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  1. We had a Junior Suite on Jewel too under the Windjammer, we are NOT light sleepers (and I'm partially deaf), but the noise was unbearable. The rolling of the carts every day and night at all hours. We were told we were under the galley prep area of the Windjammer, and that's why it was so constant. We tried to persevere with it for the first week (we were on a Transatlantic), and then I went to guest services, they called the manager of the Windjammer, he said he would get it stopped, but it didn't, so eventually they gave us another room still on the same floor, but nearer the front of the ship, and also a FCC to compensate. We did the same trip (TA)a few months later again in a JS on port side at ffont of the ship, and had no problems. I would suggest avoid if possible, although Wonder might have more soundproofing since its a newer ship.
  2. Here are the current T & C's for UK bookings: 1.4 WHEN IS THE BALANCE DUE? Please note: for bookings confirmed before 1 July 2021, we must receive the balance of the holiday cost no less than 57 days prior to departure. If you book within 56 days of departure, you must pay the total holiday cost at the time of booking. For bookings confirmed or amended on or after 1 July 2021, we must receive the balance of the holiday cost no less than 70 days prior to departure. If you book within 69 days of departure, you must pay the total holiday cost at the time of booking. If we do not receive all monies due to us in full and on time (including any surcharge where applicable), we shall cancel your holiday due to non-payment. In this case, you will have to pay cancellation charges as set out below (see 1.10). If you use your credit or debit card to pay us directly for your cruise, please be aware that we may process that transaction via a bank in the US and your card issuer may choose to charge you a foreign processing fee. We advise you to check the terms and conditions of such foreign transactions with your card issuer in advance of making a payment to us. This is taken from Royal's website, so if booked with a TA, they normally request the money a week or so prior to the above.
  3. I've travelled with a scooter on the ships for a few years now, and normally, I can get my scooter through non accessible cabin doors (it is a tight fit, but it does go through). I have a GoGo Sport Elite, and if I don't use an accessible cabin, I try to ensure I get a cabin with the bed beside the balcony, which gives room to get the scooter into the room. We've also been told that the cabin steward can take your scooter away in the evening, and park it up, and have it charged, and return it to you the follow day at an agreed time, if it doesn;t fit through the door. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your cruise
  4. We're in the Uk, and the way we make payment is slightly different. I did actually email the RCCL rep that agreed and confirmed the price drop and refund, because the card we had used to make the initial payment had expired, so I wanted to give her the new information, and she replied that the refurnd would actually be returned to my TA, and they in turn would refund me. I do have another TA company which I have booked other trips with, but this TA still has a L & S applicable for us too. There will be no more bookings with her!!!
  5. We are on the Jewel for the sailings around the Greek isles leaving from Cyprus, and we booked this on 4 August. I've been having an issuie with my TA with regards to the price we initially paid, which was higher than advertised on the website, At that time we qualified for the Senior Discount, but they never included our C & A discount, my TA was adamant that it had been included (Invoice I received didn't even have our C & A numbers on it!!). I kept sending her screen shots of the price I had, and on Monday of this week, she called me to say they'd (RCCL) dropped the price, and given me my C & A Discount, but the price was still higher than advertised. She doesn't seem to like the idea that at present we can use the Best price Guarantee. I again sent another screen shot of the lower price, and I suggested that since she was having issues contacting RCCL (I kept getting reminded that she'd spent over 6 hours in total waiting to speak to someone to sort this) I could contact HQ and ask them to check the prices. I sent an email and an hour later received a reply, they would look into it immediately. I then, saw later that night the prices had dropped again(our senior discount disappeared, but we kept C & A discount)and I emailed early the next morning to the person who had replied from HQ, to ask about the new pricing. I received a reply stating that a new invoice would be issued for the lower pricing, and I would receive a refund which would go back to my TA. From the correspondence I've had since, I think I have one very unhappy TA. I'm still awaiting the refund from TA, and haven't heard from her since my last email on Tuesday!!! I had never seen a Senior Citizen Discount either until now!!! lol
  6. Are you referring to the drinks packages being offered with new bookings in the UK? If so, the last time that I've seen this being advertised was back at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019. I think the offer finished around March 2019. It has never been advertised (that I've seen) since. Because of all the cancellations that have happened due to Covid, and being able to Lift & shift, to keep original promotions and prices, we have a booking which has the drinks package promotion which we has been transferred, and still to be used in 2022 (hopefully)
  7. We have sailed on Jewel twice both Transatlantics, (November 2017 & May 2018), we had JS cabins for both. Our November cruise we were in 1094, and I would suggest NOT to book this cabin, because it is right below the prep area for the Windjammer, and the noise from above is constant all day & night. We are not light sleepers, in fact I have a hearing disability, but the noise was unbearable, it was like a train on a railway track, with the carts trundling across the floor. We did eventually go to guest services, and they eventually allowed us to use 1054 to sleep in at night, so we ended up with 2 cabins. On our TA the following May we were in a cabin below the pool deck on the opposite side of the ship, and we had no problems with that cabin. Our friends that we sailed with, also had JS cabins for both sailings, and they were in 1040 or 1042 for the November sailing and they had the aft cabin 1100 for the May sailing, they met the couple who were in 1100 in November, and they allowed them to view the cabin, and they had a hammock rigged on the balcony, both of these cabins had no noise issues. Apart from the cabin issue, we enjoyed our 2 trips on Jewel, and as has been mentioned already, on both trips they used the Safari Lounge for the Diamond Hours, and then later in the evening for Karaoke, Quest etc, and on one trip they even laid out a chocolate buffet in the Safari Club on one evening. We would sail on Jewel again, the Captain (Dustin) and staff were a great crew
  8. The flights showing on Skyscanner at present leaving Manchester at 6.50am with a change in Munich and arrives in Larnaca around 15.00. or another flight with Lufthansa leaving Manchester at 6.10am changing in Frankfurt and arriving in Larnaca at 16.10. As someone else has mentioned the flight times will probably be confirmed nearer your sailing, and probably once travel begins again there could be more flights available.
  9. I fail to understand why they allow people to book in advance for MTD (my opinion and I realise others are different). To me the concept is, show up when you wish to eat, and within 10/15 mins you can be seated, it's usually quicker if you are prepared to share a table with other diners. I have always booked MTD, I'm on vacation, and don't want to be governed by the clock for our meals. We do not have prior notification of what activities are happening onboard each sailing, and we do not know what we are going to be doing from day to day. I had a similar discussion with a Maitre D' on a sailing as RCCL fan, and he soon found a table for our party each night when we decided we wished to dine. Some ships use different entrances for those who have reservations, and those who don't, which can work if managed properly.
  10. We're in the UK, and booked our flights as a package with RCG, we fly from Scotland to Barbados, and we've been charged £665 return per person, we expect the flight to go via LHR, and also think it's a BA flight, (it's too far out for confirmed times) but if the cruise is cancelled, we will have a full refund of any monies paid, and will be covered under ABTA etc.
  11. The other thing to note is that your deposit for your cancelled cruise might still be in a 'holding account' with your TA. Some TA's in UK do not pass on any monies paid for cruises straight away, there are numerous different scenarios used in the UK. If your deposit is still sitting in a 'holding' account, then RCG might not issue a FCC for the deposit, even more reason to call RCG to find out.
  12. I would call RCG and ask them for a copy of the email, detailing what options you have, and explain your Travel Agent has closed, and you don't know where the email has been sent to, and you'll now require to use a new Travel Agent. Hope you get this sorted soon
  13. I've just checked on RCCL's UK site and it's still showing there too
  14. If you hope to visit the Edinburgh Tattoo (depending on how long the ship is in port in Edinburgh), can I suggest you look to book this early, because the Tattoo can sell out very quickly.
  15. Garyjames220, Are you going to book directly with RCG, or through a Travel Agent, if a TA ensure that all monies paid are forwarded straight to RCG and not kept in a 'holding' account to be paid at a later date, because if that happens and the cruise is cancelled RCG will only refund whatever monies have actually been paid to them.
  16. Hi Ken, Is this error only for L & S using FCC's in the past couple of days, or does this refer to all L & S's using FCC that have occurred over the past ?? months? Thanks
  17. The weather in Scotland is unpredictable during June to August, and our schools take their summer break from end June to mid August, the schools in England break later. I don't know which ports you're visiting, but if Edinburgh is a port of call, you may want to keep in mind that the Edinburgh Military Tattoo takes place in August, and I know this is very popular with tourists all over, as is the Edinburgh Festival, which also makes it a busy time to visit too. If/when you sail, ensure you pack a brolly (Umbrella), and light rainproof jacket, and I'm sure you'll be fine.
  18. I did a Lift & Shift before Christmas, and cancelled my cruise planner purchases, and monies were transferred to Card within 7 days.
  19. Hi Mac What sailing have you booked, we've booked the 14 night sailing leaving on February 20 2022. Hope you, Jane and your family are all well and safe xx
  20. These interported cruises surely would be treated in a 'similar' way as people booking B2B sailings, but without the inconvenience of those staying onboard having to disembark with the other guests and go through Customs etc.
  21. I don't think the UK website has been kept up to date. There was something I was trying to check a few days ago (it was something to do with Lift & Shift), and the UK site gave 2 different dates information depending on where you read the T & C's.
  22. Thanks Ken, I'll get them to try and check that out. The 2J balcony that was offered at the time, doesn't seem to be available now, but there is 2 x 1J's as you mention. Thanks for your help on this. Just one last question, I presume the original price is protected only if they can match like for like, if this is not the case would they then be invoiced at today's rates?
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