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  1. yes, this also happened to me. I did the math and it did not add up. Futhermore, when my second cruise was cancelled I didn't get the full amount back. I got after the 25%. I gave up trying to fight it. I'm going with what I orginally paid and have paid since for my new booking which is in the Haven in August. It's the easiest way to deal with it for me bc I got nowhere with NCL. Even asked for supervisor. Nothing. Their calculators are magic apparently.
  2. Hello fellow cruisers, I feel as though I have been given misinformation regarding my FCC of 125% of my cruise fair and the 20% off a cruise I was supposed to be given for booking before a certain date. I have called and emailed to no avail. NCL insists they are in the right even though there is over $1000 missing. Can anyone please help me and put me in the direction of what to do next. I feel so cheated and let down. Thanks in advance.
  3. wow....to the rude people...omg are you kidding me? So, my cruise is not technically cancelled but it's not showing up on the website and I wanted to know why....happy rude individual.... wow. Thank you to the other poster.
  4. I have been on hold 1 hour and 15 minutes so far to inquire about my June 21st cruise out of NYC. I just want answers....this is crazy. All cruises from May - August 2020 NYC to Bermuda gone from the website. Frustrated here
  5. man, does not surprise me at all. i'm on the june 21st sailing out of nyc to bermuda.
  6. I love children. So smart. They should solve all world problems 🙂
  7. Thanks for your awesome review. Nice to hear good feedback. I am sailing the Encore in June. Happy travels.
  8. This whole thing is very scary and I wasn't nervous before but I'm starting to get nervous now! We sail in June out of NYC....hopefully will be fine by then but you never know it could be worse! UGh! Thankfully NCL moved their final payment date so I'm still in the cancellation window without penalty.
  9. i would imagine that NCL does it's due diligence and makes sure the service animal is legit. I mean consider the fact that the animal will need to eliminate for 7 days days aboard a ship. NCL would not take that lightly. I can't imagine trying to get over on this policy. My dog would be a nightmare on a ship...think Marly and Me. I will miss her for sure but she's not a service animal. I just think it's cool the way they put it in the daily. I did not mean to spark debate as to whether or not they should be let on board.
  10. i have read that the dining experience overall is very slow! Like you can't have dinner and see a show after you'll never make it type slow. But I haven't cruised in a long time.
  11. if you call them they will add it for you
  12. boy oh boy the negative replies! i think it's a great thing that NCL informs other passengers. i'm not sure of the exact policy but the law states people can have service animals everywhere they go. doesn't bother me at all. wow.
  13. I found this on a different thread posted in the freestyle daily as an announcement to passengers and I thought it was pretty cool. If you have a service animal this may be of interest to you. It also serves as information to the general public as what to do when you encounter a service animal. Thought this was interesting and a great thing for NCL to share. (it's from a November sailing).
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