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  1. This was awesome! Thank you for sharing. :) Phyllis
  2. Really enjoyed your writing style and your first installments from your review. Hope you were able to rally from your illness and enjoyed the rest of your cruise. Phyllis
  3. I didn't try, however, I see no reason why you should not be able to use your UBP at their bar. Phyllis
  4. Can't remember the captain name for our sailing but we did have two captains on board since the position was being changed out the day we disembarked. Current captain on board is Matko! Hope this helps. Phyllis
  5. I honestly believe ours was the first sailing on BA with the price change, Phyllis
  6. Sorry don't know the whole line up, but just got off BA on Sunday and Mario was the HD. Never sailed with him before. Had a bit of interaction with him and give him a thumbs up! Phyllis
  7. I don't know the answer to this for sure, but can't imagine why not! Phyllis
  8. Not sure when this happened, but last week on my BA sailing they changed it to a Price Fixed Venue. $14.99 per person, plus 18%, and you could eat whatever off the menu. Not able to just go and order Nacho and a drink! Phyllis
  9. Just sailed back from Bermuda on BA. DH had a 7:30 AM T time at golf course and had absolutely no problem getting a taxi at 6:30 AM. If you want to play it even safer once you arrive you can ask for taxi service phone numbers and pre arrange (this was suggested to us at the visitor center). BTW, we did the boat rental from H2O last week and really enjoyed it! Made a few wrong turns and missed some of the markers but we made it back and on time! Enjoy. Phyllis
  10. Thanks for the info. Question can you just do the shuttle one way, thinking about just doing it on return since will be headed to HSB from a different starting point? If so, do you buy the tix at Dockyard for the one way trip or can you purchase once at HSB or pay cash? TYIA!:) Phyllis
  11. Exact same experience I had as Plat Plus travelling with non Plat. Plus, however after asking permission from I guess Hotel Director they did allow it for us. Doesn't make sense to not to in my opinion, so Wife goes to dinner and Hubby does what, eats alone!
  12. Thanks for this info. Which restaurant did they host it in please? Phyllis
  13. Great review. Enjoyed reading about your week. Thank you. Phyllis
  14. Wow this is great so far. Thank you so much for efforts in taking us along with you! Congrats on the casino hits, wtg! If possible, could you find out which night they will be doing "Dinner with the Officers" and perhaps where? Thanks again! Phyllis
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