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  1. If that happens, I just ask for money back based on the # of days of bad WiFi. If it’s lousy WiFi half the time then I ask for half my money back.
  2. Yup. My thoughts exactly especially judging from the way lounger cushions and pillows look after they’ve be there for months. I wonder how often they wash these🤔. Also, these lounger cushions look pretty thin. We’ll see how they are in 6 months when I try it out. If it’s not too grody, that is. 🙂
  3. I don’t get it either. Even pre-covid. I am not interested in buying anything food related where someone else’s hands have been in it.
  4. TheseCherry on Top stores are nasty. I saw some lady stick her hand in each of the self serve candy bins and pull out a few pieces and put them in her little paper bag. After witnessing that, I had the employee pull a completely unopened box from the back and asked her to fill my bag. I told the employee about it and she just shrugged her shoulders. I really don’t understand why they don’t take the option away from people to contaminate the candy. 🤢
  5. Yes. I’ll jump in here. They are found in your profile “offers”. They come from the casino. I have never received any freebies until a few months ago. I now have several options for free insides … 3 or 4 days all the way up to 8 days sailing from Galveston. I only play slots and not a lot really.
  6. We had a casino offer for an inside 5-day on Sunshine which came with $200 OBC for the cabin. This was for a Nov 2021 cruise. For some unknown reason they canceled the cruise and said they’d give an additional $600 for the cabin to rebook. We did, moving it out a week. I immediately received a confirmation of the new booking and it shows $800 OBC. It’s a good thing because I would have been on the phone to my PVP otherwise. Obviously, I’ve already printed that to take with me because I’ve heard people have had issues. Given the uptick of the virus l
  7. Huh? Why are they canceling Sunshine from Charleston until October 31? Did they say why?
  8. Me too! Glad I read this thread. I was going to book several things and switch to OBC after boarding. I don’t think JH purposely says things without checking with the higher ups. I think it’s the higher ups which make decisions and then JH ends up being the fall guy. Not really a diehard fan of JH but it seems that way to me sometimes.
  9. I had the pork belly app. Not what I was expecting really. I didn’t know that it was not really meat but just basically fat. There may have been a small sliver of meat but not much. I had Kung pao chicken which was very nice. For dessert I had cremebrulee which was meh. I would eat there again just for the entree.
  10. Yup. Tell me about it. My friend and I have $800 OBCfor our Nov booking. We wanted a cabana at HMC but had to pay the $360 or whatever ahead of time just to be sure we could get one.
  11. I was going to come back from a cruise with my girlfriend, wash clothes, repack and hop in the car to sail out of Orlando the next day with my DH. I was afraid those 2 were too close together. I just changed my husband cruise in Nov 2021 and moved it to January 2022. I just called my PVP. There was no fee. Not sure if it’s because I have had my PCP for years or if they are easy on the rules right now.
  12. What? Why? Not that I actually sat there much but where does one get drinks if no servers show up? I’ve sat for 20 minutes with no service before. I never use cheers but still drink a fair amount when in the casino. Just curious.
  13. Correct. One person in the cabin boarding Platinum then everyone does. On the last 5 or so, I don’t think ours showed before sail away and I am usually one of the first people on board. If not, then I just go looking for mine by the elevators and grab it if it’s not too deep. I have bright red polka dot ribbons so it’s easy to spot.
  14. With a name like pokerguy perhaps you booked a casino rate? If so, then contact the casino department and see what they can do. People have said they don’t price match on casino rates but they did for me.
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