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  1. I’m a big fan of Belgian beers and seek them out on cruises too. I sail on the Edge next week and I’ll look into it. Cheers! ckforensic
  2. Since you can bring your own alcohol onboard, you may be better off bringing a bottle of Baileys onboard to drink at your convenience.
  3. Correct, this is Zacapa XO. The WCB bartender let me smell this rum but I haven't tasted it yet.
  4. My wife and I fell in love with this rum on the Silhouette in December and we have gone through a few bottles at home since by making the World Class Bar's Zacapa Old Fashioned. The recipe is: 2 oz Zacapa 23, 1/3 oz simple syrup, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters, and 2 dashes of chocolate mole bitters (Bittermen's). Stir with ice for 20-30 seconds and then strain into a rocks glass containing a large round ice cube. Mmmmmmm. We sail on the Reflection this weekend and look forward to more!
  5. Hi all, We just finished a 6-night voyage on SD2 and I am happy to report that you are in for a great trip. As always, the crew was fantastic and I think that they may even be slightly better than the SD1 crew based on our very positive experiences on SD1 over the past two years. We had 88 guests (including a group of ~11 ladies and some smaller groups) and 95 crew. I understand that you may have 101 sailing today. There is still some minor work going on but none of it negatively impacted our trip in any way. The food was generally outstanding, the bartenders kept us happy, and Mother Nature was kinder than the meteorologists predicted but a moderate chop at Jost Van Dyke brought a fair amout of seaweed and prevented a beach landing at White Bay so we had to tender near Foxy's and then transfer (seamlessly) to our beach party. You will be in good hands with the world-class crew and cheers to a fun and safe voyage. Cheers, Chet
  6. Thanks for the update. Does anyone know what refurbishments were made while in drydock? We will be sailing for the first time on SD2 in a few weeks after having been on SD1 twice over the past two years. Sadly, we will miss Pierre and Gareth but look forward to meeting some new faces.
  7. Hi Popper. Nice to meet you! We live ~10 minutes from Doylestown and work near North Wales. Small world! I'm sure we will meet you on board and probably from time to time at the TOY bar. :-)
  8. We were on SDI for the past two Thanksgivings and are booked on SDII this coming Thanksgiving. Both previous voyages were oustanding. We had 86 passengers in 2013 and low/mid 90s in 2014. There were no more than 5 total kids on each of these voyages and they were very well behaved and were never an issue. We booked on board for the 15% discount on the upcoming sailing but the fares are less now so we may cancel and rebook (and eat the cancellation penalty)...
  9. Greetings Ho Hum, I am happy to accept the mission and very happy to report that SDI is is in very good shape. More importantly, I can report that Gareth "has no idea what you are talking about...". ;-) I have seen no evidence of soot issues on our voyage and the ship seems to be functioning quite well. It was a bit warm in our cabin the first night but has been cooler since then. However, we did request a fan to help with the white noise and cooling. The seas did get a bit rough late last night as we approached Dominica with swells around 3 meters. The seas are nice now as we approach Iles des Saintes
  10. Greetings from the Balinese bed on SDI. After a rainy embarkation in Barbados, life is very good. We had a very nice day in Bequia today and are currently sailing to Dominica. Seas have calmed, drinks are flowing, and thankfully "It's Raining Men" has already been played. Cheers to all and let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Hi JDF, We are also on the November 22 sailing. We booked on the Thanksgiving Costa Rica/Nicaragua sailing last year and can't wait to sail on SeaDream again. See you soon! Cheers, Chet
  12. We just stayed a night in Singapore after finishing an Azamara cruise and stayed at a brand new Westin. It was a very nice property and only a short walk to the Marina Bay Sands and a great price using cash and points if you are a SPG member.
  13. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Bill and a healthy and happy new year!
  14. My wife and I sailed on the Silver Whisper for a Caribbean cruise in Nov 2012 and were recently on SD1 in Costa Rica. We would choose SD any day over Silversea. Below is our comparison of the two lines (recognizing that we have only been on each line once): Advantage Silversea: - Nicer accommodations (all suites) - A superior offering of spirits Too close to call: - Excellent food offered by both lines Advantage SeaDream: - SD's staff was superb, and SS's staff seemed more like robots trained to say the right things but didn't seem happy and it showed in their attitudes towards guests. This, combined with the formal atmosphere, often didn't make for a comfortable environment - Fellow passengers generally much younger and more fun-loving - Water toys I'm not sure whether or not Azamara is on your radar since it is a bit larger (~6-700 passengers on a 30,000-ton ship) but they are our favorite line aside from SeaDream. Their staff is fantastic and offer great food, a reasonably full bar, and casual elegance (they call it country club casual) attire.
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