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  1. happycruisenut

    Millennium Revolution -

    Artwork is not bad and it does give a small but appreciated pop of color.
  2. happycruisenut

    Millennium Revolution -

    Love the refurb fairy! This is a fun and informative thread! Thanks everyone, especially jim-lain.
  3. happycruisenut

    Millennium Revolution -

    Chezmarylou! You’re right we also were on Reflection 11/26! Sorry, I misunderstood about the Murano statement. I didn’t know that it was not on Millie. We love Murano and enjoyed it twice on the Reflection cruise. I hope they’ll keep on the ships it is on presently. Happy sailing!
  4. happycruisenut

    Millennium Revolution -

    Chezmarylou! We’re you on the 11/24 Reflection cruise. Also, did you say they were doing away with Murano. We really like their menu and service. Tuscan and Qsine/Le Petit Chef have been disappointing.. We did enjoy a wonderful special event - Indian Dinner - in Sushi on Five one night on our last cruise.
  5. happycruisenut

    Millennium Revolution -

    Dr. Cocktail, Hi! Do the clip on umbrellas really work? I think I may need to get one. It looks like Millie might have lost a lot of shaded area.. My thinking regarding this revolution is that it is possible Celebrity is looking to decrease the 65+ crowd and increase the 35+ group. I hope not because we have loved our Celebrity cruises and actually have more planned in the near and far future. The video was fun to see and the ship looks beautiful. I can hardly wait to see her next year. All of the ?????s and kinks from redo will be worked out by then and I’m sure she is and will be wonderful!!! Happy sailing everyone!
  6. happycruisenut

    Millennium Revolution -

    Thanks to everyone who has offered info and pics of the new Millie. I know change is very hard for folks, especially those of us who are older travelers! I find it easy to accept changes in color schemes and actually sort of like these changes.. I must admit I love(d) the old Michael’s Club comfort and look.. My only concern with the changes is the question of comfort! Tables and chairs in cabins and Retreat area and Michael’s Club look really small, cheap and uncomfortable. And I will definitely be very unhappy without the awning over 6145 and/or 6146 and the fewer shaded areas at bars and on deck. We always look for a shaded balcony due to our age and skin concerns. I really hope the pictures do not portray the furniture accurately. Older folks really need sturdy, stable comfortable furniture.. We love Celebrity and hope these changes prove to be pleasing and comfortable . I will remain positive and look forward to my 2/1/2020 voyage on the year old New Millie! Safe travels and great adventures to you all. Next up: Alaska on RCCL Radiance
  7. Hi! Thanks Paul. This was a great preface to my upcoming cruise on Reflection 11/26! Did the Mardi Gras cruise 2/18 and loved the Reflection.. Looking forward to next Monday! Bonnie
  8. happycruisenut

    Photos From Our Visits To Singapore

    Wow! So much good info! Thank you for sharing. I’m glad cruisehabits found you miaminice. I really enjoyed your travelogues. Have you been to Hong Kong? Any helpful hints for us for that port (4-5 days)? Enjoy your future trips.
  9. happycruisenut

    April 29, 2015 - Maasdam 8-15-15

    Hi! Roy. Hope you are enjoying the Prinsendam!! I sure am happy you decided to respond. I have never tried to start a Roll Call until recently and I must admit I have been totally unsuccessful as you and the others have seen. My attempts may be seen elsewhere as well. But at least I tried. Sure would love it if someone could help me or just get it started for me. Thanks. Bonnie
  10. Hi! Can't find a Roll Call for this cruise so trying to start one. Looking forward to this trip and spending a couple of days in Montreal at the end with a road trip back to Boston. Hope to hear from others on this cruise. Love chatting and meeting new folks. Bonnie