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  1. Hi everyone, I have taken the plunge and booked on Virtuosa on 21 August. I know it is expensive for what it is ( I am a solo passenger), but I need a break! Anyway, has anyone managed to arrange travel insurance yet for these sailings? My usual insurer doesn’t cover for U.K. cruises and it seems difficult to find anyone to cover them. Thanks
  2. I would love to book one of these sailings, but what about the required travel insurance? I contacted my current provider this afternoon and they do not cover what is needed. Does anyone know any policies which are ok?
  3. Hi, on the free at sea dining package (for14 nights on Star) what restaurants can you choose from and can you choose from any item on the menu or do you have to pay extra for fillet mignon for example? Thanks
  4. I am booked on the Infinity for Argentina/Antarctica Jan 2022. I know it is unlikely, but are Celebrity still going to revolutionise the ship before then?
  5. I was on the last one back in March, which had to terminate in Mumbai. Would love to finish the journey in the future!
  6. I wonder too. Was booked on Silhouette in Jan 2022 from Chile. Phoned up today to be told rebook at higher price or can cancel and get deposit refunded. Problem for me is the deposit was a FCC and can only get a new FCC as a refund. Unacceptable in my view. They are forcing me to lose money one way or another! Hope head office are reading these threads
  7. Great review. Unfortunately I was on the sailing which stopped in Mumbai and we had to fly home in a hurry! Hope that one day Celebrity will do this route again
  8. Hi all, Trying to find out if there are any offers for Captains Club members at the moment. Can’t find any info on their website. Does anyone know? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I cancelled a cruise I booked during the cruise with confidence offer period and have just received a FCC ( I only paid the deposit). If I book a new sailing with the FCC and decide I want to cancel it again, will I receive a new FCC and be able to use it on another sailing. Just asking as it is difficult to decide on where is best to book at the moment with the current situation. Thanks
  10. Still not working!! This is crazy by NCL. No one in the UK can currently get prices or details of any cruise they are interested in booking! Will try and contact them today to see when it is getting fixed. Frustrating.
  11. When I click on a cruise on the results page to get more detail/prices the Uh Oh error page comes up. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  12. I am wondering when the fall transatlantic cruises usually go on sale. I would like to do one in 2021 (I know it's a long way away but I plan early!) and also look at winter sailings as well.
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