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  1. As far as lobster in the Portland area I'd recommend "The Lobster Shack at Two Lights" in Cape Elizabeth. Food is good and the views are fantastic (they are right on the ocean). Take a look at their website and you'll see what I mean. They're about a 25 minute car ride from Portland so not sure if that would work for you but it looks like you're docked there most of the day so doable time wise but maybe a little pricey to get there and back, would have to look into that. There are plenty of places in the Old Port area near the cruise terminal to eat lobster but I don't have any experience with them other than "DiMillo's on the Water" and I'd not recommend anyone to go there. I won't go into details but after 2 bad experiences there a few years ago I swore never to go back. Hope that helps a little!
  2. I posted pictures of the SV I had in the "Edge Class Cabin Compilation" thread at the top of this forum.
  3. Let's see...after exiting the aft elevators on deck 14 enter the OVC on the port side where Il Secondo Bacio is located...continue into the OVC and the counter to the left should be the bread section...continue past this and go around to the left following the counter (IIRC it turns into desserts shortly after you go around to the left) keep following it and the stir fry section should be there on the left just a few stations down. Hope this helps and they don't change the location of it by April! I don't know if this will work but I'll attach a deck plan with a red line showing the route.
  4. Yes....my partner loved it and thought it was very good...I mostly ate the food from the Indian Food station and thought it was very good also.
  5. IIRC just up from the bread and dessert stations and diagonally across from the Indian Food station if that makes sense.
  6. If I may jump in here...they go to the Sunset Bar and actually take you right into the smoking section (where you need to have your required cigarette in order to continue on to the bar ).
  7. Date of Cruise: 12/1/18 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 10269 Deck #: 10 Cabin Category: SV (Sunset Veranda) Cabin Location: Aft Bed Position: By the bath Balcony Type: Regular Aft Balcony Balcony/Window Size: Very good size, a little shorter length wise on one side due to curvature of ship Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: No Balcony Overhang?: Slight overhang Magic Carpet Issues?: No Noise Issues?: No Wind Issues?: No Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: No but can connect balconies if desired Suite Details: Advantages/Problems/Comments: Would You Book It Again?: Yes, loved the room Photos or Photo Links:
  8. I have gray and sand tone colors in my house so I guess I'm good to go for a few more years! hcat may have been referring to me as I mentioned in my review that the gray hallways were getting to me but the room itself was ok with the pops of color in the picture and on the pillows along with the white, anyway I'd just go to the martini bar, have a couple more lemon drops and all would be right with the world. Now I must confess that I am color blind so everything ( except the lemon drop part! ) has just gone down the toilet in your minds I'm sure!
  9. Yes, it's a requirement, every time I walked through the smoking area near the sunset bar during the December 1 cruise they would stop me, shove a cigarette and lighter into my hand and I'd have to light up and take a couple drags to fulfill the requirement then move on to the bar to get a good strong drink to take the taste out of my mouth...it was nothing really..I got used it quickly (I stopped smoking over 40 years ago). 😉😉😜😜
  10. Since it was such a short cruise I unfortunately didn't get to check out many parts of the ship but one area that comes to mind would be the (starboard?) side of the Solarium where IIRC there were plenty of loungers in the shade by some large windows overlooking the sea (I took pictures of the Solarium but don't have one of this area). Vtcruising was on the ship longer and has a more comprehensive review than mine so she might be able to shed more light on where these types of area's can be found. There is a promenade deck however I didn't see much of it. I know that it doesn't wrap around the ship and it also has outside area's for a few restaurants on parts of it so not sure how usable it is for just walking etc. Sorry I guess I'm not much help! Oh wait a minute! Eden of course! Plenty of places to sit in Eden during the day and watch the ocean.
  11. Yes. All Sunset Veranda's have curtains.
  12. Yes, so I guess it's not a complete walk in access now that I think about it if that's what the poster was talking about. I didn't use the pool but was sitting there and at one point saw a person slip and fall after getting out of the pool and coming down those stairs you can see in the picture so beware it can be quite slippery in that area!
  13. I know your questions weren't directed to me and I don't want to hijack the OP's thread but just wanted to say that we didn't notice any AC issues anywhere on the ship, doesn't mean there weren't any but we didn't notice it. We had a problem with the toilet in our cabin not flushing a couple of times during the cruise but it was fixed in a very short period of time.
  14. Just off the ship myself and as per my picture below you can see that the Solarium Pool does indeed have walk in access.
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