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  1. When we asked some crew, we got answers ranging from 70 to 80% capacity.
  2. NY bagels and pizza are the best! Purely just bad imitations that don't compare (with just 1 or 2 exceptions that somewhat vaguely taste almost like NY products) in our new FL home. Yeah, pristine was a stretch, but I remember when pollution from our MidWestern States was causing acid rain to fall in NY back in the 70's and we needed Federal Law to end those atrocities. Now that brings up memories of rivers in PA and OH catching fire as well. What a rabbit hole we were falling into!
  3. So true. But to anyone who has disparaged Carnival, I suggest they try the Mardi Gras or Celebration (once that ship starts sailing) and you'll never know you were on Carnival at all. They broke their mold with this class ship. We sailed MG 9/4 -9/11 and it was our best Carnival ship experience ever - bright colors and decor, plenty of dining venues, a roller coaster, and absolutely no plastic palm trees or Farkus inspired creations on this liquid natural gas fueled ship We've sailed over a year's worth of days on Carnival, NCL, RCCL, Celebrity, Princess, MSC and Disney.
  4. How does the company know if they are selling to a solo individual or a family of 6, or anything in between? Seller beware in this case, not necessarily the company's responsibility.
  5. The trouble with a 'type written" report is that they can be easily duplicated by anyone trying to evade the testing requirement. False documentation (when detected) would be reason to deny boarding and possible legal charges.
  6. New paint and less visible rust makes all the re-painted ships look fabulous.
  7. We had the luxury of drinking pristine water via the NY Aqueduct system for over 6 decades. Never needed bottled or filtered water with our "Croton Highball". But once we moved to SWFL, we first utilized bottled water, esp. for coffee making, cooking, and rinsing fresh foods. Then we installed a whole house filter to get rid of foul tasting and unappetizing tap water. We now use less soap and shampoo washing dishes, doing laundry and taking showers. We only buy bottled water now for emergency use for blackouts or hurricane disruptions. On board ship, we generally order 16 oz bottled water just for convenience sakes. We're careful to dispose of the empties properly. I imagine at some point we will cease this practice, but we're not at that point yet.
  8. Looks like the same ship from different angles to my old tired eyes. Funny, when the COVID cruising "pause" began, I started a thread on how Carnival could use some of the down time to clean up the rust on its ships' hulls and repaint them with a quality marine product over their self admitted cheap paint. Some responders said no income and no staff so no new paint, others said what rust? I wish I could find that thread now and revive it.
  9. I believe many of the cooking classes on the Mardi Gras are held in the same venue that they have the Chef's Table dinner. One side has the prep and cooking stations and the other has 2 sit down tables, maybe 8 or 10 tops.
  10. I'll guess this post means well, but I couldn't help think that it's message is similar to blaming a woman's attire for her rapist's crime???
  11. We were on the Mardi Gras 9/4 to 9/11 sailing, and I'll estimate that 90% of the guests and all the staff wore masks inside. A few exceptions here and there, but vast majority complied. Probably thought like us, using several layers of prevention to stay COVID free. If anyone doesn't want to comply, please stay home or weigh the slight inconvenience of mask wearing versus a case of COVID? Don't think it's okay to walk around the inside areas of the ship maskless if you are carrying a drink or even worse, an empty can of soda. Come on, it's not the end of the world, it's like seat belt wearing in a car.
  12. Exactly. When they announced the extended delay, they stated smokers could only go to the casino bar and light up there. BTW, the Mardi Gras casino is an enclosed area, there are self closing automatic doors at most entrances and exits. Those doors that weren't auto were just hinged, but they still managed to keep most smoke inside the casino and not drift into adjacent areas..
  13. We did our PCR test at CVS in Fort Myers on Sept 1 and had results 36 hours later via email and MyChart. It was still the 72 hour window then. We sailed Sept 4 on Mardi Gras from Port Canaveral and had no issues at check in (except lack of Diamond priority line and waiting lounge). Perhaps you can do the test in your home town and have your results emailed? If you have a night in Cocoa Beach, have the results printed there?
  14. Mardi Gras has a great design - all casino areas have doors enclosing the gambling areas, and most were automatic or self closing. Areas adjacent to the MG's casino had little 3rd hand smoke. There were many "no smoking" machines and there was good guest compliance on the 9/4 sailing. Mask wearing helped out as well, a side benefit. Most of the heavy smoke was around the bar area.
  15. We disembarked the Mardi Gras Sept 11 after assembling in the Punchliner Club before 7:30, when we began to be "escorted" off the ship. We were outside the terminal by 7:50. I believe once Diamonds who did self assist were off, the procedure continued with The Platinums @ 8AM, then other groups for both walk off and early zones were to be called once all the walk off Plats departed. Note that there was a station off the Grand Central area where early zone luggage tags could be had without making a trek to Guest Services (similar to Norwegians' pick your own color tags). A general announcement was made that all guests had to be "off ship" by 10AM. Again, this was how it went on the MG 9/11, future sailings maybe tweaked as Carnival deems fit. Enjoy MG, it is truly a fantastic ship!
  16. With only a few ships sailing, and little port crossovers, we saw 6 different comedians on 6 different adult shows on the Mardi Gras last week. One of the busy performers on the 1st 3 days of the sailing remained on the ship the whole week but didn't perform the last few nights. Some nights there were 2 or 3 performers doing a total of 5 or so shows an evening.
  17. We always did late dining prior to COVID, but not sure if those experiences would be helpful since much has changed since sailing resumed. We were on the Mardi Gras last week though, and were the only diners seated at a ten top on sailaway night. The Matre'D Stefan was gracious enough to seat us at a 4 top (by ourselves) for the other nights we ate there, 4 total. The 2nd night, elegant night, was perhaps 60% capacity, the fullest we saw all week. Hardly any kids at all on the ship or in the dining rooms. The 2 youngsters we saw the 1st night didn't show again. With so many different dining options on board this ship, the demand for MDR seating was way down. It was probably so much easier to have youngsters eat at Big Chicken, Guy's burgers or BBQ, Tepanyaki, etc. I'll guess that last week's sail date conflicted with school days, and perhaps it was hard to get the under 12 vax exemption. We had a great time on this ship and even booked it again for next year!
  18. Indeed! I appreciate the OP's effort and comments on this exceptional ship.! Thank you, OP!!!! Just a few comments of my own: I loved the: 1) Glass shower door! No darn plastic curtain! 2) The sliding (not hinged slamming) balcony door!! Carnival finally joins the other cruise lines with this design improvement. 3) The balcony railings are no longer wooden, they are some coated white material that doesn't get hot, and spray or rain drops just slide right off. 4) The bright decor throughout the ship. Looked more like Celebrity or MSC. 5) The BOLT was exhilarating. I went on the 1st port day and was the only one riding. Definitely use the app to queue a time on a sea day when it gets crowded. 6) Speaking of the app, it was an easy way to "skip lines" for MDR meals. Just check in on line, walk to the Palm MDR and right into Sea Day Brunch. 7) So many dining choices! We enjoyed dinner at the Steakhouse (best meal all week, as usual), Rudi's was better than MDR food by just a bit, and Emeril's had great gumbo but so so jambalaya. Of course, JMO, food is so subjective and YMMV. 8 Late dining in the MDR was more than half empty on the nights we did eat there. 9 We saw 6 different comedians on 6 different nights in Punchliners, plenty of adult laughs all around. Family comedy was in Limelight Lounge, we didn't go there. 10 Mardi Gras is a game changer for Carnival and goes way beyond the concepts started in Vista and Horizon. It will be my fav Carnival ship, and we've booked in again on a casino fare for Nov 2022. I'll guess that Celebration will be just as good. There were a few minor issues I didn't like, such as no diamond priority check in line or lounge, but I'll carp about those minor things in later posts. Once again, thanks to the OP for his great review!!!
  19. I'm Diamond, and had a 10:30 to 11AM boarding slot, but there wasn't a diamond line for check-in, and no diamond lounge to wait in. We had an A12 boarding time slot, so we just sat around in the very busy and crowded terminal until our # was called. For debarkation, there was a Diamond priority and we met in Punchliners at 7:30AM, walked our luggage off the ship and proceeded through Customs by 7:50 AM. Very smooth, just like you said!
  20. We found the slots tight on day 1 and 2, but day 3 hit my 1st JP. We did come home with enough winnings to have paid for our cruise. One man who played slots in the same area that we did hit at least 3 MAJOR JP's of over $10,000 each that we saw. I was cynically wondering if he was a "plant" of the casino and in cahoots with them to scare up business. Max play was high on many machines, $27 on a dollar machine was not uncommon. Penny slots had $5, 6 or 8.88 max amts. There were many more non smoking machines than usual, and I didn't notice anyone lighting up or vaping where they shouldn't. Most smokers, players and idlers, stayed near the smoking area around the casino bar. There were doors at all entrances/exits of the casino that didn't allow much smoke into the adjacent areas.
  21. We were on the same cruise and saw 90% of guests complying with masks indoors - it's not required for outdoor seating or walking around. We felt more comfortable COVID wise being on the ship than we do in our Florida hometown stores where there is only 53% fully vaxxed and many strong opinions about masking.
  22. We were on this sailing as well. There was no priority boarding for Diamond or Platinum guests. Did you get priority boarding with the Elite casino fare?
  23. We used CVS for PCR testing at 10 am and then 11am on Sept. 1 for a Sept. 4 sailing. We each received our results 36 hours later. We printed the negative report, and had email and MYChart result listed as backup if needed. We had our documents reviewed by 2 agents and had no problems getting checked in for our cruise.
  24. I posted above that we were getting tested Wed at a local CVS that said we could get results in a few hours....when we actually did the test, they said 1 or 2 days. So we just got our results 36 hours after taking the test. No wait or line at all. Easy to printout. The local DOH test site at Century Link Field had a 3 hour wait line up, and I have no idea how long those results will take. Off to the Mardi Gras! I got an email from Carnival that they will go to a 2 day test window for sailings starting Sept 13 and afterwards.
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