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  1. We used Cabo Trek aka Cabo Whale Trek and were very pleased with them in spite of the scarcity of whales mentioned above. That was out of their control and they offered to take us out again but we had seen enough. There was a marine biologist leading the tour, and the highlight was when she put a hydrophone in the water and we could hear the whales singing. Just go with realistic expectations as it is nearing the end of the season. You are unlikely to see the magnificent breaching shown in the advertising, but you will learn a lot and see some nice scenery and maybe if you're lucky see some spouts and/or tails.
  2. In Cabo, we went to Destiny Spa on Lazaro Cardenas. No ambiance to speak of, but they were very professional and thorough. My eyes were closed the whole time, so I didn't care about the decor. We were like jello when they were done and I would go back in a heartbeat. Last year, it was 19.99 for 70 minutes.
  3. If it is your first time, I wouldn't bother with a tour. There is plenty to see just walking around. It's kind of obligatory to take a glass bottom water taxi over to El Arco. Otherwise, it depends on what you're into. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, shop, or get a cheap massage. For shopping, I forgo the mall and head to the side streets off the main drag. As for whales, it is hit or miss. We were there last year for several days this same time of year and saw more whales from our hotel than on our whale watching tour. You will have to weigh your interest level against your limited time in port. Keep an eye out for clusters of boats because that means there's a whale.
  4. Thanks for all the info. No, OP is not disembarking at Hilton Gaslamp, but I do have access to Google maps and still appreciate the info. Sometimes the best I can do is "triangulate" an answer and any info helps. But no need to guestimate here as you all have told me what I need to know including the fact that it is metered and not flat rate like some places. Thanks again.
  5. Can someone tell me the current cab fare from the San Diego cruise terminal to the airport? 3 ppl, 3 suitcases.
  6. I am pretty sure he is still in Canada. His website is down and there haven't been any TripAdvisor reviews since 2012.
  7. Thank you fatcat for your sacrifice. Was this at the Dive In? If you know a selfless fellow passenger with the Signature package who would be willing to conduct a bit of research of their own, we would love to know the outcome.
  8. This is too funny. You sound like you are also the kind of person who charms people out of free refills without even asking. Thanks for the brochure; I could never had dreamed up some of those things without a menu to inspire me. The fact that milkshakes aren't specifically included is disappointing, but I will certainly try. I will report back if I have to resort to your melted food method ;). This is the first time I've had the beverage package, and I can tell that I'd better pack the elastic waist pants.
  9. Good to know. No wonder I can't find an answer! I will send my husband to order since he somehow manages to get free refills at places that charge for refills.
  10. So I just want to confirm that milkshakes are NOT included in the Signature package. Is that right? Thanks.
  11. Wow, thanks for the pics! This looks like similar fare to that on the Veendam. I made an entire lunch from it one day. But I will confess that I am looking for guacamole (I am from Austin and will have withdrawal symptoms w/o it ). Also, I had a daily habit of getting cheese fries from Dive In and adding shredded cheese from the taco bar. When I booked this cruise, that was one of the first things that came to mind. What is wrong with me? I am sure that finding shredded cheddar will be no problem. And we're sailing out of CA to the Mexican Riviera so I will find my guac some way, somehow--although it may be shoreside.
  12. We cruised on Veendam last summer and I loved the taco bar next to the Dive In. We are now booked on the Nieuw Amsterdam, but I haven't seen a similar taco bar in any of the photos. Does the NA have one?
  13. Which beverage package did you have?
  14. How much is a taxi from the PV pier to Mismaloya (the zoo)? I would certainly go outside the port area since it is supposed to be cheaper. But I don't want to take the time to take the bus. Thanks.
  15. Yes, we were on the Vision! It far exceeded my expectations, and happily so since it was $17 per person (including kids.) We had a personal guide to take us around to (maybe a dozen?) different stations to show us what life was like for the ancient Maya. We got to grind corn and sample fresh tortillas, see bees in log hives and try honey, sample fresh salsa, see ritual songs and dances, play the Mayan ball game, draw water from a cenote, sample natural chicle (gum), crush roasted cocoa beans and taste them mixed with honey, scrape henequin leaves to get fibers for weaving, and more. My son had read a lot of library books prior to the trip, but this experience really brought it to life.
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