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  1. We finally made it to elite and I want to trade my bar setup for premium coffee. Do I call room service or the cabin steward?
  2. Thanks, this is the the information I needed. I will be packing a pour over and my own coffee along with a few single serve instant packs.
  3. Is there a coffee maker in the cabin or a kettle for tea or instant coffee? Are tea and coffee provided in the cabin. I usually sail with Princess and have to actually wake up and get dressed before having coffee.
  4. Thanks everyone for the answers. Do they have a mini fridge in the room?
  5. We just booked a cruise to Alaska on the Queen Elizabeth, we usually cruise with Princess. I of course have lots of questions. The most important things are is the regular coffee drinkable and what is the cost of individual cups of specialty coffee? I see they have a specialty coffee package for $15 per day and a menu showing everything offered but no prices. Also will there be kettles in the room? I am sure I will have many more questions over the next few months. We are so looking forward to this cruise, we have wanted to do the Transalantic on the QM2 but the timing has not work out for us.
  6. We did this at the beginning of summer, a great family trip. Hope you make it to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, so worth the extra drive.
  7. Most of the time DH and I order ice water, so far in 12 Princess cruises, we have never had a waiter or bartender roll their eyes or keep us waiting. We do carry some $1s and $5s with us for tipping in the bars.
  8. It looks like the number of specialty coffees will vary depending on the length of cruise. What is Included The package includes the pre-purchase of a specified number of specialty coffees (numbers vary by itinerary) during the voyage of purchase, as well as complimentary brewed coffee and hot chocolate. Guests may redeem the number of specialty coffees purchased in the package in locations where espresso is available. This will include select bar and dining areas and varies by ship and/or itinerary. Selections and service are limited to that venue’s menu offerings and operating hours. Package
  9. Although I buy coffee cards I always end up drinking the regular coffee a few times on every cruise. The quality varies a great deal from ship to ship and even on the same ship. I think it has a lot to do with how well the machines are cleaned and probably who adjusts the mix.
  10. I really need to buy a couple of new swimsuits. I am 65 have a large top small bottom so modest tankini works for me, I also prefer boy short type bottoms. I am finding it impossible to find anything locally. Hoping someone can recommend somewhere online with easy returns.
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