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  1. The COVID-19 virus is still here. Nothing has changed in that regard. What could HAL do to make your cruise safe? Have everyone fill out a form? The only possible way to have a safe cruise right now is with 100% COVID-19 testing in the cruise terminal and no port stops. Let's see, 1500 passengers at 15 minutes per test..... I am involved with substantial projects in Europe and South America, and I can't even travel there now for business let alone as a tourist. igraf
  2. Folks, Cruises will resume when the vaccines are out. This is not something that HAL controls. To argue over fine print and disclaimers on a cruise booking web page is laughable. Having said that, I expect a big demand for vacations shortly afterwards. The problem will be cruise companies having to scale up to meet the demand with limited cash and no crews. It won't all come back in an instant. igraf
  3. No, I don't. There have been two other flu pandemics since 1918: https://www.mphonline.org/worst-pandemics-in-history/ People have a way of grouping the flu with the common cold. The annual flu still kills large numbers of people and it would be a lot worse if we didn't have the flu shots. igraf
  4. It is actually a legitimate comparison if one considers the very bad flu pandemics of the past that killed millions. The only thing wrong is the word "just". There is nothing "just" about influenza other than the fact that we now have vaccines. igraf
  5. The first rule would be to limit passengers to young people. There is no way that we can pack a HAL ship with the usual retired crowd prior to a vaccine. igraf
  6. Well, then people who can tolerate the virus will dominate society and those who can't will cower at home until they succumb. Aren't you glad that you asked this question on a cruise forum? igraf
  7. The CEO leaving probably has more to do with stock option price guarantees than an actual firing. igraf
  8. Very true. People who are glad that they bought insurance or feel sorry for those who did not tend to forget that this is simply a cost issue. How much is the insurance, how many cruises will you go on and how often does one fail to go one a cruise all need to be considered. In many cases, one is better off self-insuring. If it is a once in a lifetime cruise in a Penthouse Suite, then buy the insurance. If it is a common 7-10 day cruise, then don't bother. igraf
  9. One could spend Saturday night and then catch an early Sunday flight home. In coming cruise ships on Sunday would not be a concern as not too many people would book early morning flights home on disembarkation day. igraf
  10. 10am to 2pm. https://womensmarchsd.org/calendar-1/2019/1/19-3rd-annual-womens-march-xm2dl-2e9pn I wouldn't worry about it, though it would better to arrive later (after 1pm) after the commotion fades away. So, enjoy San Diego a bit more before you leave. igraf
  11. San Diego Annual Women's March, though to be honest I live in San Diego and was not aware that it was an annual event. Don't worry, you can always cross Harbor Blvd. by joining the march with suitcases in tow! igraf
  12. One can have these treatments done at home at established professional practices with more competitive prices. There is no reason to do this on a cruise ship. While you were lucky enough to find a competent acupuncturist, cruise ships spa services and products are often questionable at best. What you went through to cancel appointments pretty much says it all. igraf
  13. The obstructed view cabins are a good alternative to an inside cabin, though there will be a strong "orange" presence due to the color of the lifeboats! :-) (not really a problem) We have booked these cabin before with no complaints. igraf
  14. Remaining in the port shopping is pretty close to staying on the boat. That is not really visiting Mazatlan. igraf
  15. On the other hand, the price difference between the week prior to and week of Christmas is so great that one can take the week prior off from work without pay and still be dollars ahead with the additional benefit of another week of holidays..... :-) More seriously, the difference in cost has more to do with market demand than the extra Christmas amenities. We sailed the week prior and it was sufficient for us. igraf
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