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  1. Agreed. I paid to upgrade to a balcony with this design on the ecstasy. When I walked in the cabin I was furious at myself for not paying attention. There wasn’t even a couch in the cabin. Since I only travel with DH or a friend, I look to see how many are allowed in the room and move to another if there are more than 2 passengers allowed.
  2. We started at a TA using a “Cruise Manager”🙄. She didn’t give us squat. It was a penthouse suite and inside cabin for our kids. It was even our anniversary. Nada. Same price as if I was booking it. Hotel room price was no different either. I happened upon a great PVP and have stayed with her for years. She answers all my questions very quickly.
  3. I was at Melia in Nassau for the day a few years ago. I thought that I was using their WiFi. When I got home I had a huge bill. I had AT&T. I called and explained what happened and asked if they would remove the charge and they did. If you have a good history with your provider, it’s worth trying.
  4. Yeah. This would tick me off. In the future if you add someone, you may want to see if your PVP can keep the OBC on your own reservation. There have been times where I bring a friend and pay for everything and my PVP puts the full OBC on my reservation. She was able to do that in the past, at least. With all the OBC flying around, it may not be possible.
  5. I can’t recall how we got $800 but we did have one cruise canceled once before the November cancellations. Plus we had a little casino play. The $150 would be my own half of the OBC. If we’d rebook then I solely would have had to pay for gas and hotel because my friend would not likely be able to afford it. When Carnival gives OBC that’s fine, but it’s not enough to drive to FL when I live 2 hours from Charleston. I think that many will be annoyed that Carnival takes back OBC. I didn’t figure they’d “stack” the OBC but I’m a bit surprised they switched it out for $300 since we’ve been sticking with them and kept moving our booking. And yes, I realize they’re in the business of making money. Yes $10 pp for a 6-day cruise is a good deal, but it is out of Miami. It may as well be sailing from the moon. I’m not hoofin’ it all the way down there. LOL.
  6. I agree it’s frustrating. We had $800 OBC for Charleston and I had a printed confirmation. Our cruise was canceled so Carnival was going to give us $300 to rebook. What’s that again? 😳 So I now get a whopping $150 to drive 8 hours, then stay in a hotel? Um. Pass. It’s no wonder they’re sending offers to me cruises for $10 pp. I’m a little ticked off now. Maybe I’ll get over it by the time my January cruise arrives.
  7. Tony also does a great step by step video. As you can see in his video, keep everything away from the ledge of the table. It’s a good thing he had an extra test. After watching his video, I feel very confident that I could do this no problem. Very informative.
  8. I thought the proctored home tests were available 24/7… Also, aren’t these proctored from Outside the US, thus no worries about thanksgiving. If you want to watch a good home test video, La Lido Loca has one on YouTube. After watching, I feel more confident the home test is the way to go.
  9. I don’t know why or how and I don’t think it was a casino offer, but I just snagged a balcony mid ship on 9 for $410 pp. for 8 days to San Juan, St Kitts and St Maarten. Now it’s $1220 pp 😳 Check those offers often. I just looked on a whim.
  10. OP, just so you know, sometimes there are a limited number of casino offers available specifically to you personally. In other words, I mistakenly put a cruise on hold and also purchased a cabin on the same sailing. 🙄. This took up all my offers with my $500 OBC. Once I got rid of the hold, the offer came back into my offers page. What I’m saying is… just because you can’t see an offer doesn’t mean it’s not available to you. I would call the casino people and they can tell you what’s available. I was on hold for 1.5 hours the other day so be prepared. Good luck.
  11. I actually mistakenly put a cruise on hold while my PVP was gone Labor Day weekend. I then put a deposit down on another cruise by mistake. 😞🙄. My cruise which was on hold kept popping up on my phone asking me to make a decision and was very annoying. I didn’t want that popping up for the next 4 days so my PVP got rid of it. Side note: If you have a PVP, just put a hold on a cabin but give no money until your PVP can take the money. I feel bad now because I cannot switch it to her for credit. 😞
  12. Thanks for your response. Hopefully nobody will test positive. But as long as we’re able to receive FCC in an amount equal to whatever we’re paying out, then I’m happy. 👍
  13. I tried to find the answer to this on their website and here on CC but honestly I could not. Getting a negative test while driving 8 hours on NYE may be a bit challenging. We may do the proctored home test in the car. What happens if you get to the port and then test positive? I realize you’re not going on the cruise, but what happens to your cruise fare? Are you just out of luck? We have Carnival’s insurance. Is that now worthless?
  14. Good luck OP. Yesterday I was on hold with the casino people for an hour and 20 minutes. Finally, a lady and I were talking for 2 minutes about what my options were, then the chirpy girl comes on “we’d like to know how your experience was with the representative. Please choose 1 to 5 …”. ??? Ugh. 😞
  15. Yep. My options will be New Years Eve and New Year’s Day.
  16. Thanks Fire. Yes, I look multiple times each day. My offers changed today; now less options and more $$. We will probably end up bailing on this if it cancels.
  17. JH said today (9-1-21) that still no decision has been made for Nov/Dec on some of these home ports which have not yet begun sailings. So while I don’t intend to cancel my Nov cruise out of Charleston, I’m starting to feel like this may indeed happen by Carnival. 😢 We have a very nice casino deal $315 pp midship on level 7 with $100 gambling money per person. The last time I personally had a deal this good was NEVER and I bought it last year. So if Carnival cancels this cruise, if I am able to find a substitute cruise from another port, given that it’s only a few months away, I am guessing the prices will be too high. Has anyone heard whether any OBC will be offered? Even if OBC is $300 pp, I don’t think that will help. We already have $800 OBC total and will struggle spending that. I really wish Carnival would just give gift cards so we could use it for cruise fare.
  18. This! Exactly. Same ole white rice, same ziti, same meat/fish with peppers and onions, and NO mashed potatoes and no imagination. The Carnival ships I’ve been on in the last few years have been older so unless I paid for JJs or the steakhouse, the only “hot meal” options are the 2+hour MDR or buffet for supper.
  19. We were in a regular 8D balcony on MG for January, before final payment. Since better cabins are now available for less than we paid, today we were able to move to an 8F extended balcony. Hopefully this is a good move rather than just appearing like one. 🤔 There weren’t any 8Ds left so my PVP couldn’t give me any $$ back.
  20. Wow. I don’t like hearing this. Sorry to hear you are now sick. That stinks. Carnival better get its head in the game.
  21. You’ll need to keep in mind that the remainder of the Sunshine is pretty decent. The inside rooms, not so much. This was supposed to be a cruise which I was going with a friend so I paid for an inside. The friend couldn’t go, so I begged my husband to go and here’s what our inside on Deck 7 was like. This was in Nov 2019, so 4 months pre-covid. Husband was not happy. Try to get a cabin on the Lido.
  22. Yes. 😡 I know. My final payment is fast approaching and the kicker is that I moved my MG cruise with my husband out to January so I could sail on the Sunshine with my friend in Nov. The new date for my January MG cruise was more $$$ and 1 less day. I don’t blame Carnival. I’m annoyed at the situation but I’m still holding out hope. 😞
  23. Not really. I don’t care if other people wear the gloves. I’d want gloves to keep my own hands from touching the utensils. I wash my hands and don’t touch anything before I get to the buffet. Only 1 glove is needed as you can hold the plate with the other hand. But honestly I’d rather just be served. I realize covid is not spread through surface contact but touching the utensils after others is nasty. I wash my hands afterwards, and then eat cold food.
  24. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on MG. What do you mean — up and down? Like a ramp? I’ve heard about this hidden step in the Limelight Lounge on another review.
  25. I read on JH’s FB page something that I am going to look into. Someone said they contacted their primary care doctor and asked about a Covid test for travel. The doctor told them to let her know when they need the test done and she’d “get you taken care of, and get you the results that same day.” And they did. Not sure if this cost $$ to do it this way rather than through CVS. My issue is I’m sailing Saturday Nov 27, which means I need to test on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving because of the Thursday/Friday holiday. Anyway, another option …
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