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  1. amtrak.com should have pricing but price varies but it used to be as little as $20. Buying it ahead of time is better. Each train car has some storage in the back of each car though larger suitcases are normally 'checked'. In vancouver they line up the luggage in the front of the train so you just grab your case and go thru immigration. Eazy peazy.
  2. may I add that going to Vanc Business class is totally worth it since BC gets off first and allows you to get thru immigration first and gives you better access to the taxi qeue. Its a great way to get to Vanc and very scenic.
  3. victoriaclipper.com is the catamarran from downtown Seattle pugetsoundexpress.com is the co from Edmonds. The whales natural habitat is close to Vancouver Island (Victoria area) so your going to spend a lot of time in open water to get there. If you have a day stop in Victoria this may make a better location. I have heard good things about the Edmonds tours and Clipper has been around forever.
  4. Pioneer Square while convenient for the train isn't all that central for sightseeing. You really want to be more in the heart of downtown Pike, Pine Westlake Center. Hyatt, Sheraton Westin are all close by. If you still want the train area then look at the new Residence Inn which is at the train station. A cab or uber will be less than $10 (about) from downtown to Amtrak. Its a beautiful train ride and I suggest booking business class as they allow you off first to go thru immigration which is a big benefit going north. Book in advance as the train often sells out.
  5. capitol air while not a new company the shuttle into downtown are new. Glad to hear it worked but like most 'shared' shuttles. A cab is $44 or so to downtown so there really is not cost savings. Same from downtown to the pier, a cab or uber is likely to be less expensive.
  6. no hoho buses now. The main tour operators will be customizedtours.net or toursnorthwest.com
  7. most shuttles have gone out of business. You could take light rail to Pioneer Square easily if not much luggage. A cab would be about $44. I'd avoid the Courtyard in Pioneer Square however there are new hotels such as Embassy Suites which are very nice. If you give more specifics I could be more helpful
  8. I saw that but have no idea where that came from. When you look on the side of ANY taxi in Seattle the $40 flat rate is shown but that zone does not extend to the pier so I'd be very cautious on what is being offered. There are a number of 'flat rate cabs' in Seattle and that might be their rate but I wouldn't want people to assume that 'any' cab is $48.
  9. seems like Yellow cab has an exclusive for the Amtrak Station. There is a teleophone on the wall if you don't see a cab waiting. Be aware that in the past gypsy cabs with no signs and no meters hustled passengers and I would avoid those. While cabs have diminished with cruises and tourism back cabs are around. www:flatrateforhire.com is one cab company.
  10. Both are prettty new. Embasssy Suites is very nice but Pioneer Square is not as convenient a location as belltown. Sort of depends on what your plans are. If this is just an overnite with cruise next day either will work well. For sightseeing I'd like the Sound location better.
  11. Please don't assume that Uber is less than taxi as Seattle has allowed Uber to raise rates to be minimum wage so rates have gone up. Only cabs from Pier 66 have flat rates. From pier 91 you can find a flat rate taxi however most cabs are not flat rate but metered by time and distance. www:flatrateforhire.com
  12. the only flat rate is from downtown seattle to Seatac for 40. Unless your using a specific flat rate taxi the rates are metered by time and distance so I wouldn't plan on $48. There is also now a toll tunnel to the airport so most cabs would take that route. flatrateforhire.com
  13. Cruiser Bruce is absolutely correct. The reason you don't see 'shuttle's' from downtown hotels is they were charging $10-15 per person when a whole cab is less than $20 to either port. Cabs drop as close to the front door there isn't a huge walk.
  14. I might add that in yrs past National, Alamo and others had pier pickup which was really a 'shuttle' to the downtown location, so you might try that
  15. Enterprise, National and Alamo are in the Macy's downtown parking garage on 3rd and Union. Easy to get to via Link and the Westlake Station exit. Budget and Avis are on 5th avenue near the Westin Hotel and only a block or two from Westlake Center. Hertz has a location at the Grand Hyatt near 8th and Pine so also easy to get to. Some firms will allow you to drop at Seatac with no fees and others charge, however the cost is normally less than a cab so its an easy option. Better yet, rent downtown and save the airport fees
  16. when you arrive during rush hr look at flat rate options otherwise a metered cab can get very expensive. Seatac you will find flat rate taxis as well as metered. there is normally a taxi dispatch person to help you.
  17. there are some pkgs at airport hotels. Look at www: seattlesouthside.com for some pkgs.
  18. right now Uber and Lyft has a driver shortage and Seattle authorized the rates to increase by at least 50% so for the first time a cab may be cheaper than Uber but you need to compare. Seatac airport has flatrateforhire.com as the official airport taxi, so they have a taxi 'dispatcher' so if you want a van he can get you one. Most cabs and ubers are prius which sometimes is difficult for 4 with luggage. Some ubers don't want a passenger to sit up front so keep that in mind. When at the airport there are metered cabs as well as flat rate for beware and ask. Fare to downtown is about $44 and Uber has been about $50 but check. What I do is put in the destination late at night to see what the 'real' fare is then you know if your paying a surge amt once you get to Seattle.
  19. a cab is likely to be about $60 but you would need a cab to get to light rail, then pay the fare to seatac. I think its a lot of running around to save maybe $20. seattleexpress.com should offer pier to airport transfers. or look at flatrateforhire.com
  20. amtrak cars do have a small section in each car for a few pcs of suitcase size luggage. Business class also have some open areas in the rear where wheelchairs would go. I think they would let you bring the luggage instead of checking depending on how full the car is.
  21. Seattle express is up and running. Shuttle Express is the company that is gone and used to do airport shuttles to downtown and from downtown hotels to pier.
  22. actually as your walking towards Baggage claim there is an Alki Bakery with sandwiches. Its upstairs before security so if you don't see it on the way down to BC you could easily go back up the escalator to find some food. They also have a location near Carousel 6 in baggage claim
  23. nature nuts posting is a nice website but an absolutely unknown company. You can also check with seattleexpress.com that has a related company that does Seattle city tours.
  24. most people don't seem to realize that the seats are tall enough for suitcase to lay on the floor under the seat in front of you. Personally I wouldn't put my bags in the alcove where you can't keep an eye on them.
  25. the official cabs at seatac are now operated by flatrateforhire.com and you can put in the dock locations. For pier 66 its about $44 and for 91 it may be closer to $60 but those are generally less now than Uber which due to a rate increase generally is more now than a taxi. Be aware that seatac uses flat rate and metered but check with the taxi dispatcher and he will get you the right cab or taxi van if needed.
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