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  1. On the website in My Viking Journey, go to the My Calendar section and the arrival and departure times are listed on each day. And I just found if you click on the 'View Trip Summary" option from any page in your calendar it brings up the whole cruise with arrival and departure times all on one page.
  2. Thanks for your detailed reply! I will make sure we let them know on board, I don't like to make an issue of my dietary restrictions, but it is good to know I will be covered after I let them know.
  3. Thanks, I will let them know when I get on board. Appreciate the advice.
  4. Thank you for the information!
  5. I am travelling in May and my companions wish to dine at the Chefs Table. I see that it is a degustation menu and I am a vegetarian with a seafood allergy, so many things on the menu would not be suitable for me. Does anyone know if special diets are catered for at Chefs Table, or should I look at alternative options for myself the night my friends go there?
  6. Thank you, this is a great tip. We are travelling with friends who will be able to book their excursions before we can and I was wondering how to coordinate. Now when they book, I will put the same ones in our wish list and hopefully it will all work out fine!
  7. If the cruise includes Australia in February, it will be hot and humid. I live a bit north of Sydney and we will often have 35 degrees celsius (or higher) for many days in February, and humidity along the coastal stretches will be high. If you go further north, humidity in Queensland will be higher again.
  8. I have been researching the various St Petersburg companies and they recommend tipping amounts of 10% guide and 5% driver. Can’t comment on what people actually do though.
  9. I have not been on my cruise yet, so I have no personal experience of the company, but Rodne Cruises seem to have morning departures, but not sure if they will be early enough for you to get back by 1.30. It is a 3 hour cruise, leaving at 10 am May to September.
  10. hi BruceB, Thanks for this, very helpful!
  11. Thanks for the info, the lookout sounds great. Will also check out Norway Active, thanks.
  12. Thanks for this information, we are planning Norway in a Nutshell, Bergen to Oslo after our Viking Homelands cruise next June. We are planning a night in Flam as well, so will be interested to hear your experiences. We have an overnight in Bergen before disembarkation and plan to spend disembarkation day in Bergen and then NIN the next day.
  13. As an Aussie, I hope you all enjoy your travels down under, an amazing part of the world! Welcome, welcome!
  14. Thanks Bruce, I have been reading your review and it is very informative. Great tips about booking shore excursions with Viking and doing some places under your own steam. This is what we are aiming to do as well.
  15. Having just booked the Homelands cruise for May 2019, Hubby and I have begun our research and we have found this thread to be very very informative. Oh my, very excited about this cruise. We are planning on doing our own post cruise Bergen to Oslo trip, probably with Norway in a Nutshell at this stage. Thanks for the great info in this thread!
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