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  1. there are some pkgs at airport hotels. Look at www: seattlesouthside.com for some pkgs.
  2. right now Uber and Lyft has a driver shortage and Seattle authorized the rates to increase by at least 50% so for the first time a cab may be cheaper than Uber but you need to compare. Seatac airport has flatrateforhire.com as the official airport taxi, so they have a taxi 'dispatcher' so if you want a van he can get you one. Most cabs and ubers are prius which sometimes is difficult for 4 with luggage. Some ubers don't want a passenger to sit up front so keep that in mind. When at the airport there are metered cabs as well as flat rate for beware and ask. Fare to downtown is about $
  3. a cab is likely to be about $60 but you would need a cab to get to light rail, then pay the fare to seatac. I think its a lot of running around to save maybe $20. seattleexpress.com should offer pier to airport transfers. or look at flatrateforhire.com
  4. amtrak cars do have a small section in each car for a few pcs of suitcase size luggage. Business class also have some open areas in the rear where wheelchairs would go. I think they would let you bring the luggage instead of checking depending on how full the car is.
  5. Seattle express is up and running. Shuttle Express is the company that is gone and used to do airport shuttles to downtown and from downtown hotels to pier.
  6. actually as your walking towards Baggage claim there is an Alki Bakery with sandwiches. Its upstairs before security so if you don't see it on the way down to BC you could easily go back up the escalator to find some food. They also have a location near Carousel 6 in baggage claim
  7. nature nuts posting is a nice website but an absolutely unknown company. You can also check with seattleexpress.com that has a related company that does Seattle city tours.
  8. most people don't seem to realize that the seats are tall enough for suitcase to lay on the floor under the seat in front of you. Personally I wouldn't put my bags in the alcove where you can't keep an eye on them.
  9. the official cabs at seatac are now operated by flatrateforhire.com and you can put in the dock locations. For pier 66 its about $44 and for 91 it may be closer to $60 but those are generally less now than Uber which due to a rate increase generally is more now than a taxi. Be aware that seatac uses flat rate and metered but check with the taxi dispatcher and he will get you the right cab or taxi van if needed.
  10. The Sound is a new hotel and looks very nice and is in a good area. If your arriving or departing from Pier 66 remember that is considered in the downtown hotel zone so ANY cab should be charging you a $40 flat rate to Seatac. Even from Seatac there are flat rate taxis but you need to make sure you have a flat rate cab vs metered and the rate is about the same but there is an 'airport fee'. There are taxi dispatchers to help you. No more shuttle express, nor flat rate limos or towncars as they have gone out of business during covid. Seattle is pretty much back to normal but without a lot
  11. for the first time cabs can be cheaper than uber. Look at flatrateforhire.com they are also the 'official' airport taxi and offer a rate of about $40 from Seatac to downtown hotels. From pier 66 to airport any cab is a flat rate of $40. Pier 91 is not in a flat rate zone except for the Flatrateforhire.com cabs.
  12. it really depends on the hotel. Honestly the only one I'd be super concerned about is the Courtyard at Pioneer Square but most of the major downtown hotels would be perfectly fine but like anything best to ask on Tripadvisor for some local advice.
  13. there was never an 'official' flat rate from pier 91 if your speaking of taxis. The exclusive taxi at Seatac is flatrateforhire.com so if you arrange prior you can see the fare. Be aware that since they tore the viaduct down there is now a tunnel that is the quickest way to Seatac from the port but that is a toll road now so it will be interesting to see what that adds to a taxi fare. Best to ask a head of time. There is a flat rate from Pier 66 where NCL docks or from the downtown Seattle hotel zone of only $40. The zone is between Denney way and Jackson St. Uber rates have go
  14. there is only a handful of old time Seattle tour companies toursnorthwest.com and customizedtours.net with the Pandemic there were lots of changes and unsure if the HOHO buses will return. Take a look at the itineraries for the above two as they have been around a long time in Seattle.
  15. there is a taxi fare estimator that shows the fare to be about $60. Normally that would be more convenient than the cruise transfer however it really depends on how long you have to catch your flight. http://www.taxifarefinder.com/main.php?city=Seattle you might also look at seattleexpress.com for transfers. Some companies have gone out of business but I'd think new ones would be starting to fill the void.
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