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  1. With the uncertainty of what is going on ~ I can not help but wonder if carnival will resume April 10th, or do you think they will cancel future cruises ~ I am booked at the end of April ~ likely going to cancel and rebook ~ but, if Carnival decides to cancel I am wondering if it is better to wait and see what they offer. (as the one I am cancelling was an excellent rate, and any future cruise I book will be a lot more money for the same cruise) ~ Just looking for opinions ~ thanks !
  2. Thank you all ~ I appreciate the help ~ I did end up changing to the Oceanview on Deck 2, connecting staterooms ~ It is under the dining room, mid ship ~ I just think the extra space, light, and sofa will be nice ~ especially for my mom. Thank you!
  3. Hello all ~ thank you for the feedback ~ But, I just thought of something ~ deck 2 oceanview ~ above is deck 3 the galley and dining area ~ Is that usually very noisy , especially at night (with food prep, etc) ?? Thank you all!
  4. Hi all ~ My mom is taking myself, and Sister-in-laws on a New England Cruise Sept 2020 ~ We have currently 2 connecting interior rooms mid ship deck 8 on Carnival Radiance (limited choices as we were on the Mardi Gras, but that cancelled) ~ I noticed there are a few connecting on deck 2 oceanview mid ship (bigger room, couch, etc) ~ I think my mom might like the bigger room, couch, etc ~ but just wondering how it is staying on deck 2 (never stayed on a low deck before) Any thoughts from people that have stayed there ~ stay deck 8 mid interior, or move deck 2 oceanview ~ thanks very much!
  5. Hello All ~ Going on a cruise the end of April, and stopping at Half Moon Cay (never been, the last 2 cruises the stop was cancelled) ~ My question is ~ Is that Cabana really worth the price ~ it is around $359.00 ~ It is just my husband and I , so only 2 of us. I appreciate any opinions ~ thanks!!
  6. Yes, I was considering it so my mom could sit and watch TV on occasion ~ so my thought was she would open it up when she wanted to watch TV ~ otherwise it would be collapsed and put under the bed ~ or leaning in the closet (if it fit in there). (My mom said not to worry about it, but she is being so generous in treating us to begin with ~ I just wanted to do it so that way she would have it as an option)
  7. We saw that with the “premier interior “ there were couches. ~ but we wanted a connecting room since there is 4 of us ( there were only a few premier when we booked and they were low deck very foward ) ~ instead we opted for a higher deck mid ship. My mom is not concerned ~ I was just thinking about it . Anyways ~ we are all excited ~ never been on a brand new ship ~ There will be a lot to explore . I’ll see ~ I might try to carry one of those chairs ~ and see if it works . I guess I won’t know unless I try . Thanks everyone !
  8. Hello All ~ My mom is treating me, and my 2 sister in laws to a New England Cruise on Sept 2020 on the Mardi Gras ~ I convinced her to book 2 connecting interiors (big savings) ~ My mom enjoys sometimes staying in the cabin and watching TV ~ I know the interiors do not have a couch ~ I thought I would carry one of those portable fold up chairs (like you bring to sporting events, etc) ~ and when not in use could be collapsed and stored under the bed. What do you all think ~ is that a good idea ~ or crazy ?? Anyone that does interiors have any good suggestions?? Thanks!
  9. I just watched all videos ~ I do like the configuraton of the carnival legend 8235 over the carnival miracle 7301 ~ (thanks for the comparison KevlnPitt) ~ We will be on the pride, and there is only one available , which is deck 8, but I decided to give it a try! (Deck 7 not available) I believe the configuration should be like the one on the legend. Thank you all so much!!
  10. Great ~ thank you so much ! I’m going to check out those videos ~ very helpful , much appreciated !!
  11. Thank you for the opinion ~ very helpful. I just did the math, and it is actually 280$ more (not 300) ~ which I know is only 20$ difference. I am tempted just for something different to try, but I am just trying to see if it is really worth it to spend the extra $$. I do appreciate opinions/advice. very helpful!
  12. Hello ~ I am going on a cruise in April with my husband on carnival pride ~ we have a extended balcony ~ and in looking a “premium balcony “ is now available 8235 ~ the additional cost would be 300$ total . I’ve never been in the premium balcony ~ just wondering if that is worth it ~ or stay with the extended balcony . Thank you !
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