind that the ship's crew is working very hard on embarkation day. Operating the MDR on embarkation day is simply not a priority. igraf
  9. Cajuntraveler, What you did here is known as "hijacking a thread" and is considered impolite. By asking a different question, the thread is now split into two different conversations. Replies are now ambiguous as it is not always clear which question is being addressed. What you should have done is start a new thread with your question. igraf
  10. Anthony's was replaced by four restaurants in the new Portside Pier: Brigantine on the Bay Miguel’s Cocina Ketch Grill and Taps Portside Coffee & Gelato We still have the the two seafood restaurants immediately south of the USS Midway museum. I call this a win. igraf
  11. I also drove down to the harbor to have a look. I would like to sail again to Mexico soon as it is so easy to do for those of us who live in San Diego. igraf
  12. Here is a good article based on actual events that explains how things will be on cruises for the near future. I did take one exception, though. Vaccinations do not prevent one from picking up a virus, rather, vaccinations prevent one from becoming seriously ill. https://thepointsguy.com/news/celebrity-millennium-cruise-ship-covid/ It should be clear to anyone reading this article that there is no way to have a cruise without COVID vaccinations. igraf
  13. Choose your favorite definition for "AUS" here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AUS igraf
  14. I prefer that no one is talking while I am listening to music. I recall a music performance being ruined by a loud group who were so rude that they decided to sit up front next to the musicians, and then try to talk louder than the music. I finally had to ask them to have their conversation elsewhere. igraf
  15. Entertainment scales up with the size of the ship. igraf
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