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  1. Thanks for posting. We'll be in Bermuda in a couple of weeks and are also doing the Resort for A Day pass at Coco Reef. Last we did the one for Elbow Beach Resort, loved it. I may cost a bit more then going to Horseshoe Bay or some of the other beaches but for us it's worth the money.
  2. I had a bid in for our August Escape cruise, had been watching the inventory to see if I thought we'd have a chance. Yesterday I noticed the price drop on the H5 so called my travel agent and paid for the upgrade.
  3. Recently returned from the 11 day land/sea cruise of the Hawaiian island on the POA. If you are planning to cruise the Hawaiian island I highly recommend adding in the 3 days at the Hawaiian Village Resort if you can. We did our own air transportation so chose to fly in on Tuesday then had Wednesday as a free day to hang out at the resort and get used to the time change. The next 2 1/2 days were filled with tours all arranged by NCL and it's very well organized. We had the same tour bus driver all 3 days and he was great, we saw a lot and learned a lot. On Saturday after your tour they drop you at the pier and we got right on the ship. Your luggage is picked up at the hotel on Saturday and taken to the ship so you don't need to even worry about getting it to the pier. While we are happy to have had the opportunity to see the Hawaiian Islands, I have to say if we were to visit again it would be a land vacation only, we would not go on the POA again. We are frequent cruises and much more enjoy the larger ships (Breakaway, Escape) and all they have to offer. The POA is rather boring compared to other ships, food was good everywhere we ate and the shows were okay. We really enjoyed the These Guys Worldwide Theatre show and when they sang poolside on the last day, they were by far the best show on the ship. If I recall they said they were leaving when the ship docked back in Honolulu, not sure if they plan to return. Daily's attached for those interested. POA Day 1.pdf POA Day 2.pdf POA Day 3.pdf POA Day 4.pdf POA Day 5.pdf POA Day 6.pdf POA Day 7.pdf
  4. we are just off the POA this past weekend and used our daughter's passport (12 years old). I know they say you don't need a photo id but I'd rather have it to be on the safe side and each time we got back on the ship they did check her passport & key card.
  5. Loved our cruise on the Escape last year and can't wait to go again in August. Sorry you didn't enjoy
  6. Anyone know if they have 4 card poker on the Escape?
  7. Morning, I scheduled a car rental for Sunday when we are in Maui from Avis rental at the airport. My original thought was we would try to do the Road to Hana on our own as it would be much less expensive then an excursion through the ship or a business (party of 4 traveling). After reading all the reviews from people that have done this on their own it doesn't really seem like it would be such a good idea with the winding roads, blind spots, etc. I have a hard time in taxis when we go to Bermuda and always feel nauseous after so riding in a car on the road to Hana may not be good for me. We sail in a couple of weeks and really have not done to much research yet on what we'd like to do. So my question is, any suggestions for what are the best things to do in Maui for one day with our own car? I didn't realize the area around the port was industrial until reading the original post, we kind of thought we would just walk off the ship and spend the day walking around to whatever was in the area but it sounds like there really isn't much there. Appreciate any input. Thanks
  8. okay thanks. Not sure yet if we will go with the Haven but my daughter will certainly be disappointed not being able to be on the sundeck.
  9. Anyone who has sailed the Escape Haven lately is there still an age requirement for access to the sundeck. I know this was a conversation last year that you needed to be 16 years old but I haven't seen anything recently so I wasn't sure if that information was accurate Thanks
  10. Congratulations, how far before your cruise were you notified? I think you'll get a lot of varied response on how much to tip. We were in the Haven a couple of years ago and I think the butler and concierge were the only ones for tipping. We always have a lot of one dollar bills for bartenders and drink service.
  11. We were in the Haven on the Breakaway 3 years ago. Originally were booked in a balcony cabin but then as our cruise was closer we realized the prices came down so changed our booking to the Haven and really loved it, worth every penny. That being said, as much as we loved it and wished we could be in the Haven for every cruise I can't justify spending that amount on one cruise when we could pretty much take 2 cruises for the price of 1 Haven. Last summer we sailed the Escape and put in a bid for the Haven that wasn't accepted but we knew we would be happy with our balcony room if we didn't win. We are sailing the Escape again this summer and got a great deal on our balcony so definitely plan to put in a bid for the Haven if we get an offer, probably a bit more than we normally would. This cruise will be the start of celebrating our daughter's 13th birthday so what a great surprise for her if we could move up to the Haven. Either way we know we'll have a great time regardless of what room we end up in. You're getting close to your sailing date, do you have an offer to bid for an upgrade? If so, maybe bid on the higher side and hopefully that would still be less than if you had booked outright or if you really want to be guaranteed the Haven then I say if you can afford the Haven go for it. I think the best part is knowing you don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get out to pool for a chair, plenty of loungers in the Haven.
  12. I just booked a cruise this week for August and we always buy insurance since normally we book way in advance. I was thinking since we are pretty close to sail date this time I wasn't sure I'd purchase the cancel any reason insurance. My travel agent told me we had 10 days from the date of booking the cruise to purchase the insurance. Obviously different carriers have different rules but that was the guideline for our insurance. I ended up buying it anyway, you never know the one time I didn't would probably be the one time we needed it. Hope your son is better in time to cruise.
  13. Thanks so much for the quick reply, really appreciate it.
  14. We are planning on the Getaway out of NYC in April 2019 and I've been reading through these threads to see if it makes sense to do the Disney excursion the date we are in Orlando. We dock from 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm so I think it's doable and we realize we won't see everything we want but will certainly make the most of our time. My question is, once we purchase our one day ticket how do we get Fast Passes? We've done Disney vacation's before where we get the option online to schedule fast passes but I wasn't sure if this was the same option when purchasing just a ticket and not the entire vacation. Appreciate any feedback, thank you
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