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  1. Bud Andersen, comedian - loved his act(s). I don't think I've ever laughed harder. We were fortunate to see him on several ships - nothing recently though. Also, a cover band that was on the Getaway last December, can't remember their name, out of Miami I think. We really enjoyed them. Million Dollar Quartet was phenomenal and I loved Burn the Floor too. deb 🙂
  2. Absolutely, I love cruisng, but I love planning cruises just as much. I just retired last week, a 7 week cruise/land vacay in Europe was planned for March/April in celebration, had to cancel all of it. Chasing refunds is not near as much fun as booking travel. I know this is a no big deal problem to have compared to others, but I know most on this site feel the same. deb 🙂
  3. What's the best deal you've made on a TA from North America to Europe with NCL? Type of cabin, cost and if you can remember - how far away from sail date did you book? If you booked a balcony - was it worth the extra cost - crossing the Atlantic in spring would be chilly I think. I'm considering booking a TA for spring 2021 - NCL Star - NY to London. It's been listed for approx $960 inside, $2100 balcony for months - I believe no movement on price because of all the cancellations. Thanks for your advice - here's to travel planning and cruising again soon-ish. deb 🙂
  4. Refund from Costa? Still waiting for the money back from our cancelled cruise 3/21/2020 Guadeloupe to Savona on the Favolosa. T/A says wait 30 days. Wait 60 days. Look - here's a future cruise credit! No thanks, T/A said refund is imminent 10-14 days and FCC would be rescinded. That was more than 3 weeks ago. This whole thing has been ridiculous. MSC refunded just after the 60 days I was asked to wait. Yet Costa? I wait and wait. Frustrating and disheartening. deb
  5. Got a reply from my TA this week on my Costa cruise, Favoloso from Guadeloupe to Savona Italy embarking on 3/21/2020. The cruise is still scheduled and anticipates visiting/ending for me in Savona. I can cancel if I want - because it's less than 30 days before sail date, I forfeit my entire payment but receive my port fees/taxes back. That's the "Cancellation fees apply" option. The chart came from my TA. I will reluctantly "choose" the "intent to travel on another date" option and take a FCC valid for one year. Not much choice here really. So sorry to have to miss this trip but I can't afford to get stuck somewhere that I had no intention of going. Maybe next time, Europe. deb 🙂
  6. Charleyann, so sorry to hear about all you've been through. I really don't know what to think at this time - we're on the same cruise with family and friends. I can understand your concerns - especially because it sounds like your health is compromised already. So, we're still in a holding pattern with me staying positive. I think the next week or two will tell the tale (obviously 🙂 ) right now it's hard to say whether the cruise will be cancelled. CDC says no one should be going to Italy for non-essential travel, but we won't be to Italy until 4/10 - so what do yo do with that? So much can change in that amount of time. Hang in there, I don't think insurance will cover any of this unless the cruise is cancelled. deb 🙂
  7. We've spent more than 3 weeks on the NCL Getaway and have sworn - never again. The smoke smell coming off the casino on deck 7 permeates deck 6 and is also noticeable on deck 8. I can avoid the casino and deck 7, but it's hard to avoid deck 6. Looking at NCL Bliss and I see they have the same casino set up on 7 with restaurants below on 6. What's been your experience? Is the venting any better on Bliss? Thanks, deb 🙂
  8. I love the spa and think it's a great way to enhance an inside cabin cruise. If we get a balcony or if we're traveling with friends and family, I wouldn't bother. If we're on our own - it's a must for me, the hub - not so much. 🙂 deb 🙂
  9. On another ship we were just below the pool deck, unfortunately the pool crew started about 4 am to move the chairs, clean and then move the chairs back. We ended up requesting to and being moved to another cabin. We've traveled with ear plugs ever since. deb 🙂
  10. ooh! I think you've got the solution there! Brilliant. Bidding upgrades allow you to keep your perks. Buy an inside and bid for a balcony. Has anyone tried this? Thanks! deb 🙂
  11. You're right of course, you can choose two for the same price as taking all. And choosing two that don't require additional service charges would avoid that. Not what I'm looking for unfortunately. I look at the inside price that's just $100 pp more with one perk (choose bevvy package and pay the $20 service charge extra p/day) but all the perks add $400 pp to the price and you pay service charges on top of that. See what I mean? deb 🙂
  12. So, what's a cruiser who just wants a bevvy package with her balcony cabin to do? NCL offers the Inside and Outside cabins with cruiser's choice of one or two promos. Nice. If you want a balcony, however, the price offered includes ALL The Perks and is considerably higher. I've watched the promo's countdown clock on the NCL site tick down and then start over multiple times now. Enough is enough, come on NCL - don't you have a different promo up your sleeve? Am I the only one? deb 🙂
  13. Enjoying your review immensely. Way too few reviews available and I really appreciate the level of detail. We've booked Costa Favolosa for March 2020, 20 day Transatlantic out of Guadeloupe. No suite for us I'm afraid but I'm sure we'll still enjoy the experience. Do you know - are menus the same regardless of the dining room you were in? Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on what sounds like a great trip! Thanks again, deb :)
  14. LOL. I don't know about the pool party - but we'd gladly join you for martinis! deb🙂
  15. Looking forward to being Elite one day and invited to the High Tea event. deb 🙂
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