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  1. I take care of things for my mother who joins us on cruises so it would be much easier for me to be able to do most things on the website and minimize the work on her phone.
  2. I have already sent mine in for a cruise in March 2023 and it has been already applied to my account. No need to wait.
  3. We booked this as well. Definitely has been on the bucket list!
  4. It has been both for me; did and didn't! Since last March (2020), I haven't received any.
  5. Yes, that's what my TA told me.
  6. To be clear, just received from my TA who knew I was very interested in a couple of these itineraries. Paying it forward to those who shared in the past to my benefit!
  7. Just received. See attached. Caribbean 2022-2023.pdf Panama Canal 2022-2023.pdf West Coast departures 2022-2023.pdf
  8. DH make the choice as a Canadian Hokie is kind of different! 😉
  9. Thank you! Many of us like to have our dinners on Sunday to leave Monday (stat holiday) for travel or recovery from turkey.
  10. Booked on both and keeping fingers crossed that we will all be able to cruise safely once again for these!
  11. Has anyone seen the pricing for these as yet??
  12. Hi John, We will be if possible!!! denise
  13. Thank you, John. Our British Isles on the Crown was cancelled so this is a good alternative. denise
  14. I highly recommend the escorted if you can. We thoroughly enjoyed it on our fist visit to Alaska. Our dedicated escort was fantastic and took care of details such as dinner reservations at the lodges, and even menu recommendations.
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